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#14 - Yep. Last I checked, Angels were actually pretty horrifying an…  [+] (26 replies) 12/20/2015 on Knowledge is power +50
#54 - ipwnallnubz (12/20/2015) [-]
So monster girl quest's portrayal of angels wasn't actually that fucked up?
#108 - syfygeek (12/21/2015) [-]
i dunno it kinda is
#109 - ipwnallnubz (12/21/2015) [-]
Yeah, you're right.
#82 - thesovereigngrave (12/21/2015) [-]
#63 - aerosol (12/20/2015) [-]
#64 - ipwnallnubz (12/20/2015) [-]
Here, a happier picture.
#47 - lordsaucy (12/20/2015) [-]
those ones covered in wings are called Seriphim. They're the highest ranking angels and take care of God's throne. They do actually have proper bodies, you just can't see them under all the wings.
#76 - anon (12/21/2015) [-]
"The Seraphim, six-winged, many-eyed, soaring with their wings, singing the victory hymn, proclaiming, crying out, and saying..."
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#71 - colossusshadow (12/20/2015) [-]
don't forget their four faces
and aren't they also so bright they can basically melt your face off?
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#20 - angelious (12/20/2015) [-]
most of the archangels we see in media and hear about in bible were actually part of the lowest level of angels in the hierarchy.

typhon, the greek father of monsters was large enough that his head would scrape the stars themselves when he was standing on earth.

beelzebub is a gigantic fly

and true form of anti christ was something alongside six heads with six mouths or some other...

religion is pretty fucking fun.
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#50 - gabemczombie (12/20/2015) [-]
People underestimate christianity. If we focused more on learning how to kill the malevolent anti-christ known as "Six heads with six mouths or some other...." and worshiping our benevolent abomination angels instead of wanting to opress homosexuals then the world would be a better place.
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#95 - doughnutholer (12/21/2015) [-]
Christians don't want to oppress homosexuals; they don't want to oppress ANYONE. They just don't agree with gay marriage and that's it!

Also angels should not be worshiped; if you knew about Christianity that should be very clear. Only God is to be worshiped. Unlike people angels don't have free will so why worship them?
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#107 - ifailedmyact (12/21/2015) [-]
I can only imagine that this got thumb down because your reply to his comment was serious and his comment was in a joking matter, I suppose. But nonetheless, you're right. My thoughts exactly.
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#143 - gabemczombie (12/21/2015) [-]
You got the joke i was trying to make atleast
#94 - doughnutholer has deleted their comment.
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#51 - angelious (12/20/2015) [-]
christianity is pretty neat once you start going to the actual deeper lore rather than skimming the surface where all the boring stuff is.(bible for the most part i mean...)

also other neat facts to know: the estimated number of angels is around 400 million. and one third of those apparently became demons after the supposed fall of lucifer. and hell has over 666 demon lords who govern over rest of the demons..also i think hell was split into something like 666 parts as well. but its been way too long since i last read on demonology...
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#97 - popeflatus (12/21/2015) [-]
How can you say how many levels Hell has?
User avatar
#136 - angelious (12/21/2015) [-]
it was from some really old book about demonology i read when i was a wee little lad. it went on to explain the hierarchy of each invidual level, their ranks,what they did,how many demons they had under him, their important underlings and so on and so on.
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#137 - popeflatus (12/21/2015) [-]
Different people have made up different descriptions of Hell over time though.
User avatar
#138 - angelious (12/21/2015) [-]
aye but the ones closer to the source material are more canon than the rest.
User avatar
#139 - popeflatus (12/21/2015) [-]
Not if they're not supported by evidence they're not.
User avatar
#140 - angelious (12/21/2015) [-]
what evidence does one speak off then?
User avatar
#141 - popeflatus (12/21/2015) [-]
My point is that there is no evidence that Hell even exists, let alone how many levels it has.
User avatar
#142 - angelious (12/21/2015) [-]
that hardly matters in the discussion.

the same way a fictional universe does not exist but there are writers who write about the said universe, and through their descriptions we may visualize this world that yet again: does not exist.
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#45 - misternobodie (12/20/2015) [-]
Dude, your knowledge matches with your acc name. The world makes sense now, thank you mr angel
User avatar
#46 - angelious (12/20/2015) [-]
all in a days work.
#21 - Realistically? No. It's a bit hard to explain, but Ct…  [+] (2 replies) 12/20/2015 on Cthulhu +4
User avatar
#22 - tenaciouslee (12/20/2015) [-]
But you just explained how that wouldn't work.

If there's only, what is basically an Avatar of Cthulhu that's actually seen, and not it's true form, then there's no way One Punch Man could defeat it.

The only way he could beat it is if punching it's corporeal form were to reveal it's true form, of then which he could punch.
User avatar
#24 - captainfuckitall (12/20/2015) [-]
The 'gimmick' of One Punch Man would maintain that punching it would destroy both.

That Cthulhu you see IS it's true form, but it also exists on a level beyond the physical, in a spiritual plane.
#9 - What is this huge fascination around +Max Tsundere to the poin…  [+] (1 reply) 12/18/2015 on TFW no dragon girl +3
#10 - anon (12/18/2015) [-]
yeah I never understood it either, annoys the fuck outta me.

that and this is literally just an abuse and bullying fetish
#622 - There's a difference between what you believe and what is prov…  [+] (2 replies) 12/17/2015 on killer mike and sanders 0
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#628 - therealtjthemedic (12/17/2015) [-]
I completely understand what you're saying, but the thing is, when a lot of people say they dislike Islam, what they really mean is that they dislike Arabs.
And it's hard to separate hatred for brown people from a very justified idea of trying to stop Islamic extremism.
And while what you're saying is acceptable, banning Muslims from entering the US altogether is not.
User avatar
#631 - captainfuckitall (12/17/2015) [-]
But continuing to let them in will not only increase the risks of more violent conflict, but eventually WILL rocket it into civil war.

People rarely side against their ilk, regardless of ideals or principles, so long as they have something that bonds them, they will stay together.

There IS no easy way to deal with such a problem, and absolutely no fair way to do it. If we should strive for anything, it should be understanding, which cannot happen if one group or another is unwilling.

Give it time.