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latest user's comments

#3 - Toucannon is so useful and beak blast and bullet seed made him…  [+] (3 replies) 11/26/2016 on sam +5
#15 - meowmixore (11/27/2016) [-]
I like beak blast as an attack but why would you ever use it over drill peck?
User avatar
#7 - joejoejoethehuman (11/26/2016) [-]
Mine is named general
#6 - dragontamers (11/26/2016) [-]
How was it that I got tongue twisted from just reading that?
#7 - Jokes on them he made 20 bucks  [+] (1 reply) 11/19/2016 on Wolverine +9
User avatar
#9 - captainprincess (11/19/2016) [-]
20bucks outta 4 hodogs man
thats a steal if Ive ever seen one
#1 - My mum has a saying "it doesnt matter where they get thei…  [+] (74 replies) 10/12/2016 on Relationship Goals +949
#135 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Keep his balls empty and his stomach full.
User avatar
#131 - funnygod (10/13/2016) [-]
boy this was literally the top comment on imgur you shmuck
#127 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
thats good and dandy.. but your S.O. thinking about someone else while fucking you seems a bit wrong and off the point.
might aswell NOT be married if you have to phantasise about other women while fucking your wife.
User avatar
#78 - enlightednatzie (10/13/2016) [-]
I dont remember ever asking.
#40 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Below me is a bunch of beta 13 year olds "MY GF NOT WVEN ALLOWED TO LOOK IN DIRECTION OF ANOTHER GUY"
#32 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Guess your Mom has really low standards if she doesn't mind her men bltantly oogling and thinking of other women.
#155 - anon (10/16/2016) [-]
newsflash literally eveyr man will do this whether their woman has low standards or not
#93 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Or, maybe not every single person in the world is wired to be with one person their whole life. Maybe the obsession with "cheating" on someone is just a concept tied to archaic practices like women being given away in exchange for land...
#64 - deathbyseth (10/12/2016) [-]
Guess you're gonna be alone for a while if you keep those unrealistic expectations for people.

Seriously, who cares though? Simply *looking* is almost an automated biological response to observing someone attractive. Anyone who says its wrong to simply be physically attracted to someone other than your partner is really stupid.
User avatar
#138 - mysisterismywaifu (10/13/2016) [-]
sauce for the image? lol
#73 - connorusselll (10/12/2016) [-]
good lord, that image
#139 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
The faceless girl.
Girl Born Without a Face Faceless girl redefining true beauty
#95 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Someone (possibly tax payers) is/are paying thousands of dollars to keep that thing alive in order to relieve the personal guilt of aborting it as soon as they found it it would never live a normal life. These people convince themselves that they are doing the right thing and I get that, but who benefits from that thing being alive? In reality, not "oh their lives are much better cause love"
#115 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Looks like it gives awesome head though...
User avatar
#126 - edgexplain (10/13/2016) [-]
What the fuck, man. I laughed, sure, but still. What the fuck?
User avatar
#55 - thegrayfox (10/12/2016) [-]
It's okay kid, you'll learn once you're older.
#54 - arcamean (10/12/2016) [-]
Lmao never heard of "look just don't touch" eh?
#50 - jeveasy (10/12/2016) [-]
#75 - malexandercalamity (10/12/2016) [-]
by which you of course mean "break up with you first and then try to score somewhere else"
#153 - kristovsky (10/14/2016) [-]
'yes dear' is your favourite phrase isn't it?
#154 - malexandercalamity (10/15/2016) [-]
do you understand that my comment was against cheating?
User avatar
#69 - advice (10/12/2016) [-]
Please tell me this is real
User avatar
#43 - quotetype (10/12/2016) [-]
The alternative is "Don't look at other women, i am your one and only."
#99 - thrym (10/13/2016) [-]
I know I might get fucked in the ass with red thumbs for saying this, but personally I feel this is how it should be in a relationship, with both only having eyes for each other
User avatar
#61 - izdubar (10/12/2016) [-]
Looking and oggling is different shit altogether man. I can look at a chick when I'm with my gf, appreciate her attractivenes even, but I'd be damned if she caught me staring like a fucking hungry dog. People who do that have zero respect for their partner, be them men or women.
User avatar
#63 - quotetype (10/12/2016) [-]
My approach to a relationship is different than yours then. i don't condone cuckholding or open relationships but at the same time, if i had to spend every waking moment being one part of two people I would kill myself. I would rather be my own person and have my SO be their own person, as long as they don't cheat, whether that be emotionally or physically.
At the same time, if she's looking at another dude in front of me, i would probably be upset.
Then again, old people are in their own realm IMO, I would probably be more ok with it if she was okay with it at that age, people learn to care about what really matters as they age.

