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User avatar #3590 - garymotherfingoak (06/30/2015) [-]
ur gey
User avatar #3592 to #3591 - garymotherfingoak (06/30/2015) [-]
how have ya been mang
User avatar #3593 to #3592 - creamNscream (06/30/2015) [-]
pretty good, you?
User avatar #3594 to #3593 - garymotherfingoak (06/30/2015) [-]
im alright, considering dropping my summer math course tho :c
User avatar #3595 to #3594 - creamNscream (06/30/2015) [-]
whys that mate?
User avatar #3596 to #3595 - garymotherfingoak (06/30/2015) [-]
very hard weekly tests that count for 70% of my grade, don't want GPA to drop
User avatar #3597 to #3596 - creamNscream (10 hours ago) [-]
******* rip, well i hope you do very good on them.
User avatar #3598 to #3597 - garymotherfingoak (7 hours ago) [-]
thanks. i'm gonna do better on this 2nd test
#3580 - kevintothemax (06/29/2015) [-]
Sup fam, I have a question, can you edit videos?
#3581 to #3580 - creamNscream (06/29/2015) [-]
Nope, i have no idea how to fam, sorry

sup with u?
#3582 to #3581 - kevintothemax (06/29/2015) [-]
Not much, just slowly descending into madness with the lack of Steven Universe.
#3583 to #3582 - creamNscream (06/29/2015) [-]
/sug/ gives me both my fill of SU content and terminal autism. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. normally you have to go to two different places to get your fix on both
#3584 to #3583 - kevintothemax (06/29/2015) [-]
That's why I like the content on funnyjunk
It filters out the autism for me
#3585 to #3584 - creamNscream (06/29/2015) [-]
Very true. The SU community here is very slim which makes me very sad.
#3586 to #3585 - kevintothemax (06/29/2015) [-]
Slim unlike Amethyst but they're all pretty great.
#3587 to #3586 - creamNscream (06/29/2015) [-]
That is correct.

However with /sug/ comes a whole plethora of pictures for me to share with my fellow fj Su junkies.
#3588 to #3587 - kevintothemax (06/29/2015) [-]
I don't know why I did this.
#3573 - kevintothemax (06/23/2015) [-]
I just went on /co/, wheres the Steven Universe **** at?
Call me what you must, but I've been on 4chan like twice.
User avatar #3575 to #3573 - creamNscream (06/23/2015) [-]
it can get pretty ******* weird and lewd, so dont say i didnt warn ya.
User avatar #3574 to #3573 - creamNscream (06/23/2015) [-]
You need to login to view this link

the link to the current one.

If you ever need to find the current thread just skim through until you find the steven universe general (/sug/)
#3576 to #3574 - kevintothemax (06/23/2015) [-]
Meh, I'll stick to funnyjunk
Thanks for the link though.
User avatar #3577 to #3576 - creamNscream (06/23/2015) [-]
dont get me wrong, the fan theories and pictures and stuff make up for the occasional cringe talk. I go on 4chan frequently so im used to seeing such degeneracy.
User avatar #3537 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
Hey mate can you do me a favor and convert this Youtube video into a mp4, if not then webm? It would be much appreciated.

User avatar #3541 to #3538 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
I cant seem to get it to work, and im not entirely sure why.

but anyways how have you been.
User avatar #3542 to #3541 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]

I found an abridged series of Sword Trash Online. It's pretty good.

User avatar #3543 to #3542 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
Sounds dank.
User avatar #3544 to #3543 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
I know. But would you imagine if Team Four Star did parodies of SAO, One Piece, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Inuyasha, and Sailor Moon? Think of the comedic possibilities.
User avatar #3545 to #3544 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
it would be amazing but theyre probably incredibly busy as it is unfortunately.
User avatar #3546 to #3545 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
Yeah, they're still working on DBZ and Hellsing.
User avatar #3547 to #3546 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
its a lot of work getting the voice acting and editing down for that stuff
User avatar #3548 to #3547 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
I can imagine. Quick question, how did you become a mod and why did you stop being one?
#3549 to #3548 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
I became one through pic related, and stopped being one because admin got super duper butthurt or something and demodded like 8 mods, me being one
User avatar #3550 to #3549 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
I know some of the users who got de-modded were you, andra, wrinklynewt, postingloudly, imnotkickthecat, and some others.
User avatar #3558 to #3550 - Marker (06/10/2015) [-]
no one knows what happened to andra, admin kinda just.... removed him
PL as you can see is still kicking
wrinkly was not removed
kickthecat left for basic I think
User avatar #3560 to #3558 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
I'm surprised you're still a mod, I wish I could be one. So I could keep order in FJ and look badass doing it. Kinda like how Eren wanted to be a soldier in AoT.
User avatar #3561 to #3560 - Marker (06/10/2015) [-]
not much order to keep, and more than half of us are faggots
User avatar #3564 to #3561 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
True, but you're my faggots, and by faggot, I mean friend. and stop me if this sounds gay Lets face it, if it hadn't been for this site, I wouldn't have had more friends than I actually do. I've met so many unique people with special talents, and that's something I seldom see where I am, people who actually give a **** about our talents and respect them. We may be faggots, but we're a family (of faggots), and as Funnyjunkies we've got to do whatever it takes to defend this place, no matter the cost. This place is our home, and nobody will take it from us.

