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#22 - how are you supposed to work them though? Is it a mini jackham…  [+] (1 reply) 04/26/2016 on Laksi Vorly Xeag Ranguilfu 0
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#23 - warioteam (04/26/2016) [-]
i think thats the idea, yeah
#12 - good 01/16/2016 on Decapitation +21
#61 - yes but: I need source  [+] (1 reply) 01/07/2016 on linux 0
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#90 - cactaur (01/07/2016) [-]

It's a portfolio piece with variations. Price tag is $9 to see it all. I might post some of them when I get back from work but I kinda want to support the artist.
#53 - bernie has approximately 5% of winning, his entire following i…  [+] (12 replies) 01/07/2016 on Anon works with black people -7
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#73 - gigaidan (01/07/2016) [-]
Check Trump's personal history. He has filled for bankruptcy several times, he has ruined several companies, in several occasions the clients refused to buy unless Trump stopped being the CEO. He has defaulted millions of dollars in loans from several banks. He has entered several business using his name alone as insurance, and then left, leaving projects and investors almost ruined, but every time they tried to get something back, Trump threatened with suing them. They backed away because it was cheaper to take the losses than getting involved in all that shit.
Trump vs Deutsche Bank
Trumps Taj Mahaj Casino (Bankrupt)
Trump's Plaza Hotel (Bankrupt)
Trump Entertainment Resorts (filled Ch. 11)
Trump International Tower (defaulted 40 million loan)
Trump Eastern Air Lines (defaulted 380 million loan)
Trump Ocean Resort Baja (stole 32 million from investors)
etc etc etc....

Trump is nothing but a toupee with a big mouth, a bully, and a liar. Maybe he can weasel his way in the money World, but so does a con artist, and none of them should get to the presidential chair. Just listen to his "plans" for fucks sake. "He says what it needs to be said" So?, I'm only 27 years old, but I understand that there is a HUGE difference between SAYING what must be said, and DOING what must be done. Political sensitivity aside, does it sound like he really has a plan to "make America great again"? really? filter the insults, the offenses, and all the white noise. What is left?

Oh, and if he is planning to run USA economy as he runs his... "business" *snort*, then I hope you have some savings under your bed.
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#262 - frozo (01/11/2016) [-]
Filing for bankruptcy was the right decision to do, and he manipulated and played the system like any smart business owner would do. Because he did it, he can see the flaws in our economy.

Trump may be a bully, but he understands the threat of illegal immigration. I myself am an immigrant, but I didn't hop the border and make an anchor baby. If people want to immigrate into our country, I am completely fine with it. But they should pay taxes and be registered as citizens.

It's what they teach you in ECON 101. If there are ANY free riders in the system, it grows less efficient and more wasteful. Undocumented and illegal immigrants are free riders of the roads and highways. That itself is a problem.

And wait until you see Bernie Panders' story. "Let's make Wall Street pay for it!". Pfizer just recently moved their headquarters to Ireland because of the US tax rate. Everyone called it despicable. And Bernie thinks a 90% tax rate is fine? Once every major corporation moves to tax havens, the US is screwed.

You need some basic economic knowledge if you actually believe Sanders' story about socialism. Or, hell, a history book.

I read this one good post about the election. "Bernie panders to the young and stupid. Trump panders to the old and stupid. Clinton panders to the stupid and stupid".

Overall, I don't think you or a good half of FJ understands how the economy works. You hear "FREE COLLEGE AND MONEY!!! THE RICH WILL PAY FOR IT ALL!!!!!!" and think it's true.

I would rather have Rand Paul get the presidency, but it's very unlikely
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#264 - gigaidan (01/12/2016) [-]
You may know a lot of economy. But I'll tell you what you have not. Reading comprehension. Since my whole point went completely over your head, let's try this again:

"you actually believe Sanders' story about socialism"

Exactly how did you came to that conclusion from what I said? I don't support socialism or communism or any of that BS. I may not understand much of economy, but I really fail to see how criticizing Trump (apparently the embodiment of capitalism according to you) immediately puts a "socialist" tag on my neck.

"You hear "FREE COLLEGE AND MONEY!!! THE RICH WILL PAY FOR IT ALL!!!!!!" and think it's true."

Again, please tell me. Where did you got that from my commentary? I never said such a thing, nor was I even close to it. I don't believe in the "Robin Hood" tales, and absolutely nothing I said leads to that conclusion.

What is it with you people that feel that if someone doesn't particularly likes or trusts one individual then immediately believe that that someone must also be against everything they represent? "You don't like Trump, you are a socialist and you only want free money from the riches" wtf kind of shitty conclusion is that, honestly?
"You don't agree with what Trump says you are a Bernie/Clinton/Bush lover", no. As a matter of fact, I don't like any of those fuckers.... how is that for you?

My point with Trump has always been that his solutions are ridiculous beyond believe. "We have a illegal immigration problem. Let's build a 2000 mile wall". "ISIS may be a problem. All Muslims banned".... I have always admitted that Trump makes several valid points. But that he gives solutions that would make a 5 year old roll his eyes.

