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    Uploaded: 03/30/11
    Wheeeeeee! Wheeeeeee!
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    Uploaded: 07/09/11
    The Future Bitches! The Future Bitches!
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    Uploaded: 07/01/11
    Check desc. Check desc.
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    Uploaded: 11/01/10
    Halloween Costume! Halloween Costume!

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#141 - Witcher 3 and Destiny? If it had the best of both games it wou… 08/18/2016 on Best Game? 0
#10 - Can we add All might to the top crew?  [+] (1 new reply) 08/18/2016 on Heroes 0
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#51 - weinerdick (08/19/2016) [-]
I think All Might looks cooler in his shrunken form
#39 - What if we somehow reactivated Mars core? Explosion of some so…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/18/2016 on science +1
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#40 - soyfriedbryce (08/18/2016) [-]
I'm no expert by any means, but I think that any kind of explosion or effect big enough to reactivate a core, would probably just shatter the crust as well. Maybe melting it is possible, but I don't think we actually have the technology to go and do that yet. I'd say artificially rotating it is probably the course of action we'd take at some point in the future.
#28 - Can we please just eliminate the Soros, Koch, and Rothschild f…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/18/2016 on George Soros +9
#32 - djoka (08/18/2016) [-]
"As assassin, we chose Mongoose, experienced member of special forces. he perfectly knew language and culture of country where Soros was to spend his holydays... He rented a flat with a perfect view of a place where Soros was supposed to stay...Nevertheless, despite careful planing, Soros postponed his vacation first for one month, and then for two months. In the meantime, bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces ended, so Rade Markovic, who was chief of State Security agency at that time put a stop to all actions that were considered counterproductive at that political situation. Mongoose insisted to finish the action...he said he will finance this action and that he is willing to stay and finish the job...Markovic replied Agency canot fund "private war with US".

Loose translation of memoirs written by a guy who led foreign inteligence unit of Yugoslavia in the 90s. Sorry for spelling and grammar errors.
#30 - midrak (08/18/2016) [-]
And the Jews, and the Mexican, and the Poor, and the Muslim , and the Normal.

You see my point? In the end only rich people eats himself. So kill him first and you dont need to eliminate the another anymore.
#11 - Some of this **** is the most faux masculine stuff... Haha hir… 08/17/2016 on Curl up with a good Beard +1
#14 - What if this was a wish with a twist where his dick didn't get… 08/11/2016 on (1) 0
#112 - Money-Because for better or worse the world runs on it Wis… 08/11/2016 on Drug cyoa 0
#817 - **blergle used "*roll 1, 1-8*"** **blergle rolls 8** 1=Red…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/09/2016 on Yes or No ! 0
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#818 - divinexve (08/09/2016) [-]
**divinexve used "*roll 1, 1-8*"**
**divinexve rolls 8** I hope I die
#29 - I would love to see a game similar to the witcher series but w… 08/08/2016 on Native American folklore comp +7
#15 - 5 sets of 10 is not going to get you results at all.. Would be… 08/03/2016 on Me 0

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