Good God that sounded gay as **** , what am I even doing here.
User avatar #3566 to #3564 - Marker (06/10/2015) [-]
being gay, obviously
User avatar #3553 to #3550 - postingloudly (06/10/2015) [-]
User avatar #3551 to #3550 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
I might be wrong with wrinklynewt
User avatar #3552 to #3551 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
Novabird too as far as i know.

He was a nice guy. It's whatever though.
#3562 to #3552 - novabird ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
yeah, they want me back as well, i still help when i can on occasion, his excuse for demodding me had to do with the fact that i'm always in pv where i can stay calm despite the fact i was still doing my jobs, i was by no means supposed to be a social mod and basically got dropped for being quiet.
User avatar #3567 to #3562 - Marker (06/10/2015) [-]
you're helpful when you're not being triggger happy and thinking everyone is bum or david
User avatar #3570 to #3567 - novabird ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
i'd be more helpful if i could see who they are and flag them accordingly.
power stripped means i can only rely on my old methods which got rusty.
User avatar #3563 to #3562 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
kind of a dumb reason if you ask me, especially if you werent intended on being a social mod
#3569 to #3563 - novabird ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
agreed, my main thing was keeping tabs on the trouble makers and covering the time zone for west coast, no other mod is awake when i still am because i don't hardly sleep.
aside that i'm a guardian and used the stealth to keep tabs on people who were having problems so i could help them better which i was doing long before i ever came to fj or became a mod.
aside that if someone had a problem and showed me i looked into it and drew attention to it for higher ups to deal with.
User avatar #3557 to #3552 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
I call the mods with the highest ranks the Master Mods, like posttwo and others.
User avatar #3559 to #3557 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
yeah thats what they are more or less.
User avatar #3554 to #3552 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
And it seems that EdwardNigma, Voreaphilia, posttwo, and some others survived.
User avatar #3571 to #3554 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
Wait what?
What happened?
User avatar #3556 to #3554 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
post is king mod so im not surprised
User avatar #3555 to #3554 - thecancerthatkills (06/10/2015) [-]
Also lightarcanine
User avatar #3568 to #3555 - lightarcanine (06/10/2015) [-]
Been a mod for forever and a day. Not looking to lose that any time soon.
User avatar #3540 to #3538 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
I cant seem to get keepvid to work and html5 is ******* up for this video on chrome
the struggle
User avatar #3539 to #3538 - creamNscream (06/10/2015) [-]
gimma 1 sec my java is screwing up
#3532 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/08/2015) [-]
How are you progressing towards becoming un-jello?
How are you progressing towards becoming un-jello?
User avatar #3534 to #3533 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/08/2015) [-]
Out of 10?
User avatar #3535 to #3534 - creamNscream (06/08/2015) [-]
out of bacon
#3536 to #3535 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/08/2015) [-]
#3531 to #3530 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/07/2015) [-]
Btw, Kylemonkey is back
Btw, Kylemonkey is back
#3517 - sniffythebird ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
Comment Picture
#3514 - sniffythebird ONLINE (05/22/2015) [-]
Somehow I get a feeling your name is Brad.

Don't ask how. I just know.

Also, weird **** is going down mane.
User avatar #3515 to #3514 - creamNscream (05/22/2015) [-]
it's josh

and whys that
#3516 to #3515 - sniffythebird ONLINE (05/22/2015) [-]
Close enough.   
I thought I had psychic powers or something
Close enough.

I thought I had psychic powers or something
User avatar #3497 - kevintothemax (05/19/2015) [-]
I managed to pool enough videos for another music comp. Do you mind making these into webms for me?
www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQl5NylJ1Hs - If there is any way you could take the video and replace it with a picture or something, it would be much better, she's kind of dramatic.
#3508 to #3497 - creamNscream (05/20/2015) [-]
thats all she wrote.   
You can add this funny one in too if you want, i think it would fit nicely.
thats all she wrote.

You can add this funny one in too if you want, i think it would fit nicely.
User avatar #3498 to #3497 - creamNscream (05/20/2015) [-]
Will do my nig nugget, and im not too much of a wizard to replace the picture unfortunately
User avatar #3499 to #3498 - kevintothemax (05/20/2015) [-]
You watch it, and see if i should add it.
#3501 to #3499 - creamNscream (05/20/2015) [-]
I think it's great. I sing a little in my free time and it's easy to get into your music like that, it's nothing out of the ordinary, and i think people will look past it.   
Shes an amazing singer too, a lot of talent there, and the lyircs are very well thought and connect very nicely.
I think it's great. I sing a little in my free time and it's easy to get into your music like that, it's nothing out of the ordinary, and i think people will look past it.

Shes an amazing singer too, a lot of talent there, and the lyircs are very well thought and connect very nicely.
User avatar #3509 to #3501 - kevintothemax (05/20/2015) [-]
Alright thank you very much.
User avatar #3510 to #3509 - creamNscream (05/20/2015) [-]
any time cute sauce, HMU when you need fam
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