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#25 - "Something about all that child porn is pretty ******. &q…  [+] (2 replies) 12/02/2016 on All is one +74
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#33 - mendelevium (12/02/2016) [-]
Clearly I was being sarcastic.

Obviously that's the fucked part.

I just don't find this to funny because in order to do this joke you had to have pictures of 10 year olds being raped.

Is a joke still funny if you have to rape 10 year olds to make it? Maybe I'm a bit of a prude but I don't think so.
#56 - aizeinstein (12/02/2016) [-]
**aizeinstein used "*roll picture*"**
**aizeinstein rolled image** No, you formed a retarded sentecen, that's what.
#90 - I got tired of whole shtick and cockblocking after I think 5th…  [+] (1 reply) 11/29/2016 on Head pat comp +3
#91 - camzore (11/29/2016) [-]
>Just acknowledge the god damn relationship and hold hands or something geez.
>hold hands
#88 - AND THEY DON'T The most frustrating light no…  [+] (5 replies) 11/29/2016 on Head pat comp +3
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#99 - elektinoir (11/29/2016) [-]
also seeing your other comment : they get closer progressivly over the novels
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#98 - elektinoir (11/29/2016) [-]
Actual spoiler : they do, they have a child together
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#89 - camzore (11/29/2016) [-]
i wasn't necessarily too fussed, i'm just glad that their relationship was handled in a mature and realistic way (i know she is a fucking wolf, but still). it wasn't blushing every 2 seconds and misunderstanding each other at every conversation with spaghetti flying across the room, rather two adults actually developing their relationship in a way that seemed feasible and realistic. and deep down i'm kinda glad it just stuck to heavy overtones instead of fugging, call me a cuck but i'm glad they focused on the dynamic and how it changed over the series rather than the actual relationship status itself. fugging might've been ok but i got the impression that the author didn't really want the 'end destination' of them 'getting together' to be the main point of the story.

i'll stick to my non-canon doujins for the fugging thank you very much
#90 - captainp (11/29/2016) [-]
I got tired of whole shtick and cockblocking after I think 5th or 6th LN. I wouldn't call it realistic at all unless we're speaking in anime terms of realistic. They didn't need to fuck. Just acknowledge the god damn relationship and hold hands or something geez.
Other than that the merchant adventures were quite interesting.
#91 - camzore (11/29/2016) [-]
>Just acknowledge the god damn relationship and hold hands or something geez.
>hold hands
#80 - I am no conspiracy nut but you actually don't need to be there…  [+] (1 reply) 11/29/2016 on ISS is fake 0
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#81 - elsanna (11/29/2016) [-]
People who claim you can't survive in space due to the earth's radiation belt are either being intentionally dishonest, or just extremely uneducated on the matter.

This page explains it all: www.clavius.org/envrad.html

My favorite part is this.
"This is a common method of argument that attempts to prove something that can't be proven, by disproving something else. In this case the reader is compelled to accept the conspiracy theory and all its attendant problems and improbabilities, simply on the basis that no matter how difficult, absurd, or far-fetched a particular proposition may be, if it's the only alternative to something clearly impossible then it must -- somehow -- have come to pass. This false dilemma is aimed at pushing the reader past healthy skepticism and into a frame of mind where the absurd seems plausible."
#162 - Some people just don't enjoy art.  [+] (1 reply) 11/26/2016 on Strategy games +5
#173 - midkupficker (11/27/2016) [-]
More like border gore-central...
#21 - Sure.  [+] (1 reply) 11/25/2016 on The Witcher comp 0
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#58 - ablakguy (11/26/2016) [-]