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    Wanna smoke a doobie with me? Wanna smoke a doobie with me?
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    Fucking Brazil Fucking Brazil
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    Mcdonalds. Have it your way. Mcdonalds. Have it your way.
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#64 - I know how you feel man... 2 years, we lived together, she wen… 07/23/2015 on Relationships 0
#23 - Originally was for affliction, but everyone just thinks it's d… 06/16/2015 on On all lvls except... 0
#17 - I know. I expect too highly of people 06/15/2015 on On all lvls except... 0
#15 - I thought he'd at least have some intelligence. I was very wrong.  [+] (4 new replies) 06/15/2015 on On all lvls except... 0
#22 - IamPinhead (06/16/2015) [-]
Mirin' dat death coil profile pic
User avatar #23 - cwilkens (06/16/2015) [-]
Originally was for affliction, but everyone just thinks it's death coil so it's w/e right now lol. I mained afflic from Vanilla through MoP. Haven't really played WoD much. But thank you
User avatar #16 - darktoucan (06/15/2015) [-]
he thinks he is a wolf. noone that thinks they are an animal can be very bright.
User avatar #17 - cwilkens (06/15/2015) [-]
I know. I expect too highly of people
#13 - I have him on facebook lol He posts a lot of really s…  [+] (6 new replies) 06/15/2015 on On all lvls except... 0
User avatar #14 - darktoucan (06/15/2015) [-]
what do you expect from someone with his level of autism?
User avatar #15 - cwilkens (06/15/2015) [-]
I thought he'd at least have some intelligence. I was very wrong.
#22 - IamPinhead (06/16/2015) [-]
Mirin' dat death coil profile pic
User avatar #23 - cwilkens (06/16/2015) [-]
Originally was for affliction, but everyone just thinks it's death coil so it's w/e right now lol. I mained afflic from Vanilla through MoP. Haven't really played WoD much. But thank you
User avatar #16 - darktoucan (06/15/2015) [-]
he thinks he is a wolf. noone that thinks they are an animal can be very bright.
User avatar #17 - cwilkens (06/15/2015) [-]
I know. I expect too highly of people
#45 - Can someone reply when it happens? I need to see his beautiful face  [+] (4 new replies) 05/25/2015 on Cr1tikal condition 0
User avatar #62 - whitevancandyman (05/26/2015) [-]
Hey, check my earlier comment #61
User avatar #52 - leown (05/25/2015) [-]
reply to me when someone replies plis (:
User avatar #63 - whitevancandyman (05/26/2015) [-]
Hey, check >#61

I have no idea how to do this comment linking thing
User avatar #51 - ratmage (05/25/2015) [-]
Seconded. I like to have a visual to fap to in addition to the voice.
#29 - Don't fap for a few weeks. It'll be hard, one of the hardest t…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/22/2015 on Sex Advice +5
#44 - anon (05/22/2015) [-]
No fap november... it has been awhile, but boy it was hard
#8 - I hardly see any Tumblr posts of it tbh. Most of the Fanba…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/18/2015 on Harry Potter popular +1
User avatar #29 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
So here you are, deciding it's a good idea to make sweeping statements about one of the largest fanbases in the world based on your personal experiences in high school?
#1 - I mean, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but Jesus christ the fanba…  [+] (34 new replies) 05/17/2015 on Harry Potter popular +276
User avatar #100 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu (05/18/2015) [-]
#85 - anon (05/18/2015) [-]
50 shades of grey was originally Twilight a fanfiction so yeah Harry Potter's by default.
#91 - shiftur has deleted their comment.
User avatar #84 - BeaverBalls (05/18/2015) [-]
name 1 fanbase that isnt retarded ps you cant
#95 - popnotes (05/18/2015) [-]
The Audiosurf fanbase?
#92 - shiftur (05/18/2015) [-]
Don't hurt me, please.
User avatar #61 - breadlen (05/18/2015) [-]
are we not gonna discuss that fucking picture?
#93 - shiftur (05/18/2015) [-]
If the picture of a highly rated comment is unrelated, ignore it
User avatar #58 - atrocitustheking (05/18/2015) [-]
Thank you. I dunno why, but Harry Potter fans drive me nuts. I have this one girl who wrote her fucking thesis on the books, comparing it to ancient mythology, with drives me so many bananas that if her looks and personality didn't make up for it, I wouldn't even bother.

