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    How Brock Gets His Rocks Off How Brock Gets His Rocks Off
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#35 - he's way too old to be Miles Morales  [+] (7 new replies) 03/29/2015 on Spoderman +2
User avatar #41 - deadinferno (03/29/2015) [-]
Considering Donald Glover was one of the main inspirations for Miles yeah nah
User avatar #50 - whyfalsewhy (03/29/2015) [-]
Peter Parker is supposed to be 15 and the actors who portrayed him weren't that age, and glover doesn't look that old for his age.
#69 - anonymous (03/29/2015) [-]
peter doesn't have to be 15. he started a teen but has aged even in the comics in the comics hes married and in his mid 20s
User avatar #55 - guitarassassin (03/29/2015) [-]
Pretty sure Tobey Macguire's Spider-Man was supposed to be in his early 20s.
User avatar #59 - whyfalsewhy (03/29/2015) [-]
Yeah hence my point, comic Spiderman is only 15 when he gets his powers so there's no reason we cant extend the timeline a bit in the same way I mean with make-up and stuff Glover could pass for early 20s
User avatar #60 - guitarassassin (03/29/2015) [-]
MIles is also only 13. That'd have to be some damn good make up.
User avatar #63 - whyfalsewhy (03/29/2015) [-]
You're talking 2 years more of a stretch than the Tobey Spiderman.
#80 - Denying people the right to refuse service is also stripping a… 03/29/2015 on SJW gets rekt by Disturbed... 0
#80 - 1) they are cartoons, you weirdo 2) they are like 10,…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/25/2015 on Discovering Pinecest +1
#87 - afaik (02/25/2015) [-]
It appears to me that your jimmies are compromised.
#83 - warlordstuart (02/25/2015) [-]
#97 - We didn't have a problem with that. We nearly hunted our speci… 12/29/2014 on Meanwhile in Australia...... 0
#18 - So I have a question for Australians. Every country has danger…  [+] (4 new replies) 12/28/2014 on Meanwhile in Australia...... 0
User avatar #66 - TwiztidNinja (12/28/2014) [-]
we are just taught to be aware of nature from a young age, common in Australia to shake shoes out before wearing them, walk through bush land with a stick prodding the area in front of you and not to touch shit, shit can normally kill ya.
#29 - bobajoe (12/28/2014) [-]
Have you ever heard of the cobra effect? Basically if you pay someone to kill a specific animal what ends up occurring is some wise guy starts raising them. Raising them only furthers the problem having a fuck load of dangerous animals. This was seen in almost every case of a government paying people to kill animals. It happened in india with cobras and also in iowa with rattlesnakes. It might work but you would have 1. environmentalists going crazy about endangering animals. and 2. people leaching the system and perpetuating the problem.
#97 - bigrog (12/29/2014) [-]
We didn't have a problem with that. We nearly hunted our species of wolves to extinction. And it seems like the only issue would then be busting the dude illegally raising dangerous animals.
#26 - ScottishMinor (12/28/2014) [-]
I know they kill wild hogs, foxes and jack rabbits because they are invasive species. Idk much else, but Steve Lee hunts wild hogs with an ATV which is pretty badass. I'd like to go and do that one day, but where I live there are too many mountains for that, so going to that scary fucking place is my next option.
#79 - What did they say about him in the article  [+] (3 new replies) 08/31/2014 on the gamers +5
User avatar #108 - hemomagus (08/31/2014) [-]
i dont think it really matters what they said, though im assuming they didnt like a game he worked on. from the looks of it they posted some personal info as well.
#140 - thehaloviper (08/31/2014) [-]
Actually what they said is VERY important. They ran an article that basically said that the allegations against him, that he had commited sexual assault on a co-worker(?) I think and that he was the work of the devil don't buy his game sorta stuff. The allegations proved to be false. And now that basically the same stuff only instead of a man doing it but a woman they decided to take her side. I can't find the kotaku article (I have a funny feeling) but here is a pennyarcade article.www.penny-arcade.com/report/article/brad-wardell-of-stardock-sued-for-sexual-harassment-with-some-pretty-damnin
User avatar #143 - hemomagus (08/31/2014) [-]
i dont think it matters what you've accused someone of when you've posted personal info about someone for your fans to harass them.
#165 - So i guess while were at it screw all the firemen who were hor… 08/29/2014 on actual PTSD +1
#92 - Ok, that chick is an obvious bitch and I'm not defending her, … 08/27/2014 on SJW or bust. 0
#56 - tl dr. You are a moron. I'm done 08/26/2014 on the real ogs 0
#54 - Not working yet because I have another year and a half till I …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/25/2014 on the real ogs 0
#55 - comradewinter (08/25/2014) [-]
Claiming you know more about something than another just proves you're insecure. Admit it. You don't have a major in history. And if you do, which I sincerely doubt given your attitude, I'm fairly certain your job opportunities would be limited. Sure would be funny to have a fresh out of college douchedick walk around a museum pretending he knows everything, and picking arguments with people while insulting them. You lack the right mentality to have studied the subject, let alone work in the field. Anyone with vast experience in anything will present their facts using well-established sources, and being patient with teaching. You just straight up started getting pissed.

So, to summarize:

- Weak arguments that were only backed up with a likely fictional degree
- Pulling top state salaries and using them as a reference (rookie mistake, often used by Law students)
- Changing point of view
- Aggresively using ad hodinem
- Claiming to be a master of suits, yet scoffs when he hears the definition

All in all, I doubt you would make it past an interview with these flaws. And even if you do, you can just straight up forget working at a University. And if you're looking for a well paying job, forget about the history degree while you're at it. Study law or something. At least then you can act like a condescending jerk and get praise for it.

#56 - bigrog (08/26/2014) [-]
tl dr. You are a moron. I'm done

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