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#362 - i know, i lost my love for this site, and still dont have it. … 10/16/2014 on Fallout: Vaults Pt.2 +1
#76 - Not even going to post the better version? 09/14/2014 on Mash-fap time +3
#74 - Comment deleted 09/14/2014 on Mash-fap time 0
#75 - we on some next level **** 09/10/2014 on I upload when I feel lonely +1
#6 - I am the 5th commenter, my text is also green.  [+] (2 new replies) 08/20/2014 on sandy moran -15
User avatar #23 - xgeneration (08/20/2014) [-]
**xgeneration rolls 5** l2count
User avatar #7 - picamix (08/20/2014) [-]
6th actually
#118 - well, obvious exclusions from the ability to birth are those w… 08/14/2014 on Some Random Interesting... 0
#109 - i kind of agree with tesla. In modern society for humans s…  [+] (20 new replies) 08/14/2014 on Some Random Interesting... +3
#132 - Womens Study Major (08/15/2014) [-]
Except that being a criminal is not genetic. There are many factors that contribute to criminality, chief among them is being raised in a single parent household.

How about we just tighten up the laws regarding divorce and welfare so it's no longer economically viable to be a single mother. That'll reduce crime better than eugenics.
#114 - hellsno (08/14/2014) [-]
The argument falls apart when you try to decide who's genetics are undesirable. Some traits that are not helpful at this moment in time may end up being the people that survive best in the future.

The opposite might be a better idea... encourage the most intelligent people to have as many kids as possible. That's are hard sell though, because they're smart enough to know the hell that that would be.
#140 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
he is wrong <with genetic engineering on the way that probably is obsolete> but i still agree with Tesla as you both misunderstood what he was trying to say <notice he mentioned the mentally ill and criminals> being a criminal is not genetic, nor is trying meth once in your life. what he was trying to say is if those groups of people had children <and no i don't care how many "kind father who is a criminal but still a stand up parent" movies you have seen> the children would not be brought up in ideal conditions "pre birth addictions are some of the worst" and could be lacking in basic resources such as food and education.

and while I agree with his ideas i understand the problem lies on who controls the policies can have a major influence. for example someone could decide that being an illegal immigrant is a crime worthy of euthination, and while i agree that this should be a last resort punishment for criminals whose live choices are almost guaranteed to ruin a child's life, i certainty don't agree with the taboo stamp society has put on it <we kill people and put them through solitary confinement which can be described as hell, but euthination, an option that would keep children from suffering, is somehow worse than both of those combined> and frankly this seems to be a vestige of ancient society which valued reproduction above everything else..

Please respond with any arguments or condolences this is The first time I have signed on to an extreme <from my pov> ideology and I want to think more critically about it before I can be certain that i am not fooling myself with confirmation bias, or that i'm not simply using "common sense" to blindly follow an authority figure, in this case Tesla.
User avatar #145 - LazierThanThou (08/15/2014) [-]
So unless ideal conditions are met you shouldn't exist?
#149 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
read my comment again, if 2 people having children either can't or won't take care of a child, they shouldn't have children as that would mean <actually i explained this part in my last comment, please read all of it and than reply>
User avatar #152 - LazierThanThou (08/15/2014) [-]
You write in run on sentences that are extremely hard to follow.

Use periods to separate ideas. It's okay, I know it's scary, but no matter what you've heard from women, periods are your friend.
#153 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
thanks for reading my comment and replying, I guess?, but my last paragraph meant that you should reply about what you think about the ideology and if you can see any fault in it.
User avatar #155 - LazierThanThou (08/15/2014) [-]
I did. I asked a question that seems to be the very heart of your argument. You're saying that unless you're born into ideal conditions(two parents) you shouldn't be born. If this isn't what you want, then maybe reconsider.
#164 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
you seem to think that preventing two people from having children when you know that the child will be born into horrible conditions is comparable to killing a child.
User avatar #165 - LazierThanThou (08/15/2014) [-]
Not existing is not killing. I will likely never have children, but that doesn't mean I killed anyone. Otherwise, everyone who has ever used birth control is a murderer.
#166 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
than what's wrong with euthination, it keeps children from being born into bad conditions and it keeps them from growing up into criminals <not good for them either>.
User avatar #169 - LazierThanThou (08/15/2014) [-]
Because people have the right to parenthood. You'd be taking an essential part of being a living thing from them because you don't want their children.

They're not dogs or cats, they're human beings. You don't just get to remove them from the gene pool because you don't think they'd be good parents.
#174 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
"people have a right to parent hood" so what if the mother was a meth addict that would take meth during pregnancy, or even an alcoholic. what if the father is abusive and a rapist. what if.... and you would be surprised at how much of the nations criminal population was influenced by something traumatic happened that happened to them as children <a surprisingly large amount by their parents> so yes people can do whatever they want with their bodies, but when they are clearly incapable of or unwilling to make sure their child will grow up in adequate conditions than they will <by having a child> be knowingly negatively affecting the life of a person that is not them selves, this <if you think deeply> is analogous to child abuse and the reason i support seat belt laws.
User avatar #176 - LazierThanThou (08/15/2014) [-]
So you'd rather someone not exist than have to go through a painful childhood?
#186 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
you make "painful childhood" sound like a midlife crisis <and if you think that because you're the main character of your own story you can "pull through" and make yourself than i can't argue> but children brought up in abusive homes often deal with starvation, verbal, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse and are much more likely to develop addiction to drugs or be disowned by their parents. they will start living i the streets and often turn to crime drugs prostitution or any combination of the three and their survival instincts and habit are probably the only things keeping them from killing themselves <and no i would want to live, but trust me even if keeping people from being born so they don't suffer was the most evil thing anyone could do, than some euthinizations aren't going to put a dent in the net evil every person that lives is automatically tagged with.
User avatar #193 - LazierThanThou (08/15/2014) [-]
Okay, there's an awful lot wrong with what you just said starting with your grammar. Periods are your friend. Use them. You sound incoherent and out of breath when you type like that.

