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#356 - Xedan (05/07/2011) [-]
Xedan has sent you some mail collect. Do you accept the charges?
#357 to #366 - captainfuckitall (05/07/2011) [-]
yes, sir :)
#359 to #367 - Xedan (05/07/2011) [-]
Congratulations on the fabulous level-get! You deserve every thumb! Well, up, that is :P
#360 to #369 - captainfuckitall (05/07/2011) [-]
#365 to #370 - Xedan (05/07/2011) [-]
Dude, who the **** were those retards arguing with you? I saw a bunch of negative thumbs all on one content so I thought I'd check it out, and seriously, wtf? A little girl almost gets raped for dressing like ke$ha and somehow ke$ha isn't responsible at all? And wearing a nazi uniform is illegal? What were those two smoking when they made those comments?
#375 to #375 - captainfuckitall (05/07/2011) [-]
hey, just read all the comments over again and wanted to say thanks again for backing me up. i know you didn't have to, but you still got in there and helped a bro out, so thank you a lot for that :)

your a good friend, man
#367 to #375 - captainfuckitall (05/07/2011) [-]
haha, honestly, no clue dude. thanks for checking it out, though. your an awesome guy :)

in truth, i love conflicts of all kinds. physical, verbal, mental, or spiritual, so i really don't care when i get into fights. i just wish they wouldn't be so butthurt and thumb me down so much :P