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#30 - like in what case?  [+] (1 new reply) 08/15/2016 on hum 0
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#32 - eldrad (08/15/2016) [-]
For instance if someone is threatening you but hasnt done anything yet or if they do something ya know bad then even though they didnt hit first they are still wrong.
#29 - depends where you live. Here in Oregon, who ever ***** up the … 08/15/2016 on hum +1
#24 - get ready to be put in the **** box I don't think anyone … 08/15/2016 on Dumpling 0
#95 - I really like how scrap isn't just a kid that topheavy has to … 08/15/2016 on Scrap & Topheavy #36 +4
#99 - This was really interesting until it launched into all the ani…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/13/2016 on Deconstruction +1
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#136 - clitersaurus (08/13/2016) [-]
Ignoring the topic of this post;

I won't vouch for anything on the list besides Shinsekai yori (from the new world).

That shit is in my top 5 "any kind of media". (game, tv series, movie, anime, comic, manga, book)

An there's much less of the whole le cute sexual cartoon grills that makes anime unbearable to those who haven't joined the dark side. ( I have) e.g. Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagan, Re;Zero won't appeal to anyone who isn't into anime yet. Regardless of how good they might be. There's 2 or 3 scenes that might make you rage quit, but if it was a normal movie you might not be bothered by it
#4 - by definition feminism had always been about elevating women, …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/09/2016 on Learn the difference... +1
#10 - anon (08/09/2016) [-]
I believe the male concern in feminism only had a brief stint in the second wave feminism and died immediately after that. Second wave also spawning radical feminism which are women who yell stuff and making others do the change for them, while garnering public support for the change, as opposed to the former liberal feminism which while doing much the same in public support perspectives worked through legislation and law directly to change it through that route.

Second wave feminism concern for men? They created a general parental leave for men and women. The thing about being able to work any profession you want and not be expected or forced to work some specific one due to gender aided men as well. Too bad that concern died immediately afterwards.
#7 - anon (08/09/2016) [-]
the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. From dictionary search. You're right! It brings women up to men's standards changes for women exclusive not men Right now they are trying to change it but still the main focus for feminism is trans and womens rights. The concern for men is there but not as much as the other two. anon for obv reasons
#6 - didn't realize this was an anime thing 08/08/2016 on Spitters are Quitters 0
#5 - "don't swallow jizz" "spitters are quiters&…  [+] (12 new replies) 08/08/2016 on Spitters are Quitters +1
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#9 - twiceasfun (08/09/2016) [-]
You seem to have missed the "I was required to say that" part that nullifies the one prior to it
#7 - zepherius (08/09/2016) [-]
As to the condom thing, if your dick is to big for condoms which is pretty unlikely because even on an above average dick normal condoms will at most be snug. If a guy says the condoms are to small you run because hes a little bitch and will probably knock you up.
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#12 - twentytwelve (08/09/2016) [-]
It'll fit but it'll most likely rip or basically feel like you've put your cock into a vacuum sealed bag, not comfortable
#13 - zepherius (08/10/2016) [-]
Basically snug. While it won't be the most comfortable thing it will fit and I repeat, if they say its to small they are being a little bitch.
User avatar
#14 - twentytwelve (08/10/2016) [-]
I've broken through more condoms than I care to count, maybe you're the "little" one?
#15 - zepherius (08/10/2016) [-]
Nah, But I have worn condoms to small, not comfortable but its better than barebacking and risking disease/kids.
User avatar
#16 - twentytwelve (08/10/2016) [-]
So you agree that condoms can be too small?
I learned the hard way to always wear one, thank god I have a girlfriend now, and that penicillin exists, wrap it up with randos always
#17 - zepherius (08/10/2016) [-]
They can be small, but not to small to be unwearable. If a guy refuses to wear a condom just because it is to small then hes not worth the time to fuck.
User avatar
#18 - twentytwelve (08/10/2016) [-]
Okay they are wearable, but uncomfortable and more at risk of breaking
#19 - zepherius (08/10/2016) [-]
Risking it breaking and then risking pregnancy or disease is easily much preferred over just going in bareback and risking pregnancy and disease at a much higher rate.
User avatar
#11 - unknownmercury (08/09/2016) [-]
I've actually used condoms that were too small. When you finish (if you do because you're basically wearing a cock-ring) and there's an indent around the base of your dick, you know that it's too tight.
User avatar
#6 - coledunk (08/08/2016) [-]
didn't realize this was an anime thing
#18 - such a great game. 08/08/2016 on Primordia +3
#3 - Barnacle is more like shoot or dang, not really a curse word. … 08/08/2016 on Barnacle Boy 0