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I really like spicy food

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latest user's comments

#13 - Is this for real? You do not need to show an ID to vote in america??  [+] (5 replies) 18 hours ago on Malik is Buddah +2
User avatar
#15 - oneshotclutch (15 hours ago) [-]
pretyy sure you just register via post or online , not sure tho, thats maybe how a bunch of libs are voting as dead people
#17 - anon (14 hours ago) [-]
please stop parroting voter fraud is so rare actually do research retard
#24 - kmichel (12 hours ago) [-]
There are literally hundreds of examples of voter fraud in the US, and many cases of rigged elections.
#25 - anon (11 hours ago) [-]
Please cite your cases. Also, please keep in mind America General Election is millions of people, so saying 1 case during 1 period voted twice is kind of retarded. Also, don't talk shit about our American politics just because you're insecure because your candidate fucked his easy win up, by continuing to pick needless fights, and shit on people who were trying to help him.
#28 - kmichel (11 hours ago) [-]
Here are 3 among hundreds: Lyndon B. Johnson with ballot box 13, John F. Kennedy with thousands more people voting in counties than existed, George Bush Jr. with felons voting. There is also the 14,000 ballots in Minnesota that were lost because someone didn't hit "save" supposedly. There are hundreds of smaller instances on the RNLA.
#4 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 reply) 10/18/2016 on Bad news fj 0
#5 - breadquanda Comment deleted by
#24 - In all honesty, the dude should have backed up everything into…  [+] (4 replies) 10/18/2016 on Fox News Announces Assange... +5
User avatar
#32 - cursedjester (10/18/2016) [-]
The guy thought ahead to seek refuge in an embassy and has WikiLeaks running itself despite his disappearance. He more than likely has plans in place.
User avatar
#30 - freestyleristaken (10/18/2016) [-]
6 hours ago there was release 11 from podesta emails.

Its still going on.

User avatar
#28 - JGKingpin (10/18/2016) [-]
The leaks are still coming. Chances are its all automated now.
User avatar
#26 - Airmanator (10/18/2016) [-]
Trust us, he did.
#2 - if you have no memory of how you got home but you had memory …  [+] (12 replies) 10/18/2016 on Vemedilfov Povas Seas -37
User avatar
#35 - hallofc (10/19/2016) [-]
Dude that's obvious. She became a werewolf and went rampage. Have you never seen a horror film before?
#30 - cazabrow (10/19/2016) [-]
Every time I've gotten piss drunk, the most frequent moment I never remember is how the night ended. I can remember the entire start and middle of the night but not how I ended up in bed.

I probably teleported tho.
User avatar
#24 - hemming (10/19/2016) [-]
Faggot have you ever been drunk?'
Last weekend i have a hour gap in my memory, i remember everything somewhat clearly from that night before and after the one hour gap, but i have no idea what happened in that one hour.
Apparently i told my friends i went home, but i met them a different place in town one hour later not knowing where i've been or what i've been doing
#34 - anon (10/19/2016) [-]
that wasn't because of the booze, that was because of the alien abduction
#21 - weepeep (10/19/2016) [-]
You bring great dishonouru to famiry
User avatar
#10 - masdercheef (10/19/2016) [-]
You have memory of certain events, but there's a gap in which you have no idea what happened. Your next memory is a significant amount of time later.

Call me crazy but I feel like you've never been blackout drunk before.
User avatar
#7 - sickpuppie (10/19/2016) [-]
If you've never gone out drinking really, REALLY heavily (I don't recommend it) there are things called "rolling black outs" in comparison to blackouts. Sometimes there are points where your memory just shuts off at a single distinct point, and and sometimes it just fades to black. Other times it fades in and out, in and out, in and out. I've experienced all three and I do not recommend
User avatar
#33 - catburglarpenis (10/19/2016) [-]
I got drunk enough to watch other people teleport which was fun, then drunk enough to teleport.

It was amazing to do so, I just skipped what I didn't like.

I was like "I don't wanna go down all these stairs" so I just teleported to the bottom. I did it with a taxi cab, and with entering a house. Some tit sucking and biting later with a woman I just met, I decided this wasn't worth the effort either.

Woke up with no memory of what happened and her house was shitty enough that I thought I was in a Saw movie and panicked. Elbowed her in the face 3 times before I realized that I must have charmed a nice Korean lady and this was her house. Managed to repress the memories as they came back halfway through the action.

Turned out it was a lady literally named Muriel who looked like a fat Ellen Degeneres with a gap in her teeth.

Nice lady, would repeat experience.
#27 - insanefreak (10/19/2016) [-]
That is very interesting. Thank you for sharing that.
I've never been drunk in my life. Not even tipsy. I just don't like the taste of alcoholic beverages. I usually function as the designated driver.
#4 - misrath (10/18/2016) [-]
Going out drinking with her friends. Doing some weird shit.

User avatar
#26 - spothot (10/19/2016) [-]
It's a mystery we will never uncover
User avatar
#3 - doctorhealsgood (10/18/2016) [-]
mirrors are real
#31 - I have to ask. Hot or cold?  [+] (1 reply) 10/17/2016 on The more you know... 0
User avatar
#46 - elsenortamatoe (10/17/2016) [-]
umm hot of course. Otherwise your pooper will get cold
#2 - Picture 10/16/2016 on Attempted escape -1
#2 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 10/15/2016 on parkour +8
#3 - mystogan (10/16/2016) [-]
hoodie + mask + failing = recipe of keks
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