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#87 - SeekerofP
(12/02/2011) [-]

I was too busy improving my drawing skills.

Though, this still doesn't compare to what I've been drawing somewhat recently.
#88 to #147 - blazenmanx
(12/02/2011) [-]
Thats good but i was expecting something a little different. XD ill see if i can scan 'protector'
#89 to #148 - SeekerofP
(12/02/2011) [-]
meh, i remember the original pose (like a year ago) then i recalled having to draw a zelda picture, and the fact that it was generally had instruments... so i made this!
#90 to #149 - blazenmanx
(12/02/2011) [-]
Ah i see you just forgot about this, untill now.
#91 to #150 - SeekerofP
(12/02/2011) [-]
not really, i was forgetting to upload it though.