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Video games are cool...

  • Views: 33691
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    Uploaded: 05/17/14
    worst shooter in the universe worst shooter in the universe
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    Uploaded: 09/04/13
    Stock coolers Stock coolers
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    Uploaded: 05/16/14
    Being an artist is hard... Being an artist is hard...
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    Uploaded: 01/20/14
    YouTube Audiences YouTube Audiences
  • Views: 3666
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    Uploaded: 01/18/13
    Hipster Frodo Hipster Frodo
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    Uploaded: 10/28/13
    8x MSAA 8x MSAA
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#162 - These comics are genuinely worth reading if only to see just h…  [+] (1 reply) 09/05/2016 on Tumblr shit +1
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#174 - GShock (09/05/2016) [-]
>Clicked the link
>Comic #240
>See the kid on the left's face
>Exactly how I felt about that comic
#67 - Forgive my ignorance but can someone please explain why these …  [+] (9 replies) 08/10/2016 on Islam comp: Ben Garrison... +5
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#130 - jaggsauce (08/11/2016) [-]
so other people won't steal and repost... at least that's what i heard.
#117 - anon (08/10/2016) [-]
He's using something called 'flux', which filters out certain colors to make what you read on the screen a bit easier on the eyes, especially if you're browsing at night. He just never bothers to turn it off when taking screencaps, and by this point it's sort-of become a running gag.
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#92 - huntergriff (08/10/2016) [-]
Piss isn't orange, m8.
User avatar
#113 - weeirdaboo (08/10/2016) [-]
it is not?
i should seek a doctor
#77 - urapooper (08/10/2016) [-]
it was a mistake at first but then he decided to let them stay piss color as a running joke
User avatar
#75 - potatominer (08/10/2016) [-]
Everything he touches turns orange.
You can also get orange juice out of the orange items.
User avatar
#72 - decretguy (08/10/2016) [-]
if i remember correctly, its because these articles that OP finds are OC or these are articles he found himself. So he tints them piss yellow like a watermark.
#69 - thehistorylover (08/10/2016) [-]
**thehistorylover used "*roll picture*"**
**thehistorylover rolled image**I too am confused.
#68 - anon (08/10/2016) [-]
#2 - Amanda from MGS: Peace Walker.  [+] (1 reply) 06/22/2016 on MGS +21
User avatar
#3 - thegreatsun (06/22/2016) [-]
thank you.
#20 - I regularly get accused of being a hacker just because I'm max…  [+] (12 replies) 01/06/2015 on Hail to the King +78
#211 - GeneralLeeInsane (01/07/2015) [-]
MFW I get kicked from DW lobbies as level 70 when my buddy and I can 2 man OK pros as under level 20s.
Git gud
#114 - arkanios (01/06/2015) [-]
I get accused of hacking because new players never seen a Fugitive with max dodge and crits to wreck Bulldozers in a few seconds, and they don't understand that armor isn't that great in Payday 2 and will accuse people of either being stupid or a hacker when they wear anything less than a Flak jacket.
#151 - xxhadesflamesxx (01/06/2015) [-]
that feel when obliterating a dozer with akimbos

I love dodge builds
#96 - jordanish (01/06/2015) [-]
I smell heists
#214 - theevilfusion (01/07/2015) [-]
#56 - adhdtookmyaccount (01/06/2015) [-]
I got accused of being a hacker because of inspire aced
User avatar
#25 - badgoodass (01/06/2015) [-]
Just a question, is it worth gettin Payday 2 without all DLCs? I got almot max level in Payday 1 but it seems like Payday 2 was made just to fish for money
User avatar
#98 - ragingdouchbag (01/06/2015) [-]
also realistically speaking, no you do not need any dlc. you can join dlc heists and using guns only comes up if you fail at heists. There are a FEW that require guns, but overall you can get through with the base guns just fine.
User avatar
#94 - ragingdouchbag (01/06/2015) [-]
clover and the mod courier
#50 - anon (01/06/2015) [-]
-The only DLC that you really need is gage mod courier, it let's you mod a weapon that seems mediocre at first into the statistically best gun in the game and you'll eventually have more compensators, lasers and sights than there are guns.
-Then there is gage weapon pack 1 which gives you grenades that can be lifesavers.
-Both weapon pack 2 (that contains LMGS) and sniper pack can be substituted by historical that has MG42 and moist nugget.
-And the shotgun pack gives access to frag rounds that are terrific at stunning dozers and shields so your mates can kill them to death.
- And any DLC heists can be played without owning the DLC but if you want to host it it's gonna cost.
-And clover character pack gives a bad gun, a perk deck focused on stealth and let's you play as clover.
-And that sums up the DLCs of Payday 2 And And And And And
User avatar
#152 - xxhadesflamesxx (01/06/2015) [-]
eh I liked the queens wrath
still doesn't match akimbos though
User avatar
#49 - ryphez (01/06/2015) [-]
Only one dlc is really mandatory which is the gage mod courier pack. You can just join other dlc heists, but cannot host them (obviously). I still had over 10 hours ingame before buying any dlc, other then mod courier pack.

Also the damn sales man. 1,50 euro for each dlc except the newests.
#257 - Can the characters in Counter Strike drown?  [+] (1 reply) 06/05/2014 on smartass 0
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#330 - pentol (06/05/2014) [-]
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