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#52 - aaronthefknpanda (11/24/2012) [-]
(continuing from KS post)
oooouuuuh is it a good game?
and hold up hold up... KH fan, KS fan and brony?
im sorry but you're my best friend now XD jk but huzzah person i have things in common with :3
and ill post whenever i can, as much as i can, hope thats good enough for you ^^
#60 to #52 - aaronthefknpanda (11/24/2012) [-]
last one for tonight, i really should go to bed, will post more tomorrow or so x3
#59 to #52 - aaronthefknpanda (11/24/2012) [-]
one of my favs x3
#53 to #52 - captainfish (11/24/2012) [-]
XD It's all cool dude. And yeah, it's a REALLY awesome game. No one from KH is in it straight off of the release, but they're definitely gunna put Sora or someone in with DLC.
And you can post whenever you want to. :3 Anything works for me.
#56 to #53 - aaronthefknpanda (11/24/2012) [-]
KH DLC? o: for which of the KH games exactly?
#61 to #56 - captainfish (11/24/2012) [-]
I was talking about Playstation All-Stars. XD Sorry about that not being so clear.
#62 to #61 - aaronthefknpanda (11/25/2012) [-]
oooooooooooooh okay okay haha x3
all good, but yeah that would be pretty cool indeed o:
i wouldnt mind a KH fighting game tbh x3
#63 to #62 - captainfish (11/25/2012) [-]
XD They can't NOT add Sora to a Playstation All-Stars game. They'll probably put him in along with Crash Bandicoot. :3
And yeah, a KH fighting game would be AWESOME.
#54 to #53 - mrfluffnation (11/24/2012) [-]
Don't mean to intrude but I'm very interested in these wallpapers as well. Hanako was my favourite storyline.
#55 to #54 - aaronthefknpanda (11/24/2012) [-]
then welcome brotha, i am here to share with all :D