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    ya dun goofed ya dun goofed
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    You're grounded You're grounded
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    Uploaded: 04/19/16

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#120 - Picture 09/20/2016 on Admin revealed +1
#11 - You had one job 09/20/2016 on clickbait +17
#18 - The guy's haircut ruins this video for me  [+] (1 reply) 07/23/2016 on Never gets old -2
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#19 - satakas (07/23/2016) [-]
why are you watching guys hairdos, man? or you're not a man?
#45 - As much you can disagree with BLM, anecdotal evidence is worth…  [+] (3 replies) 07/22/2016 on Man holds Thief at gunpoint +1
#54 - justtocomment (07/22/2016) [-]
I'm glad someone else said it...
When I was a kid, my dad held a man at gunpoint for trying to break into our house. When the police arrived, they immediately pointed their guns at my dad and started screaming at him to drop the weapon and get on the ground.
The fact that cops showed up and said "good job!" doesn't prove that cops can't be irrational. It doesn't prove that terrible things aren't being done by cops. It only proves that THESE cops are great at their fucking jobs. (And seriously, these cops are fucking great).
A boy got shot in a park for having a fake gun - others have been shot in stores for playing around with toy guns... Shit like that happens, and it needs to be addressed.
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#60 - soshibe (07/22/2016) [-]
that's literally anecdotal evidence bud
#61 - justtocomment (07/22/2016) [-]
That's literally my point, bud.
#16 - Fun fact: in italian another word for shark is "dogfish"  [+] (5 replies) 07/16/2016 on doggo at the beach +5
#54 - anon (07/16/2016) [-]
Other fun fact, sea dog is what they used to call sharks in the 1700-1800's.

Every time you see/hear people call sailors or pirates sea dogs is because it was a term used to inspire confidence. The equivalent of calling your men a bunch of badasses....or assholes if you used it on the enemy.
#27 - pyjamadog (07/16/2016) [-]
What is this creature called in Italy
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#63 - bullbrigade (07/17/2016) [-]
Weirdly enough, it's called catdog
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#19 - metaridleyx (07/16/2016) [-]
Well there is a type of shark called the dogfish...
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#38 - lordgrungington (07/16/2016) [-]
you are indeed correct and in fact there are a whole group of sharks known as dogfish.

there is also a shark called the lesser-spotted dogfish, which is not part of this group and is ironically a "cat shark"