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#103 - You want to like go out with me some time? well go grab someth… 4 hours ago on When you find best waifu 0
#221 - I remember seeing this video a whole back thinking if I w…  [+] (1 new reply) 15 hours ago on Nigress attacks a girl &... +1
User avatar #236 - sonicsyndicate (12 hours ago) [-]
take a straight bore 12gauge some blanks and some road salt and rocks
#79 - my bad. not too observant of me. it's probably just soci… 04/24/2015 on best grill 0
#24 - 1.3 Trillion is NOT most of our debt. It's a relatively small …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/22/2015 on I pick Japan. I love sushi 0
User avatar #25 - heartlessrobot (04/22/2015) [-]
It's also meaningless.
Every country is in debt, and no one will ever pay it back.
The last time America was debt-free was under Andrew Jackson. However, his tactics would certainly fail in our modern, globalized world.
#45 - Caucasian/White for official documentation purposes. Thoug… 04/22/2015 on SJW's are fucking racist shits 0
#59 - refer to comment 11, it's a line from a movie. Mean girls if I…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/22/2015 on best grill 0
User avatar #68 - IamSofaKingdom (04/22/2015) [-]
I just said I am not referring to the, "you can't ask line". I know about that one. I said I was specifically asking about why so many people don't understand that there are white people from Africa.
#79 - archoninterface (04/24/2015) [-]
my bad. not too observant of me.
it's probably just societal stereotyping for such a long period of time that in America even if you're a black guy from Russia, you're an African American for "politically correctness". as such is to a degree a white person from Africa will be seen as Caucasian. kinda stupid and mostly ignorant imo
#60 - **archoninterface used "*roll 1, 1-719*"** **archoninterfac… 04/17/2015 on Funny Pokedex Entries Comp #3 0
#23 - implying Hitler isnt a 8.5/10 minimum on a bad day. pfft, … 04/15/2015 on Daily Reminder +1
#199 - I don't remember but at least until it stays over the skin … 04/15/2015 on Fuck you nails 0
#26 - is there any reason not to work out "to failure" …  [+] (5 new replies) 04/15/2015 on Gonna get a Superhero figure 0
User avatar #50 - smokinbutox (04/15/2015) [-]
If you want to build muscle, then workout to failure is absolutely pointless. If you want to build muscle and get stronger a lot faster, then you need to add resistance by use of any kind of weight, or by isolating the muscle (how people get ripped by doing pure bodyweight), this forces the muscle to grow and adapt (get bigger and stronger) so it's able to better lift the weight the next time it has to. The easiest way to get stronger and bigger is to do no more than 10-12 reps (my preference) with the maximum amount of weight you can lift (or if you're doing bodyweight just do harder variants of the workouts), going over that amount will turn it from a strength to a cardio exercise, which if you're doing bodyweight is not a totally bad thing, but you want to keep your cardio pretty much strictly to running.

Hope this helped
User avatar #32 - friendlyanonymous (04/15/2015) [-]
People don't work to failure if they know they need to live a normal life at some point.
Just do German Volume Training and understand you don't work to failure, you just work until you realize you are a failure.
Then you squat some more.
In all seriousness, if you do take weight training seriously at all and have finished your initial workout cycle, try German Volume Training.
User avatar #29 - stonetomcat (04/15/2015) [-]
I want to know from an expert as well, but I think it's to not fatigue yourself.
User avatar #51 - smokinbutox (04/15/2015) [-]
see my comment #50
#55 - stonetomcat (04/15/2015) [-]
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