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#338 - captainspankmonkey (05/07/2011) [-]
Nice pic bro.
User avatar #341 to #348 - captainfuckitall (05/07/2011) [-]
thanks. it's actually a drawing of H.P.Lovecraft (one of my 3 favorite author's). in the picture, he's sitting in his house, in deep thought while ancient ones (the tentacles. they are also a representation of his imagination) writes down what he's thinking. i thought it was be perfect for me because i'm actually a writer (or an upcoming one) and i get like that a lot when i'm writing :P
User avatar #344 to #351 - captainspankmonkey (05/07/2011) [-]
I wish i had his books but no town has any of his You need to login to view this link actually a fan of Hunter.S.Thompson and H.G.wells and thats awesome to hear about you becoming a writer(my gf is also a writter/horror story writer).
User avatar #346 to #354 - captainfuckitall (05/07/2011) [-]
haha, i'm into Stephen king, and Edgar Allen Poe. (as well as Howard's writings)

and congrats on your girlfriend being a horror writer. i bet she's doing very well :)

and thanks dude. it's more of a hobby, but hopefully i'll get published sometime :P
User avatar #348 to #356 - captainspankmonkey (05/07/2011) [-]
she hasnt putten her stories into books yet but thanks anyways :P
User avatar #350 to #358 - captainfuckitall (05/07/2011) [-]
haha, i'm sure she WILL be :P
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