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#204 - Nothing's free you ******* goons. You and I fund the governmen…  [+] (1 reply) 10/19/2016 on Free Education -5
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#210 - buddywuggle (10/19/2016) [-]
The point is we are paying for immigration more than we should be, and we could cut that cost entirely, and spend that on college to make that tax deductible, and actually spend less than our current system. Not free, yes, but cheaper.
#98 - Picture 06/18/2016 on Upvote +4
#10 - Picture 04/13/2016 on Not porn +5
#286 - The lower receiver on a semi automatic only AR15 is NOT identi…  [+] (1 reply) 02/12/2016 on Justice 0
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#290 - smittywrbmnjnsn (02/12/2016) [-]
There was no way I could be sure what rifle was being used, and there was no way kiaserzerg could be sure what rifle was being used. I'm saying, from the footage, there's no way I , or anyone else, could realistically tell the difference between an AR15 receiver and a select-fire M16 receiver.

Kiaserzerg has me blocked because I won an argument against him once, so now he just tries to make me look stupid every chance he gets.

But you are correct in all ways, my friend.