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#3 - I always thought homophobia was a weird way to put it, for the…  [+] (6 new replies) 6 hours ago on Phobias +5
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#10 - weebtrash (32 minutes ago) [-]
I always figured the term was used on the basis that people lash out at what they fear, and they fear what they don't understand. Ergo, the term is used to describe anyone with a critical lack of understanding toward homosexuality. A misnomer, but there's not yet a better term with so few syllables.
#9 - anon (40 minutes ago) [-]
That reminds me of an event that went down in my college where you basically run an obstacle course ending up with you bursting out of a closet. Some gay acceptance stuff idk it is a CUNY campus . One guy who isn't even gay but is a complete beta was picked out of the crowd and pushed into doing it. There was apparently a bunch of phobias in the course including a big fake spider, and he had arachnophobia. I didn't see what happened inside that thing because I didn't go in, but he started screaming and a few sjw landwhales pulled him out.

He was blabbering about his phobia and the dumb bitches started ripping on him for being racist, sexist, homophobic, and a whole bunch of other things that sounded made up. They must have been triggered by the word phobia and assumed he was overwhelmed by the pro-gayness of the death trap. "Homophobia" has so thoroughly degraded the meaning of the word that the poor guy looked like he was about to die and the whales were just verbally abusing him. He took it silently and then stumbled away with a thousand yard stare.
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#6 - panamanian (4 hours ago) [-]
but even the "homo" part is werid, like, homo="same/equal/similar", so homophobia="afraid of thing that are similar"?
#5 - doctorshrinker (5 hours ago) [-]
Phobias aren't always a fear. It's also an extreme distaste to something. I can still have arachnophobia if I downright hate spiders. I don't have to be afraid, but if I smash the spider with a shoe and continue to beat its splattered corpse for a consecutive 4 minutes, I probably still have the phobia. Don't worry, I used to be confused too.
#11 - iousefhb (31 minutes ago) [-]
A phobia is an irrational and debilitating fear of something. You understand that your overreaction is considered silly, but you can't help yourself. If you could bring yourself to walk up to the spider and bash it with a shoe then I strongly doubt you have the phobia.
#12 - doctorshrinker (21 minutes ago) [-]
Or it can be an aversion.
Also considering that revulsion is a synonym, albeit a loose one, I think I can say that phobias aren't 100% fear.
Generally? Of course. But to be disgusted by something or wanting to avoid it could also fit the bill.
#569 - **bible used "*roll picture*"** **bible rolled image ** 8 hours ago on girls laughing at FJers 0
#17 - I love bad ripoffs!  [+] (3 new replies) 08/28/2016 on Durk Surls +5
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#25 - PowerPunch (08/29/2016) [-]
I thought it wasn't a real game, it was just like an engine demo or something
#26 - anon (08/29/2016) [-]
Nah, that's just the backpedaling.
#24 - ebaruk (08/29/2016) [-]
It's like they tried to make some of the characters look a little different, and then remembered they were in China where copyright laws don't exist and so said "fuck it" for Widow and Bastion. China is an amazing place.
#146309 - Hi Plat  [+] (1 new reply) 08/28/2016 on Religion Board -1
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#146310 - platinumaltaria (08/28/2016) [-]
Hey bruh.
#900 - **bible used "*roll picture*"** **bible rolled image ** 08/28/2016 on Roll for your new anime... 0
#1717 - **bible used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **bible rolls 13** 08/27/2016 on Where will you be reborn? 0
#28 - Picture 08/26/2016 on SPOILER ALERT 0
#365 - **bible used "*roll picture*"** **bible rolled image ** 08/25/2016 on Roll for ugliest girl 0
#5 - It's probably a story read in first person, after which questi… 08/25/2016 on How old is your gradfa +1
#12 - Isn't it weird that parents will be like this despite the over… 08/24/2016 on doing the sex 0