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#12 - Sure thing mate. Sorry about the quality though, that's the pi…  [+] (2 replies) 11/27/2016 on Album Cover +13
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#36 - kurbeh (11/28/2016) [-]
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#13 - knightbean (11/28/2016) [-]
I am still pleased.
#22 - If anyone wants the source (and audio)  [+] (1 reply) 11/26/2016 on The man kicking won 100k +17
#80 - anon (11/26/2016) [-]
which stadium is this, it kinda looks like skilled stadium
#6 - I started just recently playing Overwatch, might someone expla…  [+] (5 replies) 11/25/2016 on Important Terms 0
#34 - classlessfaggot (11/26/2016) [-]
Because noobs suck with a hanzo, but in the hands of a good player, he's deadly. As a Junkrat main, hanzo is the devil
#14 - Millybays (11/25/2016) [-]
Cause most Hanzos are shit and people are retards, including the comic maker.
Hanzo is crazy effective in the hands of a skilled player, although even pro players will often have difficulty consistently hitting their arrows.
Due to this he is preferably to be played on attack despite his role being defence according to blizz, consistency is key on defence and if you get picked off when playing def then you crippled your team. (same with widow here actually, not due to consistently but due to what i will write below).

Because of his longrange and absolutely massive burst damage output he is to be played on attack to get kills and weaken the enemy defence without his team having to even commit to a fight and risk losing their own players.
#15 - Millybays (11/25/2016) [-]
Accidentally clicked submit, due to widow and hanzo being high risk high reward characters you want them on attack rather than def since if you die it is not as much of a problem as if you died on defence.
#12 - elmaynor (11/25/2016) [-]
Hanzo is crazy effective for all skill levels just shoot and pray and you get head shots he is my favorite
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#9 - remsaman (11/25/2016) [-]
I think its because the level of skill required to stay alive and perform well as a hanzo is way higher than other heroes. so itd make more sense to play someone like mcree or widow.
#274 - Here ya go  [+] (1 reply) 11/15/2016 on Jontron +41
#297 - sonicario (11/15/2016) [-]
#39 - Picture  [+] (3 replies) 11/14/2016 on Random dump 18 +5
#45 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
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#43 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
Laughed out loud, literally.
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#46 - arijan (11/14/2016) [-]
You're welcome
#37 - You're right. It's the wishy-washy fantasy thing we have about…  [+] (5 replies) 11/14/2016 on Random dump 18 +6
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#38 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
Ya it sucks
But you are right, better to know the truth than to be stuck to this person for all the wrong reasons.

You smart.
You loyal.
You’re grateful.

I appreciate that.

#39 - arijan (11/14/2016) [-]
#45 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
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#43 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
Laughed out loud, literally.
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#46 - arijan (11/14/2016) [-]
You're welcome
#28 - Man, here goes, if someone cares enough or not to read I don't…  [+] (18 replies) 11/14/2016 on Random dump 18 +18
#36 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
**siblik used "*roll picture*"**
**siblik rolled image**

Kind of know how you feel.
My stroy went pretty much the same. Started from chatting on MSN all-day everyday but lived in the same country, just different towns.
We talked about everything. Like, books, music, "life" and all that sort of stuff. He was a small-town "gangster," taught me to listen Tupac. He wrote me rap and painted me. Fair to say he was my first love.
We met a couple of times but it was always kind of awkward.
As there was not really a "relationship" going on, I started dating this other guy while still kinda in love with him.
This broke his heart but we made up & stayed friends but he had been smoking a lot of weed before and all these years I had know him, so at some point he started to change. We really didnt get on like we used to and ofcourse I blame myself for dating this other dude but the same time I get the feeling that maybe its all the weed.
So from that time it has never been the same and he has gotten really weird. He has just told me to "come over, lets have sex" and that sort of things. I have told him that I dont apreciate that kind of stuff so he stopped and got himself a girlfriend.
And still after all this thime he is like the most special person in my life, always has a special place in my heart so I just let everything slip.
We both move on with our lives, talk a little every now and then until a year ago.
He was in my hometown and asked if I wanted to hang.
Sure, i did. So we met and just kind of cruised around in his car.
We got to a small forest road and I got out to have a smoke.
This is where it got really weird because he got behind me and kind of started feeling me up.
I was super confused because I knew he had a live in girlfriend and they had been together for two years or something but I still kinda had a soft-spot for him and was single and ready to mingle.
Luckily I got him to stop and told him to take me home because we were in the middle of nowhere and there was no way in hell I could have gotten out from that forest by myself.
So driving back I asked him what was he thinking and thats the part that hurt me the most.
He was just like "yea, kinda wanted to have sex and youre just here and available."
I was just totally flabbergasted, because after all this time, I have kept like a silly pink romantic memory of this small town gangster with a drunk father and an asrtist mind, that was my best friend and first love and in general a really special person for me.
But for him I was just somebody that was available even tho his girlfriend was waiting for him and whatnot.
It still pains me to think about it but I guess everybody changes and maybe he never got over that time when I was 15 and broke his heart.