#1. Most people that grow up in a single parent household don't go through that level of deprivation. Even then, euthanasia will not solve the problem.

#2. I'm Schizoid precisely because of a painful childhood. I have precisely zero friends and the only human contact I have during my day is when I see my family as I get food or go to the bathroom. I cannot stand physical intimacy, my mind rebels at the very notion of it. My painful childhood has morphed into a painful adulthood, so please don't misunderstand me when I ask questions. I know exactly what I'm talking about when I talk about painful childhoods.

#3. Taking away from someone their ability to have children purposefully is evil. If you're trying lessen the amount of evil in the world, consider not engaging in such an activity yourself.

I'm taking a break from FJ. You probably wont hear from me for a while.
#201 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
also why won't euthination solve that problem, because it seems pretty foolproof to me.
#199 - bearception (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah "most" people. I said in my original comment that this should only be used in absolutely necessary cases, and only complained that it shouldn't still be taboo.

also i never mentioned "crazy people" i only mentioned this an option for people who obviously can't or won't take care of a child <if you think that euthinization is evil than how about locking up criminals in a cell for years on end>

also please explain why it is "evil" to take away a persons ability to have children when you know they'll treat the child like crap anyways <purposefully or not> especially since they can adopt if they prove to be responsible parents late on.

also my main point is to keep any children from being born into families that won't care for the, please explain how this automatically makes any children I might have "evil".

and finally why are you responding with rude comments and insults "was it something i said" <seriously though>.

#137 - bearception has deleted their comment.
User avatar #118 - cyanidesandvich (08/14/2014) [-]
well, obvious exclusions from the ability to birth are those who are born with birth defects, such as mutations (not like blonde/ginger hair), more like dwarfism or similar things such as downs syndrome.

not that they cant make good parents, it's just their genes are not really sounds horrible but desireable.

aside from that its not the idea to force evolution in a certain direction, it's just trying to phase out any imperfections (this overtime would see a drop i things such as alzhimers and parkinsons as those that have it would not be able to pass it on)
#18 - no, only untill he was married +1 week, then the sex stopped. 08/14/2014 on My life as a 20th century male +6
#22 - rolling for potential prize. Come on birthday luck do your thing! 08/14/2014 on Xbox 3 month give away +3
#18 - i did not. now i feel like a fool i hardly ever read the… 08/13/2014 on imagine walkin in your moms... +1

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#12 - fistmyass (01/24/2014) [-]
Deadpool channel? **** YEAH!!! Instant sub!
User avatar #11 - kiratheunholy (01/05/2014) [-]
Hey I love those fallout vault comps. I already know all of the vaults as I read up on them in the wiki. If I have any recommendations I'd say do 112 and 87. Those ones are pretty interesting if anything.

Seriously though I'm a huge fallout fan and I'm giving you the thumbs up here because this is a great was to educate the filthy casuals about the finer nuances of the fallout universe.
User avatar #2 - joaomartins (01/04/2014) [-]
Hi , I loved your Fallout post . I hope there is much more to come ! : D
Subscribed , faved and liked !

Please bring more of this : D
User avatar #3 to #2 - cyanidesandvich (01/04/2014) [-]
thank you, it's things like this that make it all worth while.

probably gonna do another vault one then either something else fallout or maybe another game,
User avatar #4 to #3 - joaomartins (01/04/2014) [-]
But I think you forgot about the vault where a guy is alone and his only companion is a bunch of hand puppets . They even talk about it in Fallout 3 , if you go to Paradise Falls you will find a tape and even is suit. He's referred in the comic as well.
User avatar #5 to #4 - cyanidesandvich (01/04/2014) [-]
i did, but considering that's prettymuch the comics story, i thought it would be better if people read the comic.
User avatar #6 to #5 - joaomartins (01/04/2014) [-]
Well thought ,now I need to play Fallout 3 !

Once again,thank you for this fantastic comp , keep it coming !
User avatar #7 to #6 - cyanidesandvich (01/04/2014) [-]
if you've played it before, i reccomend taking loads of detours, especially on the East/north east portion of the map, that's where a lot of people end up forgetting to visit.
User avatar #8 to #7 - joaomartins (01/04/2014) [-]
I'm already visit everything ,I'm playing it again for the 7th or 8th time ! But thanks, I might buy New Vegas though.
User avatar #9 to #8 - cyanidesandvich (01/04/2014) [-]
oh definately do NV if you've not played that, it's got more of the writers from fallout 1+2, i personally think it has the stronger storyline.
User avatar #10 to #9 - joaomartins (01/04/2014) [-]
I'm currently playing Fallout , then I will play Fallout 2 . But if I see NV for a cheap price I will definitely buy it !
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