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Who the fuck writes in these things?

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#75 - Query: Did they stab you because they were black, or did they …  [+] (1 new reply) 08/23/2015 on I don't know what to do. 0
User avatar #82 - youngneil (08/23/2015) [-]
But blacks ARE the scum of humanity.
#65 - Comment deleted  [+] (4 new replies) 08/21/2015 on (untitled) +9
#73 - malific Comment deleted by bokkos
#130 - malific Comment deleted by bokkos
#77 - micekill Comment deleted by bokkos
#70 - scrappaboi Comment deleted by bokkos
#63 - Because the internet has reduced us to savages! …  [+] (1 new reply) 08/21/2015 on TIL Clayton Kershaw has... 0
#64 - micekill (08/21/2015) [-]
i know man, im like that when i wake up, if im forced to talk to someone i will get mad
#34 - You're one of those "Rape and Incest Babies should be car…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/21/2015 on He loves tumblr users :P :X ;) +1
User avatar #38 - halfblindguy (08/21/2015) [-]
#61 - With 1 second of information, would you know exactly where the…  [+] (4 new replies) 08/21/2015 on TIL Clayton Kershaw has... -1
#65 - anon (08/21/2015) [-]
you've obviously never played baseball land whale.
#62 - micekill (08/21/2015) [-]
dude, you are both praising the clayton, why do you have to fight?
User avatar #63 - bokkos (08/21/2015) [-]
Because the internet has reduced us to savages!

I just woke up, kind of the worst part of the day.
#64 - micekill (08/21/2015) [-]
i know man, im like that when i wake up, if im forced to talk to someone i will get mad
#153 - The vast majority of terrorist acts committed on American Soil… 08/20/2015 on religion of... +3
#193 - Shhh anon, there's a good reason you're not in charge.  [+] (2 new replies) 08/11/2015 on SJW's get sent to Cambodia... +1
#195 - anon (08/11/2015) [-]
Because I use logic?
#244 - anon (08/11/2015) [-]
Because you think that money grows on trees.
#35 - How about we all just agree slavery is bad, everyone who ever … 08/10/2015 on Thomas Sowell 0
#66 - On tonight's episode of "Paranoid Gunwank Conspiracy".  [+] (2 new replies) 08/10/2015 on Cecil the Lion +1
#77 - zeroqp (08/10/2015) [-]
American gun owners are 'paranoid gunwankers'?

1938, National Firearms Act
1968, The Gun Control Act
And of course, the ever controversial Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986
Doesn't stop there though:
1993, The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
1994, The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act

And on top of those, you've had GUNS (not shooters!) blamed for so many shootings and smaller instances of (crminal) gun use. Politicians and citizen gun grabbers alike pull no punches to convince their people of how 'evil' guns are. They'll spread lies and misinformation, as well as trying to spook people into being afraid of guns for no good reason.

In the last few decades, several high-seated politicians, including presidents, tried hard to severely limit the ability of gun owners to exercise their constitutional right to own and use firearms. If you don't believe they'll do anything in their power to limit the ability of legal and responsible gun owners to use their firearms properly, you need to do a reality check.

The last big case was when Obama and the ATF tried to have a certain type of rifle ammunition, M855, banned for being "cop killers", "armor piercing", and so on. Again, when they can't ban guns indirectly, they'll go for your ammo so you can't shoot your guns. And you might think that's just one type of ammo, and you can always move on to another type, but that's not the case. Even if it were, that would give them the green light to start banning and limiting more and more things, until you're left with no option but to give up owning firearms.
User avatar #90 - derpthefifth (08/10/2015) [-]
I see what you're saying.
Honestly i feel as though regulation shouldn't be based on the fire arms themselves but on the people owning them, and the higher grade of weapon you want to buy the more extensive of a psych evaluation and weapons training you should have to go through.

In addition, "The people" isn't just you and your friends who i'm sure would only ever use an assault rifle for self defense, target practice, or hunting. "The people" also includes criminals and unstable people who go shoot up movie theaters, although i'm not going to tell you they're the majority like a lot of liberal media seems to wan you to think, they are out there and they are dangerous and if we give guns to everybody we're arming those people too.
#86 - "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came … 08/10/2015 on "GOP Teens" +2


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#12 - anon (05/30/2013) [-]
suck dick. you are an uncreative piece of **** .
#10 - anon (05/24/2013) [-]
Why isn't your name white? A lot of your comments suggest that this should be so...
#11 to #10 - bokkos ONLINE (05/24/2013) [-]
I didn't get a comment in the top 150 or anything in the last two days.
User avatar #8 - tredbear (04/06/2013) [-]
why is your name blur instead of light blue?
User avatar #9 to #8 - bokkos ONLINE (04/06/2013) [-]
I guess its for for people here over 2 years
#6 - anon (03/05/2013) [-]
sup fag
#4 - anon (03/04/2013) [-]
#5 to #4 - bokkos ONLINE (03/04/2013) [-]
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User avatar #2 - someponynew (12/13/2012) [-]
Yahtzee is amazing.
User avatar #3 to #2 - bokkos ONLINE (12/13/2012) [-]
Yes he is! By far one of the best shows on the internet I think.
User avatar #1 - rustyshakleford (04/14/2012) [-]
Hello There
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