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User avatar #12 - imouto (03/05/2012) [-]
This may seem out of the blue... but do you like Dead Space?
Or have you played Dead Space?
#14 to #29 - bluelightbebop (03/05/2012) [-]
I have them Stashed out there.
Since my Xbox thought it would be nice to die on me.

I played both demos... And i also loved the Animated thingie that came out.

I thumb up that soon to be trilogy.
#15 to #31 - imouto (03/05/2012) [-]
Well I saw you were a Daft Punk fan.... and since I guess you like Dead Space...
I thought you could have this... sorry if you have this image already, I just thought you'd maybe like it.
#16 to #32 - bluelightbebop (03/05/2012) [-]
Kind of you..


Kind of you..
#17 to #33 - imouto (03/05/2012) [-]
Us Daft Punk fans gotta stick together.
And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
#18 to #34 - bluelightbebop (03/05/2012) [-]
I.. Actually did...

Thank you.

Have you ever watched Pet Shop Horrors?

It's a small Series... A very old Anime.
User avatar #19 to #35 - imouto (03/05/2012) [-]
No, I don't believe I've seen it.
#20 to #36 - bluelightbebop (03/05/2012) [-]
Sorry i took about an hour... I had to take a shower and wash my teeth.

Anyway, it's a nice Anime, very, very Old.. It only has 4 episodes.
Lots of Fandom around it.

Also, have you got your hands on the Gravitation Mangas?
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