That said, she looks like Anne Hathaway and teaches special ed for a living. I will let it slide...
User avatar #5 - vorarephilia (05/18/2015) [-]
in general fans just seem to be shit.
User avatar #22 - greatgranpapy (05/18/2015) [-]
I know this might sound weird and offensive, but I feel that the fanbases with a large female presence tend to be the more annoying and overbearing ones. Don't get me wrong, mlp and the like is most definitely a thing, but I think girls are the ones that go on the internet with the cancerous fandom stuff most of the time.
User avatar #4 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
It's one of the largest fanbases in the world. Can you with any confidence say that your impressions of tumblr posts in recent years are an accurate representation of what this fanbase is like?
User avatar #8 - cwilkens (05/18/2015) [-]
I hardly see any Tumblr posts of it tbh.
Most of the Fanbase that I see is from when I was in High School. My school, like every other had that... Group. You know which group I'm talking about. Well my school so happened to have 3. Yu-Gi-Oh, which were just a couple of weird kids who were actually really nice. Anime, same shit except they were assholes and never showered... And the Harry Potter fans... Quick story, even though I'm not that good at writing so bear with me.

>12th grade year at lunch
>Lunch was split up over 1 extended class period over 3 45 minute periods
>I had lunch A, and so happened to have the HP fans
>We had the cafeteria and an outside little area that led into the quad (I live in Florida so everything is outside)
>Me and my friends usually eat In the outside area because the cafeteria always smelt like shit
>One day we're sitting there fucking around with each other when we hear this like... Yelp? Scream? I still to this day can't describe it
>look out at quad and see one of the HP girls dressed in full regalia
>wizard hat, robes, Ravenclaw scarf and of course, wand
>Find out that one of the black kids accidentally shouldered her while walking to the bathroom
>Girl starts screaming at him in some weird, made up language
>Picks up her wand and points at him screaming a few of the spells
>When I say scream, I mean literally scream. if she actually had powers I truly believe she would've attempted to kill him
>Black kid tries to pass but she keeps going side to side blocking his way all while screaming her "spells"
>Eventually 2 of the security guards had to come and take her away

Not much of a story, but thats where a lot of my loathing of the fans come from. I used to have a girl on my Facebook who posted nonstop about how she loved HP and everything to do with it. Shits crazy
User avatar #29 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
So here you are, deciding it's a good idea to make sweeping statements about one of the largest fanbases in the world based on your personal experiences in high school?
#7 - oplu (05/18/2015) [-]
Yes. But it's not just the regular kind of overboard tumblr likes to do. Harry Potter fans are shitty/cliquey faggots, and even if they aren't necessarily like that, they're just over-devoted to something that's of meager quality. You can't criticize Harry Potter without it offending them as if you're making a ridiculous ad hominem attack on them, and not objectively evaluating a series of books.
Here it is though. People who call themselves harry potter fans take the series way too seriously, especially considering it's a slush children's series, written by a hack author who has had no successes after her famous series or before, who got lucky and was approached with an ungodly good book deal, and was assisted by early book mass marketing, and rocketed into fame. The prose are stilted and boring, the characters have little or no real progression, and are generally shitty/irritating people, the plot is predictable even when it attempts to take the reader by "surprise", and the ending is laughable.

Here's a neat ass story of my personal experience of harry potter fans:
Find this girl on tinder, she seems pretty cool, and has a really nice butt, and she's into me for whatever reason. Her profile says she's a harry potter fan, which I was fine with, and we went out a couple of time, and shit was good.
About 3 weeks since we started talking, we'd been on a couple dates, hung out casually a bit, she talks about harry potter a fair amount, but I was willing to sort of go along with it because I don't really care, and she's hot, and things were good. Suddenly there's some Harry Potter party or event or whatever that she wants me to come to and meet her friends. We get there separately, and she's dressed up in a hufflepuff costume, and she asks where my costume is, and I said I didn't have one, so she told me I'd have to be a muggle for the evening. Evening goes by a bit, things are ok, I'm pretty bored but hanging in there, talking about non-harry potter stuff to the few people who aren't ONLY talking about harry potter, tinder girl comes over with 3 of her friends, 2 more girls and a dude, all wearing the uniforms from whatever house from the movie, and they all start asking eachother harry potter questions, suddenly the dude asks me what my favourite character from Harry Potter is, and which house I'm from. I tell the assembled tribunal that I don't really like harry potter that much, so I don't have a favourite character, and I'm not from any house. This spirals into an argument, tinder girl breaks up with me on the spot, tells me I'm some kind of creep for not liking harry potter, and I'm told to leave the party.

