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#324 - danrmanalt (01/25/2013) [-]
You, my dear, are a cunt. I have never seen someone as idiotic as you, except for myself for putting up with your **** for the last 13 months. You had me around your ******* finger, all you had to do was look at me with those big blue eyes, or say my name in that cute little voice and my heart of stone melted. You were the most beautiful girl I'd ever held in my arms, and for the first three months of our relationship, you were just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. We had our bumps in the road, but every relationship has that. Then in early January, we ran into a bump the size of Mount ******* Everest, and from that point on it was like falling off a cliff.

You are such a cunt. Dear lord, first off, what kind of bitch does it take to dump somebody the day before final exams start? Thanks for that one, really, ever tried writing a ******* senior year Physics exam when all you can think is boy, I sure ****** that one up? Yeah. Let me tell you what a ******* breeze that was. Do you know the one time I've had true peace since your over-inflated, bitchy ass dumped me? February. Do you know what happened over February? I pissed off, stayed as far away from you as possible, and whenever I was forced to walk by you, I ignored you like some insignificant speck of sand on the side of the ******* road of life.

But I didn't stay away, no, because your friend managed to convince me that you were upset by the fact that I was gone, by the fact that I obliterated my phone and tore my knuckles to **** on a brick wall the day you left me. So I came back, not to date you, but to try my hand at being friends with you. She said that whenever I walked past where you sat, where I spent four months beside you, you looked so sad and lost, that out of pity, I came back. First thing you said to me, was that you weren't sad.

Well **** you too. But whatever, I had put it in my mind to make a friendship happen, so I tried. I failed. But I tried.