User avatar
#66 - izdubar (10/12/2016) [-]
>if i had to spend every waking moment being one part of two people

What do you mean by that?
#141 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
"If I had to spend every waking moment being part of two people..."

Probably something like this.
User avatar
#98 - DJstar (10/13/2016) [-]
My cousin was forced to delete his facebook account and share one with his girlfriend so i guess something along those lines. You guys are two people in one relationship not just one person.
User avatar
#106 - izdubar (10/13/2016) [-]
Tbh that just seems like comparing apples and oranges to me mate. What you said is an example of someone being a control freak to the most extreme degree. It's a a whole different thing to expect your partner not to flirt with/oggle at other people.

For Christ's sake, you people are treating this like it's a binary. It's not - it's a scale. On one extreme you have ultracucks who let their partner sleep around (even though it's killing them inside) because "I love her and I'll let her do anything to make her happy", on the other extreme you have control-freak psychopaths who don't even let their partner have friends of the opposite sex.

It's all about striking a healthy balance. To the crowd whose yelling: "oh you're just insecure if you dislike your girlfriend flirting with other people", I say: I'm with my girlfriend precisely because she's the kind of person that understands me well and doesn't do this kind of shit. That's the thing - it's a part of who she is, that she either cares about me enough not to do it or doesn't really feel the need to in the first place (I think it's the combination of both, because that's how it is with me). Holisticaly, this makes her into the amazing person I love.
#49 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
that reminds me a lot of abstinence and the people who believe it works.
#88 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Kill yourself.
User avatar
#4 - unbelievable (10/12/2016) [-]
That is bullshit. It wouldn't make me happy at all if my girlfriend got turned on by other better looking guys and came to me to have sex.
#52 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
its not. but hey, believe what you want about what your made up girlfriend thinks about during sex.
User avatar
#41 - emptysuperman (10/12/2016) [-]
Then you're a faggot.
User avatar
#29 - concetrationcamp (10/12/2016) [-]
would you like it the other way around?
#28 - puttman (10/12/2016) [-]
Your insecure
#22 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
If you don't want your girlfriend to appreciate dudes who are sexier than you, I would say that you're in for a rude awakening when you first get into a relationship, but I doubt someone as insecure as you could get a relationship in the first place.
#35 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Funny thing is, if you're loyal and happy in your relationship, you don't look at other people because you're not shopping around anymore.
If you're still looking, it's usually a sign that you're not happy where you are.
#39 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Dude if a hotty walks past me I'm gonna look no matter how happy I am
#21 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
better stop watching porn then.

Or else you're just a hypocrit asshole
User avatar
#17 - casval (10/12/2016) [-]
I agree with you. And frankly, it turns me off when my boyfriend talks about how hot a woman is and makes remarks about her body. But it also motivates me to look better not just for myself, but so I can make him fight for me.

Because when you're in shape, you're hot. And when you're hot and not single, it pisses off your S.O. when the opposite sex hits on you. Turn that jealousy that is ingrained in every one of us, and use that energy to motivate yourself to work out.

That's how I feel about it, anyway.
#47 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
You're just insecure and if you need to fight for him leave him
#34 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
If you think you need to make your bf fight for you, you're probably not in the greatest relationship.
#16 - dreadstream (10/12/2016) [-]
hate to break it to you but your girlfriend IS most likely getting turned on by better looking guys, its kinda how humans work.
User avatar
#62 - izdubar (10/12/2016) [-]
I don't get turned on by other girls when I'm with my gf.

