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#14 - my roommate has forced me to stare at this dress so many times… 9 hours ago on Can we all agree +3
#243 - this is Pigeon, the cat. i adopted her as a way to accept my f… 9 hours ago on Do you have a pet? +1
#18 - the problem is, they copy down your license plate number *sad … 9 hours ago on And Not a Single F*ck Was... 0
#23 - ah **** i forgot a ")" in there. 10 hours ago on Girl power 0
#22 - my hardcore feminist roommate self-identifies as arabic, and g…  [+] (38 new replies) 10 hours ago on Girl power +203
User avatar #93 - datladyluna (54 minutes ago) [-]
please make content
I wanna hear more stories
User avatar #92 - eatmynuts (56 minutes ago) [-]
make it a point to include "bitch" into every sentence.
#89 - jackacacia (1 hour ago) [-]
Keep your dick the FUCK away from that person.
#78 - napsterfreak (1 hour ago) [-]
Just do it
User avatar #75 - baditch (1 hour ago) [-]
She crossed the line when she insulted my Beck. Kill her.
User avatar #72 - chimpaflimp (1 hour ago) [-]
What's her Tumblr URL?
User avatar #71 - vycanismajoris (1 hour ago) [-]
kill her and eat the corpse
User avatar #70 - northernpike (2 hours ago) [-]
Content pls
User avatar #68 - Kairyuka (2 hours ago) [-]
That sounds like it'd make awesome content!
User avatar #66 - iamzimfoolishhuman (2 hours ago) [-]
pls share
User avatar #65 - ssheinrich (2 hours ago) [-]
you're a girl...right?
#64 - anonexplains (2 hours ago) [-]
maybe she needs to get laid bro
User avatar #83 - liero (1 hour ago) [-]
Tip: Don't stick your dick in crazy...
User avatar #63 - echotheambient (2 hours ago) [-]
I have a migthy need for this as content
User avatar #62 - dalokan (3 hours ago) [-]
Yeah but feminazi or no supporting him Kanye was still right
#59 - eddio (3 hours ago) [-]
Make that fucking content, don't you fucking leave any of us hanging, you glorious sonovabitch.
#60 - kinginthenorth (3 hours ago) [-]
>"she grew out her leg hair and dyed it magenta"
That's fucking disgusting.
User avatar #58 - delio (3 hours ago) [-]
make a cringe comp, fuck it. Try to include a pic of the land whale as well.
#56 - yellowizard (4 hours ago) [-]
I will pay cash money to see this as content
User avatar #53 - cloakndagger (4 hours ago) [-]
We need pics of this crazy bitch. She sounds like Tumblr incarnate. I seriously want to see her.

That, and I'd like you to continue sharing the stupid bitchy shit that she does.
#52 - dogziller (5 hours ago) [-]
more please. if this is trolling then you best find something else to post.
#45 - somekindofname (5 hours ago) [-]
What #26 said!
#40 - Jabberwocky (6 hours ago) [-]
You should force-feed her cyanide and throw her body into a volcano.
User avatar #37 - eiaisqzbsesb (6 hours ago) [-]
Make storytime comps of the shit she does.
#36 - piraterobins (6 hours ago) [-]
post pics because im sickened and curious
#35 - tvfreakuk (7 hours ago) [-]
In my first year of university, I was living in student accommodation with other people.
As someone who likes to stay up late watching my stories; I occasionally fell asleep on the sofa.
Not too often, but after a while I tried staying up late less and less just so I wouldn't be that much of an annoyance to my housemates.
But one night, I was about to do it again - and this one girl started really openly hating on me because of it. She called me a "retarded fat arse" and that she was sick of seeing me on the sofa in the morning, and that I must be autistic and stupid.
After about 5 minutes of this I told her to stop being a bitch.
This instantly got the outcry from every person I was living with, in how "I can't talk to girls like that." and I was being disrespectful to her; and that I apparently had to apologize to her after she had just spent 5 minutes calling me an autistic retarded fat arse.
User avatar #44 - joedeltaco (5 hours ago) [-]
I dunno about you kid, but i spend most of my time being mean do people dont assume im gonna deal with bullshit.
User avatar #46 - tvfreakuk (5 hours ago) [-]
I'm on the opposite side. I guess I could call myself timid, or at least just sort of laid back and I don't let much bother me, or if something does bother me; I'm generally silent about it and don't tell anyone because I don't want to be a bother.
But on the rare occasion something does bother me, I get super fucking pissed. I didn't explain it in my story - but I was fucking livid with that lass who was calling me all that shit (she was also throwing bits of food at me, forgot to mention) and I practically shouted in her face.
That kind of changes the context of the story - I should've probably mentioned. But I mean; after 5 minutes of insults and having bread crumbs thrown at you - you get pretty pissed.
User avatar #50 - joedeltaco (5 hours ago) [-]
Understandable, im laid back too. But i was taught if youre willing to step up to the first ball thrown then the pitchers will realise youre ready to swing. Let them see your mean side for a while. For instance, i positively hate tweakers. I hate their lifestyle, i hate what they do to my stupid relative and i hate their scummy thieving ways. I have tweaker family, im outwardly mean to them. I say to their faces thst i dont like em and i want their asses out of my fuckin house.
User avatar #34 - taniv (7 hours ago) [-]
I've never met one in real life. Watch it from a distance, this information could be crucial to understanding the patterns and mannerisms of the species and what God forsaken evolutionary track has led to their reproduction
User avatar #32 - phtholognyrrh (7 hours ago) [-]
please keep us very updated. but if you "give us her tumblr" as electronic bacon says, black out the name and any other information that could lead to them being harassed by some idiot who doesnt realize how shitty of a thing that is to do.
User avatar #33 - anaphase (7 hours ago) [-]
I'm glad someone has some humanity here
User avatar #43 - phtholognyrrh (5 hours ago) [-]
no point in stooping to their level, fulfilling their expectations, or being a child in an adults world. plus, the longer we let them be stupid,the more lulz we get from it.

im no saint; i have ulterior motives. but i also dont support any form of doxxing or harassment.
#29 - electronicbacon (8 hours ago) [-]
Please. Please give us her tumblr. You will not regret it.
#28 - GShock (8 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #26 - whimsicalmagnus (9 hours ago) [-]
make it content, gather thumbs and the love of you fellow FJ'ers
#25 - oldflattop (9 hours ago) [-]
i want to hear more.
User avatar #23 - chuffberry (10 hours ago) [-]
ah shit i forgot a ")" in there.
#18 - dat butt wiggle 10 hours ago on Dog crushes kitten +2
#13 - well, what did you learn? 02/27/2015 on My brain - asshole! 0
#40 - >don't be rude >posts picture on 4chan 02/27/2015 on /b/compliments girls 0
#7 - they knew exactly what they were doing. 02/27/2015 on Or Perfect Placement 0
#48 - Picture 02/27/2015 on When you exploring new... +1

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I find your idiocy regarding Ancient Greek creation myths to be personally offensive.
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No comment virginity will be left untaken.
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Look back at this comment and look at the date. How much has things changed?
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Well, I still enjoy getting the first comment on a page, simply for the sake of having it. I've changed in a lot of ways, but that is not one of them.
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Ah, was not meaning to seem to have that intent. Just sometimes it's nice to look back on old stuff. I know when I do I can usually remember somewhat what happened that day and I can compare to my average day now.
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Yeah, I gotcha. It's pretty weird looking back on some old comments.
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