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#2 - because women are the "******* of gender" if its…  [+] (1 reply) 9 hours ago on Vecavigga Beysu Dardolf +1
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#3 - twoeyedcyclops (7 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, I've noticed that, the baby boomers and millennials are horrible with that shit, mostly the ones in their teen/young adult years. It's pathetic. WW3 will be fought in between instagram and selfie sessions.
#1 - "oh **** my child is not 100% the perfect angel i like to…  [+] (3 replies) 10 hours ago on Wind Xarloorrye Wellevexe +3
#5 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
Probably because as a parent, you really don't want your kids doing shit you know will fuck them over for life. I am completely against alcohol because its abused more than every drug known to man.
#8 - bloodedwolf (8 hours ago) [-]
of course it is, because it's fucking legal

guess what the next most abused drug is?


again, because of legal.

both are incredibly bad for you, but they're legal! so its fine!
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#11 - Daemon Lord (6 hours ago) [-]
Actually it's Caffeine
#4 - coconut milk is the **** coconut water is ****  [+] (1 reply) 10 hours ago on Everyone's Favourite Samoan 0
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#6 - belshir (10 hours ago) [-]
"gotta be careful, this is really hot"
*straight up molests the thing with his bare hands*
#4 - the telporting one scares me, like im destroyed and completely…  [+] (26 replies) 10 hours ago on I just like pulling levers +57
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#65 - ImmortalBaconEater (37 minutes ago) [-]
No you don't die. Living is defined by your consciousness not your physical being and your consciousness would remain the same. It would be momentarily interrupted but this happens to people all the time when they are knocked unconscious or spend time in a coma and we certainly don't say that they die and come back to life. You are your memories and your thought process and that is nothing to do with your physical body.
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#53 - haroldsaxon (2 hours ago) [-]
If you die in your sleep, but a new, exact copy of you wake up like normal and you don't know a thing, does it matter?
#41 - ThpiderMan (3 hours ago) [-]
Have you seen the Prestige? You should see the Prestige before reading this if you haven't seen it, it's fucking fantastic. Deals with this whole conundrum and it has Hugh Jackman before he became a giant, both star wise and muscle-wise, Christian Bale, and the goddamned brilliant David Bowie playing Nikola Tesla. Maybe you've seen it already and that's why it freaks you out (I saw it in theatres when I was 16 years old and it's premise scared the bejesus out of me.)

Plus, Scarlet Johansen and Micheal Cain Are in it, and they're always a treat.
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#54 - haroldsaxon (2 hours ago) [-]
Wolverine vs Batman locked in a fight of magic, featuring David Bowie as Tesla.
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#44 - wazoowonseventeen (3 hours ago) [-]
and it has Tesla in it
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#46 - ThpiderMan (3 hours ago) [-]
Did you read the big ol' blue eyeball ?
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#48 - wazoowonseventeen (3 hours ago) [-]
...no but it still needs to mentioned twice im tired
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#49 - ThpiderMan (3 hours ago) [-]
Considering it's David Goddamned Bowie playing Nikola Motherfucking Tesla , it could be said about 50 times and it still wouldn't be the fanfare it deserves.
#13 - awkwardlyrobotic has deleted their comment.
#9 - sentinyl (6 hours ago) [-]
Luckily for you the Heisenberg uncertainty principle makes that kind of teleportation impossible.
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#8 - warzon (7 hours ago) [-]
Consider this. Would you die to save five strangers then?
#7 - papakhan (9 hours ago) [-]
Play Somah
#6 - ygdosst (9 hours ago) [-]
Does it matter?

Every year 98% of the atoms in your body is replaced, you have a new suit of skin every month, a new liver every six weeks.
Five days for the stomach lining
Five years for the entire brain, at absolute maximum, most likely much sooner.

You are a living Ship of Theseus, and up to this point have not questioned your existence or stream of conciousness. Why would it matter if your stream of conciousness suddenly continued 3 feet to the left or right of you? Your body, by your current definitions, has been destroyed and recreated at least three times now if not much, much more.

People as we know it and as we define it do not truly exist to begin with. Every OBJECT is meerly a conceptualization of a collection of atomic properties. It does not matter from whence the components came.

