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#105 - yes, they posted a list of developers that are already on boar…  [+] (5 replies) 10/21/2016 on God dammit +4
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#133 - kabutoxking (3 hours ago) [-]
holy shit fromsoft is joinin in on the switch
#122 - venomousvalentine (22 hours ago) [-]
But will there be indie games?
Indie games are my lifeblood.
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#134 - crimhowler (1 hour ago) [-]
who knows, they just might. The downfall of Wii U's 3rd party development was the dual screen set up with the controller. A lot of developers didn't have the time and resources to learn how to program the gimmicky hardware into their games, and would have had to pay extra for nintendo employees assistance. The same thing happened to the PSVITA.
#107 - bonlino (23 hours ago) [-]
MFW Atlus, Spike chunsoft, Platinum games and Arc systems works are on that list
#106 - tevenz (10/21/2016) [-]
From Software
#6 - Close. It's not version specific, but specific to the time of …  [+] (3 replies) 09/26/2016 on It's Just a Phase 0
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#8 - ljxjlos (09/26/2016) [-]
Really hope you´re right because I´m getting Moon and I really want the Sundoggo.
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#7 - indecisivejew (09/26/2016) [-]
Nah, they were revealed in a video titled "version exclusive pokemon", and it says right in there that its based on version.

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#9 - crimhowler (09/26/2016) [-]
huh, my mistake then.
#17 - Never said I was Boros. Just recognized someone else as Boros.…  [+] (3 replies) 09/06/2016 on cuz one might actually help... 0
#19 - crimhowler has deleted their comment.
#18 - malicemad (09/06/2016) [-]
**malicemad used "*roll picture*"**
**malicemad rolled image** Step aside, Selesnyan, I'm here specifically to fuck up Boros' day.
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#20 - crimhowler (09/06/2016) [-]
As long as you do not threaten the Conclave, do as you please. (Maybe take a few saprolings back to the sewers with you. Try and lighten up that dingy place)
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