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#238 - no but it does say being gay is wrong. more specifically "… 06/15/2016 on Muslims Might Kill Milo -1
#68 - baby dont hurt me. no more 06/11/2016 on Japanese all make the same... 0
#596 - the pro-gun community is a big circle jerk. i have se…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/07/2016 on 2nd Amendment -9
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#608 - vermillionbobcat (06/07/2016) [-]
ur a fagit
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#667 - wellimnotsure (06/08/2016) [-]
#11 - i agree 05/31/2016 on EA sells food now? 0
#204 - dont mistake politics with what's happening here, because poli… 05/01/2016 on Trump Comp 01: Special... 0
#51 - who can say where the road goes somebody add it… 03/30/2016 on WOW!!! +3
#62 - I know but this is funnyjunk man. And I thought it was kind of…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/16/2016 on Bloopers -3
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#77 - theism (03/16/2016) [-]
Just because you can't even make assistant manager at Dennys doesn't mean no one else has anything going on.
#102 - You haven't really addressed what I said so I will just try to…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/16/2016 on Bernie spooks the Trump 0
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#103 - questionableferret (03/16/2016) [-]
I think the answer is socialism + capitalism. Socialism is a fantastic structure to regulate capitalism. Government-owned companies set a benchmark for quality and price outside of actually directly controlling wages or prices (both of which tend to go poorly).

Basic Income (a system whereby every person in the country is given a small amount of money every week/month, akin to a state pension) allows for the removal of the minimum wage. If everybody in the country is already getting some form of income it means the minimum wage can shrink which allows wages to be more competitive. It means start-up businesses have less of an immediate burden to support the owner/workers. It means currently un-profitable careers in the arts can be more easily pursued. It means more spending money for the middle class as well, which means a healthier economy.

There are a ton of systems like that that can prop up capitalism and help cover it's failings. Capitalism is a system that has been slowly breaking over decades but socialism is a system that has slowly been expanding for decades. I think what we need is the happy medium between the two. Enough regulation to ensure the system works for the betterment of the country, but enough freedom to ensure people can still make their fortune and chase their dreams.

People have been discussing these systems for decades now and they're finally at the point where they're being reasonably considered. Socialism is a fantastic method to stop keep capitalism in check, and capitalism is a fantastic method to keep socialism from being stifling.

So... capital-socialism?

And as for limiting birth-rates... that is a seriously shady system to be going into. I'd rather not, and I'd rather stay away from interfering in parenting if at all possible, because what we're basically doing there is deciding who has the right to live or not, but if push came to shove and it was evidenced to be necessary then I'd do it.
#59 - I was trying to do a bit to mock Mr. I Make Movies, but I gues…  [+] (5 new replies) 03/16/2016 on Bloopers +4
#67 - anon (03/16/2016) [-]
oh don't worry you just sounded like a pitiful cunt that's all
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#63 - trolljunkusa (03/16/2016) [-]
There's more movies than just what you see on the big screen
#60 - classybot (03/16/2016) [-]
I mean I both study and work on movies.
It IS a career choice, you know. Like engineering or law.
#62 - apelo (03/16/2016) [-]
I know but this is funnyjunk man. And I thought it was kind of funny how you brought it up so matter of fact-ly. You know... hot shot movie guy... so I took the piss. Just keeping it real man
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#77 - theism (03/16/2016) [-]
Just because you can't even make assistant manager at Dennys doesn't mean no one else has anything going on.

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