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hey... sup... you come here often?

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#5 - thats awesome 09/01/2015 on Dark Souls Map in Paint +2
#157 - Picture 08/13/2015 on Absolutely Disgusting 0
#1 - Picture 08/10/2015 on You cringe you lose 0
#17 - <-- source 08/04/2015 on Wild African Babies eat pig... +1
#13 - gj, now you have a really useful app  [+] (1 new reply) 08/02/2015 on Terraria 0
#14 - lmrml (08/02/2015) [-]
Thank you m'sir
#4 - Picture  [+] (12 new replies) 08/02/2015 on Terraria +1
#5 - lmrml (08/02/2015) [-]
that took a bit longer than it should've
#15 - thisisnotaname (08/02/2015) [-]
But are you THIS autistic
#16 - lmrml (08/02/2015) [-]
No, but I am depressed and angry at various races
User avatar #17 - thisisnotaname (08/02/2015) [-]
Ah I have under 500 hours in Dota 2 at the moment but I'm working at it,
And.. seriously, fuck russians who go on english speaking EU servers and feed on purpose it is the worst thing
#18 - lmrml (08/02/2015) [-]
For me US West Servers I have to deal with literally every type of fucking scum. Peruvians, Russians, Asians which aren't that bad but can be nightmarish-ly good WHEN THEY'RE ON THE OTHER FUCKING TEAM . You fucking name it...
User avatar #19 - thisisnotaname (08/02/2015) [-]
See, I'm sure there must be some kind of law about this shit. If a foreigner is on your team, they're GONNA be the bad kind. If they're on the OTHER team, they're either nightmarishly good or toxic as fuck and still decent
#20 - lmrml (08/02/2015) [-]
For me it's one of 3-4 things.
If it's a russian and they're on my team they'll either be good and just be silent all game, toxic and play shit all game, or just be a nice person sometimes even speak english which is a godsend

On the other team and they go void it's either one of two things, You win, or you get raped all game Those two things are always bound to happen no matter what
User avatar #21 - thisisnotaname (08/02/2015) [-]
Thing is, I mainly play supports, and I can keep people alive even if they're kinda bad (or learning, as I have done with friends,) but if they won't go into teamfights and participate in an easy gank or anything and just get 5 man ganked there's basically nothing I can do. I mean wards are useless if you don't pay attention to them, the pings I give to show someone's coming, the message of who is going and where and to get back/be ready for that, etc. And I always get the people who don't listen to anything you say then complain that yeah you warded,was hyper vigilant and denied BUT YOU DIDN'T BUY THIS OTHER THING OR DO THIS OTHER THING and I end up wanting to quit but just playing halfheartedly until the match ends, and holy fuck is that depressing.
User avatar #13 - brawlman (08/02/2015) [-]
gj, now you have a really useful app
#14 - lmrml (08/02/2015) [-]
Thank you m'sir
User avatar #7 - alucaard (08/02/2015) [-]
#9 - lmrml (08/02/2015) [-]
#33 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 07/31/2015 on Weed Jokes +22
#38 - anon (07/31/2015) [-]
This is great.
#341 - **brawlman used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **brawlman rolls 29** 07/30/2015 on Which meme are you? 0
#38 - Picture 07/30/2015 on DANCE PARTY +1
#110 - holy **** i didnt expect this XDD these comments are great 07/29/2015 on A few Lol Comics 0

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I drew her naked
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lol thanks :3
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