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#31 - Here in phoenix it hit 115 here and stays around 110. We are e…  [+] (34 new replies) 07/02/2015 on Summer in Britain +12
User avatar #95 - Dakafal (07/02/2015) [-]
Breh I feel you. I got off work after midnight and it was still 100 outside.
User avatar #67 - iom (07/02/2015) [-]
i would love that nice dry hot heat instead of south mississppi's humid 100+ days i walk outside and damn near drowned from on the humidity
User avatar #46 - irishalbino (07/02/2015) [-]
But that's pretty normal for us.
User avatar #37 - vaporwing (07/02/2015) [-]
108 here in god awful Florida plus 100% humidity. Real feel? 123. And this is the weather where you take a shower and you don't dry off for 45 minutes. Arizona dry heat is fine as long as you stay hydrated. Florida humid heat fucking roasts you all day long. And everyday in the summer we get about 15 to 30 minutes a rain. You may think that would make shit cooler, fuck that shit. The steam from the roads just makes it even more shitty. I Have family in Phoenix and and Flagstaff and visit pretty often, otherwise I wouldn't have said anything
User avatar #209 - dagreatmax (07/03/2015) [-]
Damn I read all these numbers and I'm like I can't complain, it's been like 25 celcius here and I sweat after like 5 minutes of being outside, we also have a nice breeze.
#185 - vaporwing has deleted their comment.
User avatar #181 - gtk (07/03/2015) [-]
Florida scared the shit out of me. I was visiting my dad in Naples and it hit 115 during the day, then a thunderstorm rolled in. While still 100+ lightning struck about 30 feet in front of us at a restaurant. It was the loudest thing that I have ever heard.
User avatar #186 - vaporwing (07/03/2015) [-]
Basically the Australia of the USA too. We have bears, mountain lions, crocs and alligators.
#198 - anon (07/03/2015) [-]
straya doesn't have bears though
User avatar #187 - gtk (07/03/2015) [-]
and Mangrove crabs that look like giant fucking spiders. My Pops and I were kayaking and he told me it was fine to just push off of the mangroves if the tide pushed me toward them. He failed to mention the softball sized crabs that look A LOT like spiders.
User avatar #188 - vaporwing (07/03/2015) [-]
Holy shit lol, I haven't had to deal with those yet. I knew they were big, just not THAT big
User avatar #189 - gtk (07/03/2015) [-]
Once I knew what they were I was fine, they're just creepy looking. The giant carnivores snails however I was less fine with.
User avatar #123 - seancwatts (07/03/2015) [-]
Yea, my father visited from Florida awhile back and left around August because he said it was starting to get too cold for him. I was like wtf? Then i visited him in July and realized why he was complaining, its like living in fucking hell itself there in July. Ill stay in NY or a more nothern state if i move thank you.
User avatar #96 - Dakafal (07/02/2015) [-]
I have the opposite situation as you and I refuse to visit my family in Florida during the summer. I don't know how you guys deal with that shit. Granted, I doubt you have to deal with the temperature literally never going below 90, except in the wee hours just before the sun comes up when it's 80
User avatar #115 - vaporwing (07/02/2015) [-]
This is true. Being in Northern Florida, we go from 115 one day too 7 a few weeks later. Seriously. No joke.
#66 - flreblue (07/02/2015) [-]
Here in central Florida, I feel you man I walk outside and it feels like a damp oven. And then when it's pouring rain and I'm still in direct sunlight.
User avatar #61 - soldieroffortunemp (07/02/2015) [-]
I'm with you bud, I live in Virginia. We had a 95 day with 90% humidity, I learned to drink the air and that it really felt like 115.
User avatar #72 - lilRican (07/02/2015) [-]
and then you forget to park your car in the shade and and its 15 degrees hotter?

i know the pain, i hate virginia summer
User avatar #89 - zombifier (07/02/2015) [-]
shit, i work outside on a rifle range, would much rather deal with the summers here than the winters, that shit is cold as fuck
User avatar #91 - lilRican (07/02/2015) [-]
Fall is the only good season for me
User avatar #92 - zombifier (07/02/2015) [-]
this year skipped right over spring, went from 5 degrees to 102 in the same damn week
User avatar #54 - penguinstampede (07/02/2015) [-]
lord have mercy on your souls. in cali we just had a week of mild to moderate humidity and im fuckin dying when im not in airconditioning.
User avatar #53 - daragon (07/02/2015) [-]
I actually would not mind that, the rain & humidity would probably help the Grass pollen allergy that's been kicking my teeth in every time I open a window/go outside. The heat sound fucking intense tho
User avatar #42 - zerpderp (07/02/2015) [-]
Texas fag the it's normal hot and humid here but now that we have all of california's water it's like fucking walking through boiling hot steam every fucking day and there's fucking skeeters everywhere and they're the big bastards not the itty bitty ones either
User avatar #58 - rattybastard (07/02/2015) [-]
Dude, this is a cool year; how many 100 degree days have we actually had this year? Maybe two? All this rain is making it a nice year. Well, nice for Texas.
User avatar #161 - zerpderp (07/03/2015) [-]
i live right on the coast we've had 98 degree weather bumped up to 115 its not cool for us
User avatar #162 - rattybastard (07/03/2015) [-]
Yeah, but you have the beach; you get no sympathy from me.
User avatar #166 - zerpderp (07/03/2015) [-]
i wish i lived on the beach I live like 30 minutes away
#114 - anon (07/02/2015) [-]
Just wait until August. That's when it'll crank up to 11.
User avatar #118 - rattybastard (07/03/2015) [-]
11 still isn't bad; I have been through much worse summers.
User avatar #34 - heyfuckyoudipshit (07/02/2015) [-]
Look at these 102 plebs im from glendale and we hit 117 some time last week
User avatar #47 - irishalbino (07/02/2015) [-]
Lots of Arizonans. I'm surprised.
User avatar #36 - rhiaanor (07/02/2015) [-]
Can confirm, 102 is chilly for Arizona
#33 - daragon (07/02/2015) [-]
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