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    Luigi and Link Luigi and Link
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    Epic Fox Epic Fox
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    MIT degree paying off MIT degree paying off
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#241 - My point was if guns didn't exist, it's just as easy for you t… 06/26/2016 on Sarcasm 0
#115 - If it wasn't guns it would be swords, people kill other people…  [+] (25 new replies) 06/26/2016 on Sarcasm +4
User avatar
#128 - kumimono (06/26/2016) [-]
We should ban people.
User avatar
#122 - galkawhm (06/26/2016) [-]
The main difference between a sword and a gun is about 500 feet.
User avatar
#241 - canadianEH (06/26/2016) [-]
My point was if guns didn't exist, it's just as easy for you to get a gun to defend yourself with as it is for someone to get a gun to kill you with, for what it's worth I'm Canadian and I have a clip fed gun that has enough stopping power to kill an elephant, and it's 100% legal
#218 - geofalke (06/26/2016) [-]
I'm sorry what were you saying?
User avatar
#119 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
i can out-run alot of people with swords. i cant out-run a single bullet.
User avatar
#131 - frenzyhero (06/26/2016) [-]
I'd much rather have blade control than gun control. A sword is inferior to a gun for self-defense, and its sport doesn't allow sharpened blades anyway.

The only problem of course is that any idiot with the internet can learn how to make their own short sword in less than a week, and it's going to be much more consistent, safer, and easier to make than a home-made gun.

Don't get me wrong, I like blades, it's just they're only good for show and sport nowadays, and there's no reason to have a blade that can kill, since a gun does that so much better.
User avatar
#124 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
Can you outrun an arrow?
User avatar
#133 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
no. but there arent bows that shoots a thousand arrows per minute.
User avatar
#134 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
There arent rifles that shoot a thousand rounds per minute either. Well, at least not ones that are legal and able to be owned by anyone but the military.

Come on now, im waiting for you to pick your next straw.
User avatar
#136 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
moron. absolute nitpicking point wasnt the exact number of rounds. the point was it shoots a hell of a lot faster than a bow. if you're going to say some shit about how you like guns then thats fine. but stop acting like a fucking retard comparing a gun to a stick with a piece of string that shoots other sticks.
User avatar
#143 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
But on a serious note, you're the one who started the physical comparison of swords to guns in response to canadianEH 's post. That wasnt the point of his post, and im not sure if you replied because you missed his point, or you were just trying to be a smartass. I'm assuming by your name calling that it's the latter.
User avatar
#138 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
Oh, did i press a few too many buttons? Are you patootie peturbed? Booty bothered? Ass angered?

You do not give bows enough credit. They were ancient contraptions capable of firing repeatedly. It's time we address this problem! #enoughisenough #bowlaws2016 #bowreform2016 #istandwithislamandlgbqt

in case it isnt obvious, im just fucking with you.
User avatar
#142 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
what is very obviouse is that you dont have a legit argument against what im saying. you might think you're making a argument but you're realy not. saying we should ban bows is not a argument against banning guns.

and on a side note. if you put a person inn a crowded area with a gun and a couple of mags. and then you do it again with a bow and a quiver you would see that the kill count would be very different.

also if you ban bows it's pretty easy to make one you're self due to it's simplicity. making a gun while some are more basic than others, are still much more difficult.
User avatar
#145 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
And perhaps the kill count wouldnt be different in your little scenario. Bows are very quiet. Guns are not. So while the bow would take longer to rack up a count, it is possible the bowman could get a decent amount of people before people even noticed, let alone start screaming and running for the door.
User avatar
#150 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
yepp. people would just go on about they're days when people start dropping to the ground with arrows in their heads or bodies.
User avatar
#176 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
Many people in the orlando shooting didnt notice what was going on for the first few minutes.
User avatar
#193 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
yeah. inside a night club. you can do anything under spesific circumstances. also he used guns. are you trying to back my point?
User avatar
#253 - karson (06/27/2016) [-]
To be clear, my point is that if they didnt notice an ar15 being shot indoors, and people being shot up, it isnt unreasonable to assume they wouldnt notice the relatively silent use of a bow hitting people.

obviously guns are more effective in just about any scenario, nobody is arguing with you about that... is that why you are getting so ass angered? my simple point from the very beginning was to agree with the canadianEH 's original comment, if it wasnt guns, it would be something else.
User avatar
#252 - karson (06/27/2016) [-]
Oh, im sorry, didnt know it had to be done in a specific area. Not sure what you're getting at with that one at all.

And nope, i was just really speculating for the sake of speculation. Not even sure how that would further bolster your argument?

Im starting to think your username is accurate. Why so angry? Are you 14? So hostile. Calm down. Hey, you know what you could do to calm yourself down? Let's go shooting! Nothing like dusting some clays with the old assault double-barrel ar15 shotgun, am i right?
User avatar
#144 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
....you realize that was satire right?
User avatar
#147 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
yes i made it very clear that i knew it wasnt seriouse. but you still didnt make any arguement. but i worked with it anyway because there are people that would say the exact thing you did thinking it's an actual arguement. i believe the english speaking call it a "strawman phallacy" but im not propperly aquainted with the term.
User avatar
#177 - karson (06/26/2016) [-]
No, that wasnt using a strawman fallacy. A strawman falllacy is when you say "you support A so you must also support B" and then proceed to attack them as if they supported B. If that makes any sense.
A good example would be attacking someone for being a homophobe because they said they didnt like abortion.

What is your native language?
User avatar
#234 - madb (06/26/2016) [-]
User avatar
#254 - karson (06/27/2016) [-]
I figured english wasnt your first language from your posts.Your english is better than my Norwegian though, i dont know norwegian at all so i cant in hold a few spelling or grammatical mistakes against you i suppose.
User avatar
#255 - karson (06/27/2016) [-]
#95 - Maybe economically, not much is gonna happen really 06/24/2016 on BritBongs Right Now 0
#43 - If that was my kid I'd backhand him, shouldn't talk to a paren… 06/22/2016 on Weeb shows his body pillow... 0
#36 - But still the point remains that there's only glass in the one… 06/22/2016 on shoot 0
#51 - Boy, I bet that makes them really glad we decided to use the m… 05/29/2016 on Indian anon fcks canacuck 0
#184 - That one is annoying as **** actually 05/29/2016 on Press Q to play of the game 0
#107 - You just run for cover whenever you hear a cowboy ramble on ab…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/29/2016 on Press Q to play of the game +12
User avatar
#181 - vanquishah (05/29/2016) [-]
I think he is talking about the flashbang + fan the hammer combo.
User avatar
#184 - canadianEH (05/29/2016) [-]
That one is annoying as fuck actually
#129 - irishjohnny (05/29/2016) [-]
"run for cover whenever you hear a cowboy ramble on about the time of day"
#478 - .... My luck in action right there 05/27/2016 on Hot Girl Roll Scavenger Hunt 0
#472 - **canadianEH used "*roll picture*"** **canadianEH rolled image **  [+] (2 new replies) 05/27/2016 on Hot Girl Roll Scavenger Hunt 0
User avatar
#480 - duskmane (05/27/2016) [-]
does it hurt to know that you probably just got the worst possible roll?
User avatar
#478 - canadianEH (05/27/2016) [-]
.... My luck in action right there

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