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latest user's comments

#27 - You can take back the stolen goods or replace them. But you ca…  [+] (12 replies) 09/22/2016 on burgled kids genitals +20
User avatar
#51 - infinitereaper (09/22/2016) [-]
IMO there's a pretty significant difference between someone possessing CP (but never goes after any kids) and someone who actually made the CP, also, why is it always coaches? Studies seem to indicate that the less porn a pedo has access too the more likely they are to commit an offense, and not the other way around. So I think it's more of a gray issue. I think some countries do it where possession is not a crime but producing it is, or something like that.
#86 - steavo (09/22/2016) [-]
whoevee is possesing the cp is enabling the true predator to keep doing what they are doing. they're both equally as scummy, but one just keeps his hands clean (relatively). it's like the leader of a street gang. he doesnt do the dirty work, but he backs up all of the people doing the dirty work for him. just because you shut your eyes and ears doesnt mean you arent helping out.
User avatar
#93 - infinitereaper (09/22/2016) [-]
I don't think that's the same really. I just think it's better to have harmless pedos with CP then sexually frustrated pedos without CP no longer as harmless. Since society doesn't allow pedos to get any sort of help that's prolly the best option imo. It's not even about right and wrong it's just harm reduction at this point.
User avatar
#90 - spyderslicer (09/22/2016) [-]
Wouldn't 'enabling it' only really count if you were paying for? Like if you torrent a Justin Bieber album are you somehow enabling him to make more albums? Not saying you should ever be downloading CP but I wouldn't say torrenting it is enabling it in the same way that paying cash to some piece of human garbage would be.
User avatar
#30 - WutsAtroll (09/22/2016) [-]
it's fair enough if you think child predators are worse since they probably are, but there's also every reason to think burglars are scum as well
User avatar
#39 - onlyanonymous (09/22/2016) [-]
some people steal to feed their family, im not saying this is most theives but some that steal for others to survive, nobody watches child porn so that their family can survive
User avatar
#42 - WutsAtroll (09/22/2016) [-]
you can invent any reason you want to make a crime not seem bad. He just stole to feed his family. He just viewed child porn because that's the way his brain works and even though he hates himself he can't help it. Plus he'd never actually hurt a child himself. You can do this with any crime, but the fact is that they're all detriments to society and all criminals are scum. Someone breaking into your house can destroy your peace of mind. Maybe they even stole priceless jewelry your deceased mother gave to your wife. Maybe your daughter can't sleep because she's worried he'll come back. There's no reason to give thieves the benefit of the doubt, they really do hurt people
User avatar
#47 - onlyanonymous (09/22/2016) [-]
sure, but i wouldnt consider them scum
assholes yes
criminals most definateltly
but they have redeeming qualities because this isnt the first time something like this has happened

sure theives suck, even when trying to (reason to make it seem not as bad) but they are no where near the levgel of scum that is someon who watches child porn
User avatar
#41 - Proximity (09/22/2016) [-]
There are people paid to watch child porn to investigate for any evidence that may pinpoint where it was taken and how to locate the people involved

So you would be supporting your family that way
User avatar
#44 - onlyanonymous (09/22/2016) [-]
you are being paid to be a detective not watch child porn,
User avatar
#46 - Proximity (09/22/2016) [-]
Ehh but watching child porn is a pretty big part of the job, people tasked with that very specific thing in the FBI
But I concede, your point is valid.
#166 - anon (09/25/2016) [-]
semantics, faggot
#325 - I don't like anime. I just hate cunts like you that have to be…  [+] (2 replies) 09/21/2016 on not porn -1
#334 - bloggershe (09/22/2016) [-]
And so instead of actually ignoring, you post a comment ""look at me i dont like this opinion, you should all care".
User avatar
#338 - brokenhalf (09/22/2016) [-]
More like im calling out an asshole when i see one.
#378 - **brokenhalf used "*roll picture*"** **brokenhalf rolled image **  [+] (1 reply) 09/21/2016 on roll and thumb fast to help... 0
User avatar
#379 - brokenhalf (09/21/2016) [-]
**brokenhalf used "*roll 1, 00-99*"**
**brokenhalf rolls 11** Ch-check em??
#147 - And so instead of actually blocking it, you post a comment abo…  [+] (4 replies) 09/21/2016 on not porn +1
#155 - bloggershe (09/21/2016) [-]
attention, just the right thing you weeaboo faggots need but wont get from a real human being.
keep jacking off to drawings, buddy.
User avatar
#325 - brokenhalf (09/21/2016) [-]
I don't like anime. I just hate cunts like you that have to be like "look at me i dont like this, you should all care"
#334 - bloggershe (09/22/2016) [-]
And so instead of actually ignoring, you post a comment ""look at me i dont like this opinion, you should all care".
User avatar
#338 - brokenhalf (09/22/2016) [-]
More like im calling out an asshole when i see one.
#55 - Neither were you  [+] (1 reply) 09/21/2016 on Gangster as Fuck +6
User avatar
#80 - davidavidson (09/21/2016) [-]
coming from the sparkling kidneys, that's compliment.

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