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#34 - I.. I'm suddenly not so sure I want her to blow me.  [+] (1 reply) 09/28/2013 on plot twist +2
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#52 - brucekillah (09/28/2013) [-]
Im even more sure that i do, just gotta watch out when she spits
#71 - Thanks 09/27/2013 on Yo Mr. White 0
#34 - **** man what episode is that from?  [+] (2 replies) 09/26/2013 on Yo Mr. White 0
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#70 - jaxonnn (09/27/2013) [-]
Season 2 Episode 19 - Folsom Prison Blues
#71 - chaoticwaffle (09/27/2013) [-]
#489 - Comment deleted  [+] (2 replies) 09/24/2013 on Tell yours, go. +1
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#27 - Forget about me already?  [+] (18 replies) 09/17/2013 on Lord Bills +6
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#36 - RisenLichen (09/17/2013) [-]
But he could beat Cell, he just decided not to the first time around. After he came back he realized it and blew himself up
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#85 - jamiemsm (09/17/2013) [-]
except he couldn't. he fought cell first so gohan would know his fighting style because he knew he had to let gohan fight
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#86 - RisenLichen (09/17/2013) [-]
That doesn't mean he couldn't beat cell.
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#87 - RisenLichen (09/17/2013) [-]
If anything, you just supported what I just said
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#90 - jamiemsm (09/17/2013) [-]
he says himself and i quote now "i give up. i see now that i cant beat you". sooo
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#92 - RisenLichen (09/17/2013) [-]
He was saying that so that he could convince Gohan he could do it
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#100 - jamiemsm (09/17/2013) [-]
there were no reason for gohan to fight if goku could beat him.
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#105 - RisenLichen (09/17/2013) [-]
Goku does that kind of shit all the time though. Even letting freeze go to his full power for a challenge.
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#144 - jamiemsm (09/17/2013) [-]
yea but thats a challenge for him self. not like with cell
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#145 - RisenLichen (09/17/2013) [-]
Alright whatever man
#95 - anon (09/17/2013) [-]
Goku said he couldnt have beaten cell. he used all his power just to fight that first match. it asnt just t o test gohan, gohan was the only hope at that point
#32 - anon (09/17/2013) [-]
goku could beat cell, and cell knew it so he blew himself up, which if goku hadnt sacrificed himself he would have destroyed everything goku loved
and goku knew gohan could beat cell too,
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#34 - krazyms (09/17/2013) [-]
Goku couldnt beat cell, but he knew gohan had the potential too. Thus why he allowed gohan to fight him instead. Gohan went super saiyan 2 and beat cell's ass. Cell got mad and tried blowing himself up to destroy the earth. Thats when goku stepped back in to use instant transmission to wisk him to king kais planet. In short, goku couldnt beat cell and gohan had to do it.
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#75 - DJstar (09/17/2013) [-]
my memory may be vague but im pretty sure during the majin saga, majin vegeta asked asked him why he was hiding such power since he was sure he could go ss 3 a long time ago during the cell arc. and goku said because won't always be around to protect the earth, he wanted someone else to be the hero this time. and the only person at that time was gohan.
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#143 - krazyms (09/17/2013) [-]
Yeah you are mostly correct. Vegeta asked goku why he hid his power during their battle (when vegeta was majin) not during the cell fight. As to the part where goku said he wont always be around, that comes from vegeta asking why he didnt defeat fat buu when he was ss3. I recently watched the series again thats why i remember all this
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#109 - zanekin (09/17/2013) [-]
You're right,

Goku sandbagged like the last half of the show
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#84 - jamiemsm (09/17/2013) [-]
no that wasn't against cell but against fat buu
against cell he couldn't go ssj2 either
#33 - chaoticwaffle (09/17/2013) [-]
Goku was unable to beat Cell so he sent Gohan in knowing he would get angry and tap into his hidden power. Cell blew himself up because he couldn't defeat Gohan, not Goku. Goku is just the one that fought Cell first and tested his abilities, and later teleported him away when he was going to self destruct.
#2 - Why thank you kind sir!  [+] (3 replies) 09/13/2013 on Someone order some shitty OC? 0
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#3 - aqproductions (09/13/2013) [-]
Shame the image was crap,
relevant to my life, but crap nonetheless.
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#13 - emostrawberry (09/14/2013) [-]
And "the nicest guy in FJ" award goes ... aqproductions
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#193 - aqproductions (09/15/2013) [-]
Thank you very much,