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I fucking love cinnamon toast crunch

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#33 - Winston bbe 06/26/2016 on Overwatch Confessions 0
#21 - Picture 06/26/2016 on doggo doesn't bork +8
#20 - Picture 06/26/2016 on doggo doesn't bork +12
#32 - Torrent this **** if that's what you desire. Very ****  [+] (2 new replies) 06/25/2016 on Google Image search +7
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#42 - middleeastexplain (06/25/2016) [-]

Here's the full version. A bit lower quality, but whatever
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#47 - Gonnafly (06/26/2016) [-]
if she's 4 10 he's a huge manlet
#9 - Blizzard themselves have described it as "if everyone is …  [+] (2 new replies) 06/23/2016 on Precision +2
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#11 - heine (06/23/2016) [-]
if everyone is overpowered it doesn't necessarily mean that they all balance out, but that everyone has an equally short lifespan. it's almost like the attacks aren't so powerful but just that everyone has shit health, am I right?
#19 - anon (06/24/2016) [-]

Yes it does have rock paper scissors elements, but you can just say fuck you sniper ill snipe you back with a fucking ninja, its like saying fuck your rock paper scissors, heres some lava.

Just gotta be creative. And not everyone has shit health really, id say its pretty good
#14 - You know that you don't shoot to heal right? You passively hea…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/23/2016 on Being Stupid in Overwatch:... 0
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#41 - breaken (06/23/2016) [-]
But you can swap gun modes
#15 - Such as just turning on family share and sharing dark souls to… 06/21/2016 on Namless king one hit 0
#5 - It's an excellent miracle, albeit cheesy. It only needs 15 fai… 06/21/2016 on I finaly learned how to... 0
#16 - Rice or quinoa with beans as well as frozen veggies. Ramen can…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/05/2016 on Not all Americans are fat +10
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#21 - kvwhitten (06/05/2016) [-]
[spoiler] Does it suck for you to type all this info and yet not be read? Try subscribing to people, that could help get your voice out./spoiler]
#106 - It's actually the other way around, since there's no poise a d…  [+] (8 new replies) 05/10/2016 on When the hitbox detection... +1
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#107 - ShoMinimamoto (05/10/2016) [-]
Damn. I don't get it though. Poise has been huge in the series up until now. So why ake it out? Or is it just a glitch or something?
#121 - theinfamouschad (05/10/2016) [-]
Don't listen to this guy, he has no idea what he's talking about. Heavy weapons are at the strongest they've ever been and its because poise was replaced with hyperarmor. Basically while you're in your attack frames and using a heavy weapon, you cannot be staggered. At all. By anything. Meaning if you time your attacks right, you can trade reliably and usually come out on top. This is why 80% of pvp in dark souls 3 is people using heavy weapons.
User avatar
#122 - ShoMinimamoto (05/10/2016) [-]
Ok yeah that's what I thought was going down. Man I hope they fix that or balance it some way
#124 - theinfamouschad (05/10/2016) [-]
Honestly I think it's perfectly fine the way it is. People are just jumping on the heavy weapon bandwagon because its new and its easy but there are ways around it just like any other weapon class. They still eat stamina ravenously so you can still punish them for throwing out attacks, you can also attack them while they're recovering from their attacks, and last but not least their hyperarmor only kicks in at certain parts of the animation, so you can stagger them out of the attack if you time it right. Or just equip a longer weapon and hit them while staying out of their range. People just say "oh this is OP" instead of adapting their playstyle to overcome challenges.
User avatar
#125 - ShoMinimamoto (05/10/2016) [-]
Just because you have to adapt to a play style doesn't mean it isn't OP if it is still the clear cut better option. Like I said I haven't played i ye so I don't really know, but that's pretty much a rule across all games.
#127 - theinfamouschad (05/10/2016) [-]
I suppose, but what I'm saying is it's no different than anything else. If you're fighting an R1 spammer, you have to adapt to overcome that. If you're fighting a parry spammer you have to do the same thing. If someone is using a weapon class you're not familiar with, such as whips (which are also the best they've ever been) again you have to adapt. Honestly I'm digging this game because sooo many things are considered "OP." First it was straight swords, then rapiers, then heavy weapons, then fire surge, etc. etc. Now even greatshields are thought to be OP. It just means that everything is viable if you play it correctly and imo that's the best way to balance a game. Anyways make of it what you will. It's a great game and definitely worth playing.
User avatar
#130 - ShoMinimamoto (05/10/2016) [-]
I know what you're saying and by you're explanation it makes sense, but here's the thing. You shouldn't have mentioned whips being good cause we're veering off topic now. How good are we talking? And do the movesets still have huge lag after every attack? Can you move a little like when drinking estus to space better? How many whip variants are there? The only reason I care is cause I share the same name as King Jeremiah so I always wanted to basically play as him Also I don't get why people complain about r1 spam. Can't you just shield and wait for them to stop? Although I suppose the punish time could be non existent if the attacker backs off and recovers stamina intelligently. Also how good is D3 in general? I really couldn't get into D2 at all, is this any different?
#186 - theinfamouschad (05/11/2016) [-]
I only mentioned them cause they're another weapon class that got buffed in DS3, akin to heavy weapons. The attacks have a bit of a wind-up to them but I wouldn't say they're worse than any other weapon. They've been given a nice range boost and the attacks are more varied, with quick forward attacks mixed in with sweeping ones. The weapon art is very good too, hard to describe unless you witness it so I recommend looking up some whip gameplay. There's really only like 5 whips in the game but each one is different enough from the others to have its own merits. As for the R1 spam, again, its people just complaining instead of adapting. This game is arguably the best to punish R1 spamming as you can either A. Block and wait for them to stop, B. Roll away and my personal favorite, C. Parry them in the middle of their spam. Dark Souls 3 feels like Dark Souls 1 with elements of 2 and Bloodborne thrown in. I definitely think you'll like it more than 2 because it really feels like 1 but upgraded. Overall the game is very well made, with that same giant interconnected world feeling that 1 had. Basically if you liked 1, you'll probably like 3.