Never talked to her again, nothing of value was lost. And before anyone asks, yes, I was/am a little mad.
User avatar #55 - ryalag (05/18/2015) [-]
kinda had a semi-similar situation. I consider myself a passive guy who doesnt tend to show emotions in public but this really stuck with me on why i hate pretty much all fanbases.

On my first day of Uni last year, i walked into class and shit (Relatively small class of like 50 people) and the lecturer asks us to introduce ourselves like its primary school all over again. We do, "Hi i'm Tony, i play video games, watch Tv shows and Anime a lot and like to get drunk with my mates".

Sit back down, cute girl around 7/10 (Dont remember name so lets call her Bitch) comes over to me after it and goes "OMG what TV shows do you watch, i bet its Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones" Some generic show that had a cancer fanbase. "Nope, only really watch Arrow, Hawaii 5-0, and The Blacklist". She looks like shes been punched in the ovaries. "OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT WATCH insert generic tv show here ITS THE GREATEST THING OF ALL TIME". "Okay......" And she fucks off to the other side of the room to talk to some other people.

She comes back about 2 hours later as the class is ending (I've already determined that shes one of the people that tries to be friends with literally everybody at this point i generally dont like people because they are normally two-faced as fuck ) and goes "I remember that you said that you watch Anime, Do you watch Attack on Titan". "Nope, i would rather not watch garbage". Holy shit i must have flipped some switch or something because she fucking bolts out at me "OMG YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING CUNT HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE ATTACK ON TITAN, YOU MUST BE A FUCKING LOLI LOVING SHITHEAD YOU FUCKING PEDO" or something along those lines. "Nah i just like Anime with some character and plot development that isnt designed for edgy teenagers" and left cause i had an hour train ride to get home and i was fucking tired as hell (5am wake ups arent fun for a class that it takes longer to travel to on a Monday).

Next week when the class was again lecturer takes me aside at the start to talk to me "Tony i hear that you assaulted Bitch last week". wattheactualfuck. "No.....?". "She says that she just wanted to be friends with you but you yelled at her and abused her vocally to the point of crying". what the fuck? "Ummm... no? She actually yelled at me for not liking her favorite Tv shows" "Well you're gonna have to go over to the Student Dean's office to clear this up".

Go to Dean's Office and there's bitch sitting there outside and as soon as she spots me walking to the office she loses her shit at me again. The Dean comes out and with one look can tell that shes lying. He invites me in and tells me to explain what happened, i do and he tells me to leave and go wait outside for him to question her. About 10 minutes later they come out and shes got this fucking scowl on her face that i'l never forget. Dean tells me that shes been removed from the class because shes apparently done this to at least 2 other guys in other classes that she attends.

FF 2 weeks and my best mate links me this Tumblr post about some "Guy raped me and my university let him get away with it" Exact story that happens to me, go through her Tumblr which is just Supernatural, Harry Potter and Attack on Titan posts and the typical feminazi shit and find out that it that its Bitch, Laugh my ass off at how i "Raped her and abused her emotionally so much that she had to leave university because it gave her PTSD". Feminazi's tried to find out my info through the uni but good thing i had done shit for registration with the Uni itself that there was no information for them to get

Now i know this isnt what all fanbases are like but holy shit if this doesnt give me reasons to avoid fanbases like they are the plague then i dont know what is.
User avatar #27 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
"People who call themselves harry potter fans take the series way too seriously"

This is a massive generalisation.

As I said, it's one of the largest fanbases in the world. What's a few bad apples in another fanbase is a few million bad apples in the Harry Potter fanbase. Basing your opinion of what the typical Harry Potter fan is like on anecdotal evidence recollecting your worst experiences on the matter is unfair both to other fans and to your own intelligence.
#32 - oplu (05/18/2015) [-]
Ok, how about this: Anyone who identifies themselves as a harry potter fan, takes the series way to seriously, and is a faggot.

