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#5 - Deafinitely yeah 15 hours ago on deadpool +7
#15 - Funny thing is, every single one of these woman main character…  [+] (4 new replies) 16 hours ago on Powerful womyn 0
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#50 - Ruspanic (11 hours ago) [-]
There are a fair number of cool male characters "talked their way into power" without having to physically fight. Tyrion, Tywin, Varys, and Littlefinger come to mind. There's nothing wrong with that, I'd say it's even admirable.
#44 - ftsfts (12 hours ago) [-]
I would exclude Olenna and Lyanna from that. Lyanna was pretty much thrown into power at the death of her family at age 8 but her maturity and personal qualities such as leadership are making her do a pretty good job so I think she would still be a good role model. Olenna could be seen as a manipulator also but she has incompetent husband so its probably fair to say that she has probably been the one with most of the power and last I recall House Tyrell is doing pretty good, I think its even richer than the Lannisters so she could also be seen as a good role model, and like you mentioned Brienne.
#31 - lozarus (13 hours ago) [-]
But political manipulation is a very important part of GoT. Look at littlefinger, he basically bullshited his way into lord of the vale.
But yeah, Yara and brienne are the real ass-kickers in the series. The sand snakes are a bit retarded but they are badass fighters.
#18 - anon (15 hours ago) [-]
Daenerys can't even handle diplomacy, she threatens people constantly (which led to the hilarious scene in season 2 where she threatens to burn down Qarth if they don't let her in, which they call her on for being very poor logic when they know she will die without them.)

She got handed literally everything that became the things she treats as her right. Her Khalassar, her dragons, her stay in Qarth, her mercenaries, her soldiers. The only place she made change that wasn't just for her sake was freeing the slaves and killing their masters, but she didn't actual restore order so they just got taken over by a new dictator from the populace.
#20 - Didney 16 hours ago on she keeps it ON HER DESKTOP! +21
#51 - Picture 06/28/2016 on Robot goes to school +14
#87 - ijneg? 06/27/2016 on Spongewatch Overpants +5
#3 - And highly depressing  [+] (3 new replies) 06/26/2016 on baby burpees +52
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#4 - buckymcbadbait (06/26/2016) [-]
and slightly arousing
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#6 - xdiabolicx (06/27/2016) [-]
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#11 - roflstorm (06/27/2016) [-]
You know,
I conrouss
You conrouss
He she we conrouss
#43 - Sauce on dat animation b0ss 06/26/2016 on scott +1
#150 - NVM found counter  [+] (1 new reply) 06/26/2016 on Dank Thrones comp 8 +16
#199 - jaggsauce (06/26/2016) [-]
Found another counter fam.
#149 - Ramsay OP pls nerf  [+] (2 new replies) 06/26/2016 on Dank Thrones comp 8 +11
#150 - classybot (06/26/2016) [-]
NVM found counter
#199 - jaggsauce (06/26/2016) [-]
Found another counter fam.
#74 - Thank boi, ima do a new redo of the roar tho 06/25/2016 on 6' vs 5'9 0