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#13 - I knew I saved this picture for a reason.  [+] (1 new reply) 08/29/2016 on 5/7 Would Read +22
#25 - Sunset (08/29/2016) [-]
#198 - As someone who's never played 40K, there are so many factions …  [+] (3 new replies) 08/29/2016 on Warhammer 40k Comp 1 +4
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#214 - krasnogvardiech (1 hour ago) [-]
There's less attention paid to race/species as there is to faction. I'll cover the ones in this comp, but do know there are more.

Setting Caveat: the Warp: There exists an alternate dimension in this setting in which souls are the manifestation of peoples' minds, emotions, thoughts and feelings. This dimension does not at all follow physical laws, in comparison to the material dimension which is fittingly called 'realspace'. Physical objects may enter it through the breaching of the barrier between it and realspace. This is a common method of faster-than-light travel. Additionally, the emotions and feelings of souls end up creating life in the form of very real daemons which want nothing more than to feed on the energies of the Warp, the most plentiful of such being living beings' souls. A daemon is present in the third image/gif, wearing a corrupted Imperial Guard Commissar's uniform and trying to cram her tits down the hatch of a desecrated Imperial tank.

Orks in the first and second picture: Sapient bipedal space fungi that take on a hulking, green-skinned form and take after techno-barbarians. Use a shitload of looted equipment and generate a gesalt reality-warping field called the WAAAGH! field that generates effects based on what they believe in. In this field, painting red will make something go faster if that is what they believe in. So on and so forth. They were made as a non-psyker alternative to combat the Necrons, and have not changed since their very inception.

Tyranids in the second picture: A swarm of bio-engineered killing/consuming organisms that come from the next galaxy over. They exist for nothing other than eating things, to the point where they consume other hive fleets of themselves for material and superiority. They are controlled by a hive mind, and their presence in the Warp is an oppressive shadow which stifles psyker activity. They look like clawed, chitinous and beastly things that resemble recoloured Alien-movie expies.

Eldar out of armour in the fifth: One of the oldest sentient races in existence, created by one of the very first sentient races (the Old Ones) alongside a slew of other races in order to fight the Necrontyr. Every single member of their species has psyker capability, They take after the fantasy depiction of elves and typically have smooth, angular curvature to their armour.

Space Marine in the fourth, fucking epic pics in the twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth and so on: An order of genetically engineered, power armoured, superhuman warrior monks. In order to become one, first you need to be born on a world suitably hostile to human life so that even as a child you have the survival and fighting instincts needed to survive. Then you need to be genetically compatible with the organ which is implanted into you, reducing chances to one in a thousand even of the above. Then the order makes you go through trials, lessening it to roughly one in a thousand of even those. Then the genetic alteration process actually begins, and it's a one-of-three survival chance of what few remain. The last ones then have to survive training and inauguration as a true Space Marine. What results is a legendarily hardy and capable individual that can take on things the vast majority of mortal beings cannot. They are clad in big armour with large, curved pauldrons, and their favoured weapons are bolt pistols and chainswords.

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#213 - krasnogvardiech (20 hours ago) [-]
Commenting on this so I can find it again, I'll chuck an abridged description your way in a bit.
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#207 - thesovereigngrave (08/29/2016) [-]
You're supposed to want to kill them. All of them.
#2 - "Huskies look evil"  [+] (2 new replies) 08/26/2016 on mom mom mom mom +42
#10 - Alchemyst (08/27/2016) [-]
Goddamit Gamagori, pick a size and stick with it.
#11 - ciacheczko (08/27/2016) [-]
He did. It's "bigger than everyone else in the panel". Dude is pretty consistent with that, too.
#67 - "#10" The **** is this, this one is the original 08/26/2016 on Shower Meme +16
#46 - Youstopthat.jpg 08/25/2016 on How MOTHerly +44
#25 - Put the pizza you can't finish in the fridge and eat it later, ffs.  [+] (1 new reply) 08/24/2016 on Share the Love +4
#33 - anon (08/25/2016) [-]
He mentions this. I think a lack of self-control is implied.
#22 - Can someone explain the whole Monogatari thing to me? Beca…  [+] (6 new replies) 08/24/2016 on Anime Gif Dump 21 - Action... +2
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#70 - cozer (08/25/2016) [-]
They're one in the same really. Monogatari to me is a mashup show that does a little bit of everything, action, romance, weird humor, but most of it is just talking and weird dialogue. It's a show that is mostly about the characters and lacks a major overarching plot for most of the show. Highly reccomend monogatari to anyone who likes complex characters.
#68 - NforNarrow (08/25/2016) [-]
Shit dude I was also confused about the series myself till I ended up watching it. I'm practically up to date with it AND I'm still confused man.. I usually end up having more questions than answers after each following season/ arc.

TLR The anime is good, but confusing af with its chronological order.
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#69 - NforNarrow (08/25/2016) [-]
shit didn't space between tl; dr now I have some weird ass emoji fuck >.>
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#37 - brokentrucker (08/25/2016) [-]
Legit spoilers:
Dude is a vampure/half vampire/eighth vam- HE HARD TO KILL. Karate raincoat is lesbian that's salty that her lesbian crush is in love with HARD TO KILL man. So she fucks him up. Until the crush shows up and molests lesbian rain coat. Then lesbian raincoat offers her body to HARD TO KILL man because it's, by her logic, the best way to be close to her crush
#35 - supercookieduster (08/25/2016) [-]
dude pretty much gets his ass slaughtered all the time, sometimes on purpose. and he's a pervert, hence the toothbrushing shit
#23 - talentlessash (08/24/2016) [-]
I have no idea what you could be referring to. Monogatari is just a series where people talk to each other about their problems and aimless trivia.
#20 - >Gender swapped movies are stupid and unnecessary … 08/24/2016 on Not a limp D in the theater 0
#34 - ... Was Best Dad in his underwear because he'd been getting/ w…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/24/2016 on Oh Jack ! +30
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#37 - kinginthenorthh (08/25/2016) [-]
Why not both?
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#40 - xcomwillfckyou (08/25/2016) [-]
asking the real questions.
#29 - their faces when  [+] (1 new reply) 08/24/2016 on Tasering Bike Thieves +11
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#137 - callmesusan (08/25/2016) [-]
Jesus Christ, this picture is tem years old. How time flies when you are having fun shitposting .