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    dropped mah penis dropped mah penis
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    Fucking Why Fucking Why
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    lolwut lolwut
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    Laying Down Game u want? Laying Down Game u want?
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    Rape Face Rape Face
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    how does he know? how does he know?

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#29 - >Her largest crowd of the season >Very civily said '…  [+] (6 replies) 23 hours ago on Trumps Comedy Routine +64
User avatar
#109 - infinitereaper (2 hours ago) [-]
Politically that was genius imo. He's really doing that 10D Othello
#60 - notagainpls (13 hours ago) [-]
Definitely liked how he got political and called them out on their corrupt bullshit. Everyone in the room had a face, hoping not to be the next one who gets slain. They were all on edge because the cannon went loose. Loved it. All shits and giggles until it gets serious.
#114 - ainise (48 minutes ago) [-]
Is that animetalchick?
#39 - spikefish (21 hours ago) [-]
Yeah I agree, layed it on a little too thick given the nature of the event.
#110 - pronprofile (1 hour ago) [-]
Well consider the fact that they all hate his guts and have slandered his name and even slapped a few false rape accusations on him. Behind the smiles they're all corrupt scum and deserve what they got. He certainly wasn't going to just stand there and let them keep laughing.
#115 - spikefish (14 minutes ago) [-]
I wrote this a few minutes after I wrote the post you responded to:
In a comment on a previous post about Trump's speech at this gala I said that he laid in on too thick (the insult comedy), but that line here about him not being a jester has made me change my mind. These people hate is very existence and some have even stabbed him in the back (the line about governor Cuomo liking him when he was a Democrat). These Manhattan elites hate him and they hate us. And Trump couldn't pretend that this is not true. He stood up to them and called them out on their bullshit. And whatever happens with this election that is why so many of us love him.
#21 - I dig that you did your own research. My big thing now is coll…  [+] (1 reply) 23 hours ago on Things I Like About Both... +1
User avatar
#22 - kanyesfishsticks (12 hours ago) [-]
Yeah a lot of the libertarian views are solid, it's too bad Johnson is an idiot

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