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#45 - 2v4 *  [+] (1 new reply) 07/27/2016 on Ana can get players booted... -6
#54 - nerdking (07/27/2016) [-]
Teams in Overwatch are six people, you ignorant spinach.

It would be a 3v5.
#159 - there was in fact time to leave the truck before the second tr… 07/27/2016 on F is for FUCK 0
#124 - i would say that ghostbusters has an even bigger fanbase (alth…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/22/2016 on budget +4
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#319 - Waldowitharedhat (07/23/2016) [-]
Ghostbusters itself does, but I don't believe any ghostbuster fans were too excited for this monstrosity.
#162 - **chusmimax used "*roll picture*"** **chusmimax rolled image ** 07/11/2016 on Go to bread or ban 0
#58 - i find most of them unoriginal, but let them have them if they… 07/10/2016 on Lets just kill this meme +1
#807 - **chusmimax used "*roll picture*"** **chusmimax rolled image ** 07/10/2016 on CLOSED STOP FUCKING ROLLING 0
#13 - in what universe could goku win who killed cell and buu?  [+] (1 new reply) 07/10/2016 on prep alone +5
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#18 - kameken (07/10/2016) [-]
Win? Oh, no no no.

But he could, like, land a punch or two, maybe.
#54 - They don't really look better, but the artists work harder as …  [+] (2 new replies) 07/10/2016 on Poke-fusion +12
#78 - anon (07/10/2016) [-]
Even then Pokemon has always been simplistic with its art and animation. That always bugged me since other games, that have a lot more creatures, put more time and effort in their artwork or animations. Considering the amount of money Pokemon makes I don't see a good enough excuse. I mean, we had to wait until Black and White till the sprites actually started to move....All the way to the DS. Late DS at that.
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#81 - kaiyuni (07/10/2016) [-]
If I'm gonna be brutally honest Pokemon has some of the most original creatures I've ever seen and to say otherwise is simply... close-minded really. Sure there are a handful of mediocre ones, but you can't knock them for originality.
#24 - in undertale, you can actively avoid being violent even if it … 07/09/2016 on pop +7
#22 - Where has you been for so long? Real bait is back? 07/09/2016 on go go go go +9