You know what to do when that happens, though? Find a better partner. Don't be a weak as bitch and stay in some half-assed relationship just because it's comfortable.
#33 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Not if she's loyal.
That's only how scum works.
User avatar
#15 - ruba (10/12/2016) [-]
You being insecure does not make it not true.
#14 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
Insecure? If your relationship is built on not daring to leave each other, you're both insecure twats.
User avatar
#13 - lean (10/12/2016) [-]
Look at it this way:
At least you would have a girlfriend in this scenario.
User avatar
#70 - izdubar (10/12/2016) [-]
That's fucking weak dude and you know it. If you stay with a girl who doesn't respect you just because it's "better than not having a girlfriend at all", that just shows that you have no fucking respect for yourself either and in the long run you're not gonna end up doing yourself any favours.
User avatar
#151 - lean (10/13/2016) [-]
>>#6, It's a fucking joke boss, because his other comment.
#11 - Denver (10/12/2016) [-]
So would you prefer she gets turned on by good looking men and then has sex with them, or would you prefer she doesn't get turned on by men at all?
User avatar
#10 - loganmadder (10/12/2016) [-]
she knows you're ugly, but considering she stays with you it means you have a great personality and/or big dick, and she loyal
#9 - masterofmods (10/12/2016) [-]
Become the better looking guy then
#89 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Yeah. Hit the gym and pump iron.
#25 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
improving facial symetry is no easy feat
User avatar
#44 - quotetype (10/12/2016) [-]
True, but have you seem Casy Neistat? I a lot of people find him attractive and his face is wrong in so many ways.
#51 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
actually a prime example i would trust that man with my life though i've never met him, and i'd hanging with him on any occasion. cause that man makes me feel relaxed.
User avatar
#42 - demonbreadofnorth (10/12/2016) [-]
hammers are pretty cheap though
User avatar
#23 - adorai (10/12/2016) [-]
Why? Become the better man at whole, not only in the looks department.
User avatar
#8 - catfishy (10/12/2016) [-]
Well i agree but think of it this way,
she is coming home to you. Not the better looking guys or anything else.
#20 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
because she can't get them
User avatar
#24 - Mickeyboi (10/12/2016) [-]
She probably could, it's not that hard for women to cheat.
User avatar
#5 - leifbunny (10/12/2016) [-]
Work on those insecurities. It could really hurt your relationship down the line.
User avatar
#71 - izdubar (10/12/2016) [-]
It's not about insecurities, it's about basic self-respect and respect for your partner. Ever heard of the soft bigotry of low expectations? You must think really lowly of your girlfriend if you don't expect from her even the most basic degree of self-restraint.
User avatar
#72 - leifbunny (10/12/2016) [-]
Dude no. I have self respect. Enough so that I don't base myself against other people my boyfriend finds himself looking over. I know he finds me attractive, and respects our bonds. And he knows the same of himself. I'm not so paranoid that I'd think his thoughts are "Man, I wish I were single.... I'd destroy that!" Because the first words out of his mouth are "dude, check them out... When they're not looking." 7 years in, I think we're ok.
User avatar
#109 - izdubar (10/13/2016) [-]
Okay, good on you I guess.To be honest, I'm not really into this kind of stuff even when I'm hanging out with my friends. Don't really see the point of staring on some random girl's tits beyond pure aesthetical appreciation - either I get to sleep with her, and in that case I can appreciate her physique in a much better way, or I don't and in that case I'll just be wasting time with pointless fantasising.

It seems to me the same like all the girls who look at images of fancy restaurant food on Instagram. Why should I spend time staring something that I'm not gonna eat, if you know what I'm saying?
User avatar
#114 - leifbunny (10/13/2016) [-]
No, I don't.
User avatar
#116 - izdubar (10/13/2016) [-]
Ok, I guess it just goes to show we're all different people.
User avatar
#6 - unbelievable (10/12/2016) [-]
I don't have a relationship. I'm waiting to become a wizard.
User avatar
#18 - jimyios (10/12/2016) [-]
User avatar
#7 - leifbunny (10/12/2016) [-]
Alrighty then.
User avatar
#3 - unicornmom (10/12/2016) [-]
#20 - Picture 10/04/2016 on Ooopsy 0