Are the others better?. Fuck no. That's the whole point. They are all awful, and I am in my right to criticize them.

Do I have better solutions? No. But I am not running for fucking president.

Conclusion: Trump makes valid points. His solutions are shit. Trump made several decisions in the past that caused millions in loses. They way he worked around them to still get gains doesn't mean he is going to fix the economy. From what I read, he may just keep it the way it is. Why change something that made him rich in the first place?

#181 - anon (01/07/2016) [-]
[Citation Needed]

source or it didn't happen, pal

el prez doesn't run the economy, people make economic decisions on their own.
economic policy by fiat is why we are in this mess in the first place.


buy things that keep value, land, stocks and bonds, precious metals or better yet guns.
#124 - ascartes (01/07/2016) [-]
You are literally proving the point that Trump has already made.

He himself has said that he used the legal system of defaulting and declaring bankruptcy to save himself money, rather than paying it himself.

Part of his platform is that the system is horrible and flawed, and he wants to fix it.

Basically, all you say is that without racism and insults, he is nothing, but IMO if you only see racism then you have become part of the problem and are unable to actually see the reasoning behind some of his plans. Getting offended that easily doesn't lend to credibility.

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#253 - gigaidan (01/08/2016) [-]
I am not getting offended by Trump claims. What I'm saying is that he has nothing behind them. Check again every question they ask him about what is he planning to do, and really analyse his answers. He has absolutely no clue how to fix current problems, and the few ideas he gives are down right ridiculous. He may say many things on point, yes I won't deny that. But, has he really given any idea of HOW is he going to fix them? Real, concrete, serious, REALISTIC ideas?. "The American dream is dying, I tell ya", "Ok, fair enough. What ya gonna do 'bout it?", "I mean is not dead not yet, but almost. We can fix it, ok? I promise. Because we can do it. Ok. The American Dream, what a dream...." I'm not joking with this one... he actually said something like that.... and something about a red hat....

What is it worth that he can say what is wrong, when he has absolutely no idea how to fix it? and sorry for this, I am really not offended by Trump's words, but he saying "shit is wrong and Imma fix it, promise", just really doesn't do it for me.

P.S. And with this I'm not saying that Bernie, Clinton or Bush are better options, just in case you wanted to ask me if any of them would be any better.
#254 - ascartes (01/08/2016) [-]
Well, the easiest example is the immigration issues.

Islamic Terrorists are coming into the problem

Cut off immigration from Islamic countries until we find a way to ensure that they aren't terrorists.
Build a wall on our Southern border to protect America. Just yesterday someone was arrested down in Texas for supporting ISIS.

Not to mention illegal immigration as an economic issue, the security is more important to me.

Though your issue about "The American Dream"
A: It is an ideal and in order to stay that way, it can't be something concrete that we give everyone a small loan of a million dollars to fix. But getting things rolling in the right no pun intended direction would be a start to fixing it, as more people would have opportunities to succeed, and taking those chances and coming out on top is the American dream to me.

I don't think any of those you listed are better options either at the moment, because I look at candidates as individuals, then when it comes to voting week, I'll pick one for sure, but I give them all a fair chance.
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#255 - gigaidan (01/08/2016) [-]
"Cut off immigration from Islamic countries until we find a way to ensure that they aren't terrorists." really? Some of the attacks in Europe were from people from inside the countries. "Well, we will forbid the entrance of any muslim" faking papers to get fake: nationality, religion, name, is not that hard and people does it all the time. "Well, fuck it. No one can come inside" Problem solved

"Build a wall on our Southern border to protect America" from.... what? mexicans? are mexicans a great menace to America now? And c'mon. I said REALISTIC solutions. Is it really a 2000 mile wall a realistic solution to you? Who's going to pay for that shit?. Oh, no, never mind. I remember... the mexicans. He is going to make the mexicans pay for it. God forbid they say "No". That will be really awkward.

"...illegal immigration as an economic issue" aha. Good point. Again... How?

Look, the problem is NOT that he doesn't see the problem. The problem is not that he is not verbal about it. The problem is, and I repeat it. He. Has. NO. Effing. Idea. How. To. Solve. Dude, no. Sorry. Those are terrible ideas. Completely impractical and nonsensical

As for your answer for the American dream. That sounds like a reasonable answer. How is it that you can come with something like that in an Internet forum, and he just started to spit nonsensical BS? Was he nervous? was he? what? the guy who ask everyone call him "The Donald" got the spookies?

I'm not going to convince you for whom to vote. Your mind is already set, and I don't think I'm gonna change it in any way and I don't want to . But Trump is not the savior America needs. He is not a Messiah. He isn't, by any means, the best option available. And I don't think he will change anything for the best. Why? well. because he has not given ME any reason to believe he will. That's all.
#256 - ascartes (01/08/2016) [-]
Well I never went as far to say cut off immigration completely. What attacks in Europe were from people who weren't influenced by ISIS?
Yes fake documents is a large issue, but that is not quite something the US president can do something about, if other countries support producing fake papers (as they do in Syria)

Did you not read that I just said someone in Texas (I think Houston) was arrested for ties to ISIS, and he came through the Southern border. There are more and more arrests in Mexico of Middle-Eastern men who support ISIS and have said that they will use our Southern border to get in. I know the intent of terrorism is to scare people into doing stupid shit, but I don't exactly want the people here anyway.

