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I like beer

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#11 - sauce?  [+] (1 reply) 09/06/2016 on How Educational +1
#9 - My DM has gotten to the point where he hates everyone for dera…  [+] (3 replies) 09/06/2016 on Fighting Anubis +212
#60 - anon (09/07/2016) [-]
I just make sure everyone has their own reasons to go where the McGuffin is in addition to chasing the McGuffin. The side effect is that they'll clear an ecounter/area and then forget to collect the McGuffin.

I usually also alternate structured and free from sessions. Something like 'You arive in the city a day before the heist is to take place. You can prepare however you like, but you should avoid making the front page of the local newspaper."
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#44 - greyhoundfd (09/06/2016) [-]
See, the key is to make an incredible detailed world with a huge number of things to do-- and not generate a strong plotline. Make it up as you go along, but draft a place that seems realistic enough that your players can explore and have fun and do shit just like they could if they were following a plotline.
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#15 - shunkahawolf (09/06/2016) [-]
i have the opposite problem where i despise one single player but i cant be biased and just kill him so i have to suffer. luckily he pissed off a barbarian at the end of our last session so fingers crossed for good rolls this time.
#6 - A lot of the slave ship owners were Jewish.  [+] (2 replies) 09/03/2016 on Orduryorl Yspire Ovece +1
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#29 - uglychino (09/04/2016) [-]
I wanna believe this.
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#15 - welliguessitsaname (09/03/2016) [-]
Source on this? I only found shady anti-Jewish sites and unreliable sources.
#9 - Picture 09/03/2016 on that high +4
#11 - Hey, how's everybody doing?  [+] (6 replies) 09/02/2016 on Wigexho Ulyscoff Dassecicac +7
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#19 - brantod (09/02/2016) [-]
i can't tell if i'm bad at the game, I always get bad teams I'm a solo queue or the blizzard matchmaking is very good/bad. other then that i still haven't managed to fix my sleeping pattern after getting back from Florida 2 weeks ago so i'm tired af
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#22 - heisenbee (09/02/2016) [-]
The solo queue life is hard, but you just gotta get used to it and pray your teammates voicechat instead of picking 3 hanzos.
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#23 - brantod (09/02/2016) [-]
oh god, fuck hanzo. There is always one on both teams and their hanzo seems to have aimbot while your hanzo always seems to be shooting blindly at walls
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#24 - heisenbee (09/02/2016) [-]
Yeah. I always get one shotted from god knows where when playing support, and the killcam just shows a hanzo across the map blindfiring around a corner.
While our hanzo is busy on the top of the map away from the point not doing anything.
#12 - anon (09/02/2016) [-]
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"**
**anonymous rolled image**Eating bread. wbu
#20 - ciarancrashy (09/02/2016) [-]
Just had scrambled eggs for breakfast actually. What did I taste like? I bet I was delicious