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    Punchline Punchline
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    Le Me-Me Comic Le Me-Me Comic

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#30 - **** Tito, shouldn't you be working?  [+] (1 new reply) 05/28/2016 on Good Deal 0
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#31 - totallytito (05/28/2016) [-]
at 11 PM? Hell no I don't work the night shift.
#64 - Wouldn't it technically be a war-crime to use something like t…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/20/2016 on Stick Them With The Pointy End 0
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#79 - lickinggecko (05/20/2016) [-]
Because if you win there is no one to charge you with war crimes.
#156 - mention pl0x 05/07/2016 on /qst/ Presents: The Saga of... +1
#61 - MENTION PL0X 04/27/2016 on Fiber one bars 0
#40 - Man I feel for ya, that has to be a really ****** thing to dea…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/15/2016 on Mr. Handy +1
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#42 - fedorneckbearbrony (02/15/2016) [-]
Actually, so far it's great to have a stoma. It's relieved me from a lot of pain, and my girffriend thinks it's facinating as fuck. But it also sucks. I have to change the bag once a day, and change the plate once every three day. It hurts like hell, but the doctors say it will get better once my muscles tend themselves (they had to enter my stomache in three different places. Two for preforming the surgery and one for a camera so they could see). My stomace hurts like shit all the time.. right now, my worst nightmare literally is to sneeze.. what a nightmare.. anyway, won't bother you with too much detail. I feel like i'm taking this well enough. I can live with it, I just hope the people around me won't get uncomfortable about it.

I have no controll of what comes out when, so I will pass gass LOUDLY at the most inappropreate times.. joy. I'm just really glad to have such a supportive girlfriend