Sorry for my stupid spelling etc

#101 - lalajlalaj (11/14/2016) [-]
so, you were chatting all the time, he painted you, wrote for you, you met in person several times, but then you started dating another guy while doing that?! you know what, fuck you. this is what sickens me about some people. these fucking back and forth games, BSing people and then feeling sorry for yourself. you go be with another guy while this one was meeting with you and then you go back to your fucking fantasies and blaming the guy for turning into a person you might have helped shape? fuck you, fuck you and your fucking bullshit. he wanted sex, you declined, he backed off. he did nothing wrong, except not fit into your fucked up fantasy about him.
User avatar
#118 - siblik (11/15/2016) [-]
I bet you are the kind of guy that cries friendzone.

We met like once or twice a year whenever he had to come to my town for whatever reason.
He never stated that he had actual feelings for me. Only after I did something with my life he came out with the statement that i had broken his heart.
I don´t feel like you are acutally in a place to judge this.
User avatar
#119 - lalajlalaj (11/15/2016) [-]
no, I'm the kind of guy who had a 10 year relationship and feels comfortable with himself.

"he never stated"... I mean, sure, you naturally as a guy just spend your days talking to a girl, meet her, draw her, write songs for her, share with her everything. that's what guys do all the time for girls they're not interested in, right? at least stop BSing yourself. you know how he felt about you and you know what you did. denial ain't changing shit about that.
User avatar
#120 - siblik (11/15/2016) [-]
Had a 10 year relationship?
User avatar
#121 - lalajlalaj (11/15/2016) [-]
yeah. you know, relationship, the opposite of friendzone? "I bet you are the kind of guy that cries friendzone." - you lost that bet right there.
User avatar
#122 - siblik (11/15/2016) [-]
I mean why "had" and not "have".
User avatar
#123 - lalajlalaj (11/15/2016) [-]
because they tend to end? how is this relevant to your denial and that guy?
User avatar
#124 - siblik (11/15/2016) [-]
Just curious.
Never said that was related.
Glad you feel good about yourself, one can really tell.
User avatar
#125 - lalajlalaj (11/15/2016) [-]
good enough to call you out on your BS, but yeah, just ignore the shit you did, feel sorry for yourself and wonder why people see you the way you do. I mean, it must have been the weed, right?
User avatar
#126 - siblik (11/15/2016) [-]
Hooray for you, amirite?
Good thing that you are in this place now to make better judgements about peoples feelings than me when I was 15.
Really appreciate you taking the time to tell me that my 15 yo self was unable to understand shit and generally calling me out on my BS.
I really would have never thought that I did anything wrong.

Sharing my story had never anything to do with feeling sorry about myself, rather than just the general dissapointment after you find out that the person was never someone you thoutght they were.

I am completely aware that there are no excuses for what I did but I hope you realize that it not really that black and white as you picture it to be.


User avatar
#127 - lalajlalaj (11/15/2016) [-]
it is though. there is no grey area. I'm not saying you are beyond redemption, but feeling sorry for experiencing the negative side of a situation you helped create and where nobody did anything wrong to you... why even talk about weed n shit? you just fucked up bad. you hurt somebody, you lied to yourself, you keep on running from what you did. guy did nothing wrong to you as far as I can tell. there's no need to even think about whether it was weed, that you were 15, yadda yadda. you fucked up. you have only yourself to blame for shit. your pain is self-inflicted and now you share a story about how bad it feels that the person you pushed away doesn't match the idea of them, which you irrationally kept for years after. I can't be the only one who this sounds crazy to, right? nobody disappointed you, not the guy, not the universe for him being not who you thought he was. it's not weed or time or circumstances. you fucked up. why am I responding to you? because people like you wander through life, feeling sorry for experiencing the outcome of situations they created. they don't learn, they just blame it on something or somebody and then you're gonna hurt the next person. it's like fucking landmines on a pretty beach.
User avatar
#37 - arijan (11/14/2016) [-]
You're right. It's the wishy-washy fantasy thing we have about the person we care about, we imagine them so much differently and wish it to be the way we wanted it to be and when reality hits you, it hurts more because you can't look at them the same anymore after so much time. Sometimes I wish she stayed this pink fluffy memory and special person in my heart, but it's better to know the truth. Even if it hurts.

Thank you for reading and sharing your own story. We gon' get better
User avatar
#38 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
Ya it sucks
But you are right, better to know the truth than to be stuck to this person for all the wrong reasons.

You smart.
You loyal.
You’re grateful.

I appreciate that.

#39 - arijan (11/14/2016) [-]
#45 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
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#43 - siblik (11/14/2016) [-]
Laughed out loud, literally.
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#46 - arijan (11/14/2016) [-]
You're welcome