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#65 - Any specific diet or routine you had to go through? I need a c…  [+] (2 replies) 01/03/2014 on 2013 New Years Resolution... 0
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#101 - sanguinesolitude (01/03/2014) [-]
no diet really. eating clean cardio and some lifting. I use the app myfitnesspal to kind of keep an eye on what I am eating, but i dont have any crazy diet I am following.
#72 - sloot (01/03/2014) [-]
eat clean, and lift weights. Cardio is pointless (from a weightloss perspective) if you aren't eating properly. The best advice anyone ever gave me is this... you are going to hate your life and feel like shit every day for 2 weeks. After you get through 2 weeks you are going to feel better than when you started and fitness becomes an addiction.

you can google "eating clean", but it basically means you can eat a lot of food as long as it isn't processed or fatty foods. Typically you wan't to limit your carbs as well (i eat mine after lifting to help the muscles in their repairing stages).

Do not follow a diet... they almost always fail. You have to retrain your body to crave what it needs and to eat foods that speed up your metabolism.

Lastly sugar is your enemy. If you eat a lot of sugar now, simly cutting sugar will give your results. Refined sugars slow down your metabolism emensly and are empty calories.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
#5 - Thanks :3 09/01/2013 on This guy. +3
#2 - May someone tell me the anime, please?  [+] (3 replies) 09/01/2013 on This guy. 0
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#6 - joemoearigato (09/01/2013) [-]
No problem bb, I'll always be here 4 u.
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#4 - joemoearigato (09/01/2013) [-]
#5 - blahmonster (09/01/2013) [-]
Thanks :3
#149 - Say wuuut 08/09/2013 on I love you 0
#23 - In Bulgaria we don't say " I love you" we say: …  [+] (3 replies) 08/08/2013 on I love you +4
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#63 - werfgh (08/08/2013) [-]
Shut the fuck up. I will find you and I will kill you, Mr. Dimitrov.. aka Abobo
#149 - blahmonster (08/09/2013) [-]
Say wuuut
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#45 - heartlessrobot (08/08/2013) [-]
"I'll put him in the ass kovro"