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#12 - Full video "Psychosocial Cover by HTT (K-on) Metal":…  [+] (2 replies) 10/12/2016 on praise kek +6
#35 - thememegod (10/12/2016) [-]
Pretty fucking metal man
#17 - talibanss (10/12/2016) [-]
#121 - This ALWAYS comes up. There is a simple in-universe explanatio…  [+] (3 replies) 07/09/2016 on Messing around in Jedi Academy +4
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#221 - postwhatevs (07/11/2016) [-]
thanks man, that's actually interesting to hear how they thought of that
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#135 - ohshoot (07/09/2016) [-]
Well, that's a load of retroactive shit.
#149 - anon (07/09/2016) [-]
It was done because the MPAA pitched a fit and told George Lucas to make lightsaber wounds bloodless in the subsequent movie or else it'd get an R rating (a death blow to this kind of movie at the time). He didn't really have a choice, and the retroactive explanation was given after the fact to fill in the plot hole.
#11 - Alternatively, if the synergy is poor a multiclass for the sak…  [+] (1 reply) 06/27/2016 on RPG players will know the... +1
#12 - klille (06/28/2016) [-]
neat story.

the same guy, after he was disintigrated, got fairly salty and started begging me for a dire-hyena mount, after a 10 minutes of arguing i finally agreed to it, on the basis that he had an "awesome rp idea"
next session, he shows up with a mounted ranged paladin on a direhyena

"alright, what's your characters deal?"
"he's from [this worlds version of africa] and rides a hyena"
"alright cool, backstory?"
"uhhhh... i didn't really make one"

#37 - 100,000 seems like way too many. Can't we start with like, 5? …  [+] (5 replies) 06/16/2016 on Dropped your crack pipe +2
#112 - ctsasquatch (06/17/2016) [-]
To clarify with big-ass walls of text: It's partly the sheer numbers that worry me, partly the quality of people. Going to a place you're gonna be looked after is a solid plan. Ignoring the photos and video evidence that showed crowds full of fit young men who apparently left their wives and children behind in a war-zone is one thing.

But when these people arrive by the boatload all over Europe, refuse to assimilate, self-proclaimed vigilante gangs enforcing Sharia law in the streets of London, no-go areas the actual police think are too dangerous to protect pop up, asylum centers in Germany set ablaze for not announcing breakfast good enough, media being unwilling or unable to even report on a crime depending on who committed it, Sweden now having the second highest number of rapes in the WORLD after South Africa, the New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Cologne, Rotherham's documented 1,400 children beaten raped and trafficked, over 5000 incidents of Code 291, Norway actually has to teach classes to tell immigrants not to rape... I have concerns.

Note that Islam and the Muslims who follow it are NOT necessarily the real problem here. The city I was born in had a wave of (Turkish?) Muslim legal immigrants come in the late 80s, rebuilt a condemned church on my street into the rather beautiful Selimiye Mosque in 1995. My elementary school became the Islamic Academy for Peace in 2001. When a local convenience store went under, a small Mediterranean market opened up in its place. And when 9/11 happened, the Muslim community of my hometown openly spoke out against the senseless violence, and mourned the loss of life as any other decent humans would. When a small newspaper ran an anti-Muslim piece around the time of that "Je sui Charlie" thing, the mosque arranged a peaceful sit-down interview to clear the air. Valuable members of society who contributed to the community they embraced, who used their faith to spread love.

How much of that is in the hearts of these "refugees" though? From what I've seen, these refugees' culture is incompatible with ours. I'm not saying ban them all, forever. I'm not looking to repeat the mistakes made when the US turned away 100000 jewish kids trying to flee the Holocaust or anything. I'm saying let's remain cautious. Don't just open the floodgates and hope for the best because of fears of 'muh racism.'
Much of Europe seems to have made that mistake, and they are currently paying the price with skyrocketing crime and the burying of their culture. I'd rather not see the US follow suit.
#88 - noschool (06/17/2016) [-]
i mean if coming to the US get's you out of the war torn region and get's you economic opportunities it seems pretty logical to do so. two birds one stone and all that.
#67 - anon (06/17/2016) [-]
We've already had some. It takes 18 months to 2 years to get in if you're approved though.

We also have a successful record of refugees in the past, because this is still in many ways the land of opportunity.
Steve Jobs is the son of Syrian refugees, Seinfeld, Paula Abdul...
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#61 - thetrueironborn (06/17/2016) [-]
The surrounding states have taken in literally millions of refugees I believe? I guess like the other guy said, may as well go to a place where you're gonna be looked after - I would.
#59 - steavo (06/17/2016) [-]
isnt that what life is all about? trying to get to a better economic situation? so what youre saying is that theyre little pussies for not wanting to live in poverty the middle of a warzone?

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