You do not cease to exist because you never truly existed to begin with by your definitions.
So don't worry. Things will continue to be as they were, just with "you" three feet to the left or right. The process, behavior, properties, consciousness, memories and all of their process of change over time. All the same.

Your matter, doesn't matter, ironically.
#66 - thiswasgone (24 minutes ago) [-]
It matters to philosophers or anyone is trying to be deep as "you" no longer exist yet a perfect replicate of you does. Many people who are conflicted by this question believe that they hold unique information that may or may not be transferable; a soul or something else they think is unique.

Honestly though the bigger problem for me is what are the parameters of the theoretical teleportation. Are you broken down atomically and reconstructed, are you forced through space time to relocate your position, or any other form of teleportation I can't think of at the moment.
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#62 - zacoren (45 minutes ago) [-]
The point being stream of consciousness, say the teleporter was modified and doesn't deconstruct you, but it still makes a reconstruction of you on the other side, that other you is you but not you it has all of your memories and is I every way you, but it is a separate consciousness from you, and voluntarily walking into a box that deconstructs you is not something I'd be willing to do.
#63 - ygdosst (41 minutes ago) [-]
>voluntarily walking into a box that deconstructs you is not something I'd be willing to do
You obviously haven't browsed FJ enough then
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#64 - zacoren (39 minutes ago) [-]
As much of a sad box that funnyjunk is right now, nothing will be bad enough to make me want to enter the void of nothingness that must come after life, I dont think I will be ready for that even to my final natural days on earth.
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#55 - captchakid (2 hours ago) [-]
Actually, Brain cells live for an entire lifetime.
#56 - ygdosst (1 hour ago) [-]
Yes but they themselves and surrounding cells still conduct metabolic processes that repair and replace various components of organelles.
Part of the reason for the sheer quantity of glial tissue in the brain containing supporting and building compounds for neurons.
#60 - anon (1 hour ago) [-]
we got an educated nigger over here
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#32 - jimbojambo (3 hours ago) [-]
Not if its the teleportation that clearly vaporizes you (killing you) and making an exact copy of you at the same time. Essentially a clone of yourself with all your memories. Like the prestige but instead of drowning molecular destabilization or vaporization...
#59 - ygdosst (1 hour ago) [-]
Well a clone containing your memories with an uninterrupted stream of consciousness IS you more or less.
In the case that your body is destroyed and replicated with memories in tact, the "clone" produced by teleportation is the master branch or the "Prime"

I know this comparison may be completely lost on you but it's akin to a Git directory. There are multiple potential branches [clones] of a programming/code project [A human "life"] with different physical and virtual positions, but one is designated as the master directory [the orignal] from which all others branches are produced from some stage of [from which clones are derived] or merge into to become or integrate with the prime. [replace the original]
Replacement of the master branch by merging a newly created branch, if you were to map it, essentially creates a single continuous line that suddenly deviates sideways [teleportation]. Compared to an project with no branches, you still have a single continuous line. There is no cessation of the master branch in either case. [There is no Death]

This also accounts for instances in which the master branch is not erased by the designation of a new branch as the master.
Clones without memories however are a very different scenario as hardware and software are intrinsically different, as are incomplete or inaccurate copies. But for proper duplications the rule applies.
Eclipse Phase actually has a rather strong concept of "Forking" you can look into if this was beyond utterly confusing for you.
Simply put, you are both you, but forks will eventually deviate from the original. As the fork is merely what the original would have been in those exact circumstances, and we don't consider ourselves dying and being reincarnated as someone else every single attosecond so much as the cosmic background radiation interacts with us, it is still us.

We are the Process of a Process over time. A Derivative if you will. Issues and Fears arise from seeing the underlying process and falsely defining it as ourselves, as well defining the hardware on which it runs as ourselves as well.
#10 - kapitanokliosov (5 hours ago) [-]
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#5 - creamymcgee (9 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, teleportation that breaks you down and rebuilds you is scary as fuck to me.
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#16 - propanex (4 hours ago) [-]
One question I have with this is does it erase your memory? Like all the shit in your brain is destroy, or rather, replaced, by new matter. You'll be a completely empty vessel with no knowledge
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#17 - creamymcgee (4 hours ago) [-]
Fuck if I know. That's part of why its scary.