So here goes the illegal immigrants and wall part. The more I type the more biased I sound, but it is what it is.

So, I think that building a wall would create a healthy amount of jobs for people for at least half a year, if not more. It would (assuming you only hire legal workers) allow previously unemployed people to get off of the welfare that they are on, and then pay their fair share of taxes to put money back into the system that they had been drawing on for so long.

As far as illegals being an economic issue of themselves, I will try to use the simplest example, but feel free if you want another.

Think of the public school system, that at least in the Southern areas, is filled with Illegals/Anchor babies as a result of the American welfare magnet. The cost of educating an ever growing population that doesn't 100% contribute to the system, gets free lunch because they get the other welfare services, and then fills the classrooms even more. My home town had to build two new schools (though the ones replaced are only 17 years old) because of the huge increase in population growth of the Hispanic group locally. So, the costs of building newer schools (which I won't say is 100% bad), hiring more teachers to handle the more students, and having to deal with more crowded classrooms than before, thus lowering overall quality of education which leads to graduates being even less ready for the college/professional world than they possibly would have been.

For the record, I don't think Trump is the savior for America, and I'm not even leaning to voting for him at the moment, but I think some of the points he makes are valid in this case, though I have not and will not said that I agree with everything he says.
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#257 - gigaidan (01/08/2016) [-]
Yes. Trump sometimes hits the nail on the head. Not gonna deny that.

Ok. Illegal immigrants may be a problem. It shouldn't be a thing. America has the sovereign right to deny the entry of any individual that it sees fit as long as the basic human rights are respected, I have no problems with the repatriation of illegal immigrants

But well. Are you positive that the increase of Hispanic in your town is, by majority, illegal? one of my mexicans friends said that a common practice in the mexican border, is that if a girl is going to give birth soon, they travel as turists, give birth in america, and then go back. The child is a legal american citizen by birth right. He has an american niece this way . Illegal? no. sneaky? yes. What I say is that they aren't necessarily all illegal. There are 55 millions of legal Hispanics in US, vs an estimate of 6.5 million who aren't. Statistically, it's impossible for that increment in your town to be 100% illegal.

Building a wall is really not going to solve the problem. Really. Use that money and man power to build more and better schools for the people. It is not going to solve the terrorist problem, but is going to solve so many others, and in a better way.

I understand your security concern. I really do. I am a hot blooded human being, and I'm scared and worried too. But I can't back up a dumb idea just because we can't think about something else for the moment. We are smarter than that.

And c'mon. If invading US's south was such an easy thing, there will be A) more illegal immigrants, and B) way more terrorist entering since very long ago. Just because they say they are gonna do it, doesn't mean they can. That guy in Texas? possibly another lonely jackass trying to get some attention. I try not to close my eyes to obvious threats, but I can't let the fear rule my common sense either.
#258 - ascartes (01/08/2016) [-]
Well, to answer your point about giving birth across the border I will quote myself
"Think of the public school system, that at least in the Southern areas, is filled with Illegals/Anchor babies as a result of the American welfare magnet"

That is what Anchor babies are.

I know from personal acquaintance in high school, that I would say at least a third of the Hispanics I knew were either illegal themselves, or had at least one parent that is. Now, as with any culture, some of those people were my friends, and were even among the smartest people in my class, but as nice as they were, illegal immigration is a problem.

If we had the wall, we wouldn't need schools that had capacity for 5,000, but instead maybe 3,000, though the ratio here is honestly more Hispanic than that. (Yes I know every Hispanic isn't illegal, but to me, descendants of illegals, while technically are legal if they were born here, I'm not a fan of birthright citizenship because that should only apply to already American people, I think.)
Anyways, we could build more, smaller schools, which would allow for specializations of schools. Imagine if your high school district when you were still in it (if you aren't) had a different high school if you wanted to learn more about medicine, or basic engineering, things like that. I think those are better than a single school with a million classrooms anyway.

The terrorist problem is my main concern, and since American people like to pride themselves on "Freedom/Privacy" then the wall would allow for increased security without the need of increased invasion.

You said yourself the immigrant number is an estimate, so perhaps there are more illegals, and we also know that every state has current ISIS investigations going on, so maybe there are more terrorists too.

But, in attempt to sound like a racist (apparently) I know that illegals commit a lot of crime and are not adequately punished for it. I think the Bill of Rights/Constitution should only apply to CITIZENS as the thing says multiple times, so those here illegally are not entitled to the same privacy/rights we are. No, don't just go around killing people, but then again, that is what they are doing.

Appreciate the conversation.
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#259 - gigaidan (01/08/2016) [-]
I appreciate as well that there is an actual conversation and not a competition of insults.

See ya around.
#5 - literrally **** games 12/22/2015 on bigstick's profile 0