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latest user's comments

#4 - I gave a new show a shot once, and now look at me. 3 hours ago on Modern Cartoon Comp 0
#195 - Admin how the **** do i leave comments on the mob… 6 hours ago on Help FJ by making good content 0
#14 - Anyone know of an english dubbed anime thats the same genre as…  [+] (3 new replies) 03/04/2015 on Anime Facts Compilation... 0
User avatar #55 - killjoyus (03/04/2015) [-]
Rave master. (literally the same people as a supposed prequel)
User avatar #23 - badsamaritan (03/04/2015) [-]
Fairy Tale probably
#16 - masterofmods (03/04/2015) [-]
try D gray man
#10 - and thats why i hate small dogs. look at that hostile little asshole  [+] (2 new replies) 03/04/2015 on Cheese +16
User avatar #22 - becauseoprahsaidso (03/04/2015) [-]
little dogs are always out to prove themselves. that's why I like big dogs. there's no drama with them
User avatar #21 - thesovereigngrave (03/04/2015) [-]
Hey, they're not all hostile. But yeah, the one in the gif looks like one vicious little shit.
#45 - This is the perfect thread to ask. What. The. **** …  [+] (8 new replies) 03/04/2015 on Sirens +5
#128 - anonexplains (03/04/2015) [-]
Here's an answer not mentioned yet:

Guys are obsessed with penises, way more than girls are. Who draws penises all over walls? Boys. Who makes giant snow penises? Boys. Which gender has penis on their mind more than the other? Boys. (This last one has been studied extensively, in case you don't believe it it's true).

I'm not saying all this equates to wanting to fuck a penis, but it is undeniable that there is some deep rooted fascination/obsession with penises in the male mind.

An example of this can be seen by the fact that shemale porn is the single largest fetish searched on the web by far. Most guys who watch shemale porn wouldn't fuck a dude in real life, they like the taboo of it, the penis triggers their deep fascination with it, and the third and final component: they still look like women (even if weird/ugly).

Personally I don't have a label for myself. I love women. I love real tits, nice asses, I love going down on pussy and fucking girls silly. However I'm also attracted enough to traps/shemales that I've fucked some in real life. While a lot are ugly, a few "pass" as feminine. To me, how much they pass is the deciding factor, because I'm only attracted to penis, not to men.

I'll say it again: I'm not attracted to men. The idea of having sex with a man absolutely disgusts me. And yet I'm cool with fucking traps/shemales that have undergone surgery and hormone therapy.

When I explain this to people like /b/tards, they label me as a faggot. Not even bisexual, which is funny because I like chicks too. Go ahead, you can call me a faggot or bisexual too, but you wouldn't be right. Since gay sex disgusts me, I don't consider myself bi even. I'm only attracted to dick when it's on a very feminine person. Hope this helps.
User avatar #116 - byobgraffpro (03/04/2015) [-]
Who cares what you label it as. Sexuality matters as much as the color of my bathroom, I don't see why people on both sides have to label it as gay or straight or bi, like it shouldn't even matter enough that we discuss it.
#106 - flnonymousseven (03/04/2015) [-]
well first of all their not real. I'm pretty sure that most of the people on this site who "like traps" would probably not be attracted 99% of real traps in real life. in the same way that most brony cloppers arent attracted to real life horses.

I think the fact that artists always draw them to look like women is what entices some people. ask most people what they like in traps and they'll tell you "long hair, curves, large eyes" all feminine features.

basically, I think they're deliberately drawn in a way that's meant to be sexually confusing.

most of the people who "like traps" most likely wouldn't take a dick or fuck a dude in real life.

looking at pictures of dicks doesn't make you gay, having sex with dudes irl makes you gay.
#91 - anotheroneonearth (03/04/2015) [-]
User avatar #60 - brolylssj (03/04/2015) [-]
I used to be in the "straight but still likes trap/futa" group, but I recently realized I DO like dudes too. So...I don't want to call everyone here gay, but a dick's a dick.
User avatar #57 - danrmanalt (03/04/2015) [-]
I like traps, but I am gay.
I kinda don't get straight people who like them, or straight people that are them though.
User avatar #55 - demandsgayversion (03/04/2015) [-]
You don't gotta to be gay to like dick
User avatar #47 - Lainge (03/04/2015) [-]
Well gay people do exist you know?
#48 - I seems like you believe soldiers are purely existent to kill.… 03/04/2015 on Daaww +5
#41 - oh you.jpg 03/04/2015 on Wha- oh, shit! +5
#37 - no some guy made one for a bunch of the famous people a while back  [+] (2 new replies) 03/04/2015 on Wha- oh, shit! 0
User avatar #39 - mcburd (03/04/2015) [-]
>Famous people

I think you might have mistaken me for somebody else.
#41 - arkamedies (03/04/2015) [-]
oh you.jpg

#33 - one like the face on the bike  [+] (4 new replies) 03/04/2015 on Wha- oh, shit! +1
#35 - mcburd (03/04/2015) [-]
w-was it you?
User avatar #37 - arkamedies (03/04/2015) [-]
no some guy made one for a bunch of the famous people a while back
User avatar #39 - mcburd (03/04/2015) [-]
>Famous people

I think you might have mistaken me for somebody else.
#41 - arkamedies (03/04/2015) [-]
oh you.jpg

#28 - i never got a special one and i cant be bothered to change mi…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/04/2015 on Wha- oh, shit! 0
User avatar #29 - kibbleking (03/04/2015) [-]
Make your own thilly goothe.

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