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    Spin the bottle Spin the bottle
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    Islam Islam
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    Giggity Giggity
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    Thor Thor
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    Make a wish Make a wish
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    (untitled) (untitled)
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    Putin approves Putin approves
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    Support the cause Support the cause

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#14 - There is no form of essen that has anything to do with anythin… 4 hours ago on Titans be afraid 0
#13 - Comment deleted 4 hours ago on Titans be afraid 0
#26 - That guy is a retard, datura and salvia are completely differe…  [+] (1 new reply) 5 hours ago on Which Are You +1
User avatar #37 - chuca (1 hour ago) [-]
I'm pretty sure they have or are planning on making it illegal. At least last i heard anything about it.
#6 - I thoughy it was JATO and JAL, never heard of a land off before. 8 hours ago on thrust plains +2
#11 - They never said their drinking habits, they probably wern't si… 8 hours ago on Mathed +1
#15 - As a survival enthusiast, I have the personal experience to sa…  [+] (2 new replies) 8 hours ago on making fire from ice +9
User avatar #26 - gameshredder (3 hours ago) [-]
Can I make fire with my mind?
User avatar #27 - cptmongtard (3 hours ago) [-]
If you try hard enough
#5 - Its actually chlorofluorocarbons that are in refrigerators, a… 8 hours ago on Greenzo +14
#39 - I had to think about that for a second... Im gonna find some w… 8 hours ago on The D 0
#37 - Oooooohhhh you thought i ment that the room stays still on mag… 10 hours ago on The future is now -3
#36 - OH, lets also make our car ties out of wood with steel bands a…  [+] (1 new reply) 10 hours ago on The future is now -4
#38 - skeletorexplains (10 hours ago) [-]
Were you dropped on your head? Goddamn you're 120% mad. Suspension in a car doesn't REMOVE gravity or Weight dude, it LESSENS its impact. because it's a fucking spring. (It seems i honestly do need to explain how scales work with you.) When you have a car Hitting the ground, The suspensions job isn't to just go "oh you got me problem gone o3o" its why suspension can fucking BREAK if it has takes too much of an impact, Its job is to ABSORB the brunt of it, That's why when you go over bumps in a shitty car YOU CAN FEEL THEM. More than likely because the suspension is shitty. (I'm not even a car fanatic and i fucking know this elementary shit.)

Now back to the item up above, The item put under all of the objects is called "A MAGNETIC LEVITRON" (See image) It is a MAGNET. With a smaller MAGNET on top. How much is this "Ground breaking" technology you ask? 50$ on Ebay. Go buy it and educate yourself.

There are no "Gyroscopes" in the Magnetic Levitron (I don't see any goddamn balls on this mother fucker, do you?)

Is it Cool? Yeah it's kinda cool if you wanna give the illusion something is hovering. Is it "Ground breaking" etc etc, No. I think this has existed for..is it 20 years? Don't quote me on that.

So again, I would not trust -MY LIFE- or -MY FUCKING HOUSE- To a goddamn magnetic dude, And you're a goddamn retard if you think it's accident-free just because they add something to the design.

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