Sure, I love several book series, and I appreciate many authors, and I'd even consider myself an avid reader or whatever you want to call it, but I don't identify myself as a "fan" of something, Tying your identity and your likes and dislikes down to something so specific, narrow, and stupid, is stupid.

For instance, I'm assuming you like harry potter. Do you go around calling yourself a Harry Potter fan? Is that your defining trait? Are you a Harry Potter fan before you're a business major, or whatever your job is? Cuz if you are, that's the kind of person I'm talking about, and I don't like the odds that you're a person worth talking to, especially if your identity is so insuperably tied to something outside of yourself, created to sell copies to yuppies who think they're "so nerdy".
User avatar #33 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
So what it boils down to is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter as a franchise but is instead a general problem with so-called "fandoms" who make their interest in fiction too big a part of their everyday lives.
#34 - oplu (05/18/2015) [-]
Sort of. I'm really surprised you're being so relaxed about this, I was being caustic as fuck. So yeah, fandoms generally piss me off, especially the kind of people who tie themselves to closely to them, but Harry Potter is something I ain't about either.

The mean stuff I said about the series still stands, but I have no issue with people liking it, that's totally fine. You can like whatever the fuck you want, and it's nobody else's business, and that's great.
But just to reiterate, prose suck, characters flat, rowlings a bitch, complete hack, yadda yadda yadda, but that's all objective (and obviously some subjective) criticism of the books, and not the people who read them.

Like, I love the Vorkosagen Saga, and it's really not very well written, but it has a good bit of heart, and the characters resonate with me, and I'm a faggot, etc, and I enjoy it. So here we are, I enjoy the series, and that's all me, but when I start shoving it into other people's faces, I'm a fuck face and I deserve to get yelled at.
User avatar #36 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
Yeah, I only read the HP books as a kid. They were my first long, solid reading experience, so obviously that means they have a place in my heart regardless of the quality of them. I have not read them since, though. I don't want to, because I know that I am far more critical of everything that writing entails now than I was then.

It's not like I get offended by people who dislike the franchise, though. People have their reasons to. It's just generalisations in general that bother me.
#37 - oplu (05/18/2015) [-]
Yeah, I feel ya. I mean, Pokemon 2000 is the greatest movie of all time, but I see what you're saying.
How do you survive on the internet if you dislike generalization though?
#40 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
I turn a blind eye to a whole lot of people, pick my battles very carefully and have learned not to consider it a failure to abandon an argument if it goes on longer than I have patience for.
#41 - oplu (05/18/2015) [-]
Ah, makes sense. Moral Crusader, heh.
User avatar #105 - hudis (05/18/2015) [-]
Everyone needs a pointless pastime now and then!
#106 - oplu (05/18/2015) [-]
Damn skippy.
User avatar #23 - iloveburzum (05/18/2015) [-]
You're absolutely spot on. There is nothing in the harry potter series to be celebrated.

Apart from they may act like gateway books to better reads.
User avatar #2 - platinumaltaria (05/17/2015) [-]
To be honest the films took it downhill...
User avatar #60 - greedtheavaricious (05/18/2015) [-]
Watched the movies and read the books

Both are great in their own way
User avatar #18 - fuckingtrolls (05/18/2015) [-]
The films made it popular
#88 - anon (05/18/2015) [-]
Harry Potter was popular before the movies here in Norway.
User avatar #19 - platinumaltaria (05/18/2015) [-]
Perhaps on your planet yes...
#49 - anon (05/18/2015) [-]
it helped the popularity there is no denying that, faggot
User avatar #54 - platinumaltaria (05/18/2015) [-]
Erm no. I can only speak for the UK but it was HUGE here prior to the films release, the films are just a sad continuation of an already completed franchise.
#20 - Anything helps. Just one of those things. I would spend like 4…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/16/2015 on Fucking Disney... +1
User avatar #21 - tiles (05/16/2015) [-]
What really got on my nerves is how unbelievably fast they develop a cure to the Necroa Virus compared to the other diseases, despite having activated genetic reshuffle and hardening mid-research.

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Hey man, what's your xbox GT? that is if you still play
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