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#13 - As a 5'4 guy who got ditched because of my height, it is weird…  [+] (3 replies) 09/18/2016 on Vanier Nostum Dugavabys 0
#19 - anon (09/18/2016) [-]
no excuse for guys to be under 6ft hit the gym fatass
#24 - lkszangs (09/18/2016) [-]
#18 - illior (09/18/2016) [-]
Because men are supposed to look like men, and that means being big and strong. The same can be said of women, we want our women to look femenine, hairless and with curves. Height is to a man what boobs is to a woman. Of course some like them flat, but most of us like big boobs.

I am not saying you don't deserve to be loved because of your height, was just answering your question as I don't see it weird at all.
#46 - You're not familiar with the history of the Roman Empire, aren't you  [+] (2 replies) 09/18/2016 on Independent Scotland EU... +1
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#47 - arsenalthegunners (09/18/2016) [-]
I guess the point didnt come across as clearly.

I was joking about how the picture says disdain for plebs, where as britain at that time was shite.

In short, the ohgodwhy.jgp of the celts rolling in their own shit and yelling "muh culture" and shit at hadrien's wall,

Also I wouldnt say I am an expert or familiar with Roman history, but I do know a thing or 2 about them
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#50 - classybot (09/18/2016) [-]
Well basically starting 43AD the Roman Empire lead a full scale conquest campaign which ultimately failed, but instead of returning to Rome, most soldiers stayed back since Britain was seen as the go-to place for defection.
Most celtic tribes took them in and they basically brought both the christian religion and technological advancement to Britain.
Long story short, nearly all celtic bloodlines (except Scotland, since it was seen as a no-man's land) are half-roman in Britain.
#12 - The Lord's Refurbished Jam  [+] (5 replies) 09/17/2016 on ertha kitt +69
#13 - sageofshadows (09/17/2016) [-]
The Patriarch's Remastered Divot
#14 - anon (09/18/2016) [-]
The chieftain's latest trench
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#28 - lecorbi (09/18/2016) [-]
the monarch's untested modus operandi
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#76 - zwaxor (09/18/2016) [-]
His Grace's Neo-Choreography
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#78 - lordofbumcrack (09/18/2016) [-]
The Fuhrer's Fresh Funk