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what the fuck are you doing on my goddamn page?

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#86 - can somebody tell me if there is a new season of attack on tit…  [+] (22 new replies) 12/15/2015 on a better time 0
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#128 - linkalicious (12/15/2015) [-]
Might I suggest the Manga? It's getting really far down the story and way past where they are at in the anime.
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#114 - theprocrastibator (12/15/2015) [-]
Early 2016 brother, stay strong
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#116 - reinbowxdash (12/15/2015) [-]
I heard it was 2017.
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#118 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
Really, my sources say mid-2018...
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#122 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
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#126 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
AoT was garbage-tier anime.
Read the manga, I hear it's better.
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#127 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
i hear its better

yeah thats where your advise went to shit buddy... maybe you should try shit yourself before you reccomend it
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#129 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
>Knockin' shit because it isn't animated.

K buddy.
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#130 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
that wasn't the point bruh
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#131 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
I found the anime to be terrible, but I wasn't invested enough in the story to spend time I could be shitposting to read the manga.

But, from what I've gathered, the manga is generally considered to be better than the anime.
You seemed to like the story, I did not.

So I told you where you could get more of the story without waiting an indeterminate amount of time.
Sue me.
#136 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
hey thanks m8, but dont people always say that the book/manga is better?

have a webm for still being here
#148 - kolya (12/15/2015) [-]
thats brutal m8
#149 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
i try to be brutal every time my mom leaves the room
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#138 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
And, in most cases, they're right.
The ones who say the movie is better are the ones who watched the movie first.

But, I'm a reader.
Usually read the source material before seeing the movie.
#139 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
so isn't it the same then with people that read first, saying that the manga is better?

i think its just that people fall in love with the original thing they liked and if things are different in another version, they will dislike that thing
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#143 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
That happens a lot, yeah.
Humans are weird like that.

I'm a bit, ah.
I analyze things.
Shows, movies, book.
I look at things like a critic.

Character development, plot points/progression, tropes, climax, pacing, satisfying ending.
In no particular order.
If I say something sucks, it's because it falls short on what makes a story a story (at least to me).

But I will admit to being slightly biased towards written literature.
They seem to have higher standards than the film industry.
After all, they're making a second Michael Bay TMNT movie.
#146 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
okey the last line officially made me wanna an hero
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#147 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
Yeah, I don't blame ya.
I refuse to even watch the first one.
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#121 - moorgar (12/15/2015) [-]
wasn´t it 2 weeks after the release of half life 3?
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#123 - jeffthellamaking (12/15/2015) [-]
Right around when they release a movie with an actually satisfying conclusion to Firefly, featuring all the original cast.
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#87 - dreygur (12/15/2015) [-]
There's a spinoff about the kids being in school instead. Haven't seen it personally.
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#88 - atheistzilla (12/15/2015) [-]
oh yeah i've seen that.... that was shit
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