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I've been here for years and will probably never leave. I wish i was better at making friends so i could talk personally with some of you ass holes.

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#38 - infinitereaper (24 minutes ago) [-]
their ability to rig the election is limited, if can deliver the largest possible number of votes we strangle their corrupt efforts, more votes, more power
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#1200 - dyelfagget (23 hours ago) [-]
Yep </3 now you have to kill yourself or something. I don't know how this shit works.
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#1198 - dyelfagget (23 hours ago) [-]
I don't date niggers.
#1199 - arsenymous (23 hours ago) [-]
**arsenymous used "*roll picture*"**
**arsenymous rolled image**bro </3
#1200 - dyelfagget (23 hours ago) [-]
Yep </3 now you have to kill yourself or something. I don't know how this shit works.
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#52 - leftypol (20 hours ago) [-]
While I strongly disagree with your choice I admire that you are voting for who you think should win. The fact that nobody is voting third party to make sure that Trump or hilary doesn't win is the reason either of them is going to win.
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#54 - drpenguinz (20 hours ago) [-]
well i strongly disagree with you
trump made hella good arguments and he knows business better than any politician. he has people close to him that know about current business. he isnt just fooled by economy.

we made economy the dominating power, now we are unable to control it. if you want this capitalism to work, you need someone who understands it.
#166 - anon (11 hours ago) [-]
You are vastly overstating Trump's business abilities. His businesses wouldn't have ever survived if it weren't for all the loopholes that saved his ass. I'd rather have a politician who actually had job growth and economic growth while they were in office, not some guy who was barely held afloat by loopholes over the past 20 years. I'd say he is fooled by the economy because his tax plan isn't feasible and would only add to the deficit. His 4 major platform points just don't work and there are legions of economists who disagree with him. I get that people like his "honesty", but just based purely off his platform, he is an awful candidate.
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#185 - drpenguinz (1 hour ago) [-]
im also thinking people are vastly overrating politicians in general.
in comparison to all these retards he is totally fine.
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#56 - leftypol (20 hours ago) [-]
Selling something is not the same as understanding global economy. You can be a bussinessman without having any idea how the market works. If that is your concern elect a economist not a millionaire.

Regardless while he has said a few interesting things and made a few points regarding corruption and the media, 90% of the time I hear him rant about something, he is ranting without actually saying anything that makes sense. He often states things that are either not true or completely ridicioulus. Or he goes on a loop, because let me tell you something about Trumps rants, all his rants sound the same to me, that is the problem. They go on ranting without saying anything, it is a real problem trust me. And when you think the rant is going somewhere, it is really not. Trust me I have seen it a lot of times, when you ask people they will tell you that I said it... It's true, believe me it's true. Also China.

Lastly I can't trust someone who is the pinnacle of what is wrong with America in my eyes and let him fix those problems he represents. To me electing Trump to fix America's problems feels like electing Hilary to fight corruption.

But we obviously have different priorities so it's fine to disagree.
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#58 - drpenguinz (20 hours ago) [-]
"Selling something is not the same as understanding global economy"

yeah, trump is just a common seller ...

"90% of the time i hear him ..."
you are just lying. did you ever watch a speech. have one single example and tell me how this is not a good "sense making" speech
Full Event Donald Trump Rally in West Palm Beach Florida 10132016 Trump Live Florida Speech

lets bet i get a "meh, but i dont wanna" again. so many criticizing trump never watched a full debate or speech. coincidence?
ofc he only talks random ass shit if you watch only 2 minute compilations on cnn. thats their purpose. pure framing. and people fall for it, because they are lazy ass mofos.
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#64 - leftypol (19 hours ago) [-]
Sorry phrasing on my part I have seen some of his preparated speeches and they are fine it's mostly "improvised" speaking where my problem lies. I can't imagine you don't know what I am talking about. As for his stances I find it really hard to determine what he really wants, I do know I disagree with a lot of what he says about for example climate, taxes and social welfare.

Also yes investing if he even does that himself is a lot different from predicting the outcome of decisions on a national scale, the government has advisors for that and those will be the same regardless of whom you elect. There is also a difference between business school and studying economy.
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#65 - drpenguinz (19 hours ago) [-]
taxes? whats his stance on them?
#126 - anon (14 hours ago) [-]
Cut everything and net raises in spending
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#42 - dancingdoggy (21 hours ago) [-]
I wish MORE people would vote for who they want, not just against the other person.

The "winner" won't have won because people like them, they'll have won because people are more afraid of the other candidate.

I wish for a winner that wins because people vote FOR that person to win... even if it's someone I personally didn't want to win. I want someone in office who the people of my country want in office.
#67 - anon (19 hours ago) [-]
vurry patriotic