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Well, I'm Thomas, I'm not a troll even though my name says otherwise, but I still don't give a fuck about what you think. That said, have a great day and I still aim to make people laugh.

And why are you stalking me? Leave a comment below explaining your reasons.

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latest user's comments

#42 - Sauce on your pic? 2 hours ago on unf 0
#19 - Therapist one the cops were ******* retarded, I'll agree with … 3 hours ago on How liberals react to... +2
#54 - Because he's still **** and it's fun to make fun of him mostly… 3 hours ago on Gaming Moments: Overwatch... 0
#25 - I think some town near Fort Worth. Don't remember exactly. 5 hours ago on She loved you and you... 0
#7 - Christ-chan, because /pol/ is a Christian board. 5 hours ago on kids +3
#124 - To be fair, both of those races are outcasts, and would relate…  [+] (1 new reply) 7 hours ago on Skyrim bros +1
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#165 - logintoviewsauce (1 hour ago) [-]
Hmm, that makes sense. I agree(that khajiit with the dyed emo hair gives me the furry vibes though).
#120 - Redguards aren't *******, as much as I love Khajiit, they're t… 7 hours ago on Skyrim bros +5
#54 - Stuff mostly. 7 hours ago on dog 0
#47 - Sure thing, having had tons of friends that are chicks (who, l… 10 hours ago on Robot becomes Chad 0
#43 - Nah man, just play it off like you're only nervous because of …  [+] (2 new replies) 07/23/2016 on Robot becomes Chad +2
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#45 - WakaTakaBang (19 hours ago) [-]
I've never thought to harness my autism in such a way. Thanks man, I'll use this to my advantage.
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#47 - commontroll (10 hours ago) [-]
Sure thing, having had tons of friends that are chicks (who, looking back probably wanted me to make a move) and growing up with four sisters taught me a lot about women. One of the other things that works wonders is giving a bit of a mischievous smirk while you stand right next to them and staring at them. My ex became legitimately dumbfounded from it, like, forgot what she was saying mid sentence and everything. But only do that one if you know it'll work, otherwise it can look like you're going in for a kiss or something.

Also, just don't take it too seriously. Like, not necessarily the relationship itself, but have fun with them, be cheesy and dorky and they'll love it. Most of them, the ones who don't are just sluts honestly.