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#11 - I have a plan for people with HIV. It's a plan for long term s…  [+] (5 replies) 09/18/2016 on "MY WORK HERE IS DONE!" +1
#13 - insanefreak (09/18/2016) [-]
Killing them off is a waste of lives. Some people actually receive it because they have an unfaithful partner. Other than that, killing them would be costly, ethically impossible, and a huge goddamn waste overall.

Better is isolation. Group them together, sterilise them, but don't take away their ability to work and live a normal life. Eventually time will claim them in a humane way through old age, or more likely, through the disease, and that's more of a win win.
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#25 - andyslayer (09/18/2016) [-]
People like you are why our world isn't more advanced. You are a soft jelly donut of a human being. Ethics, yeah I said it would be harsh with strong emotional consequences in the short run. People would be outraged for years. Oooooo like 20-30 years max of heartbreak for people that were doomed to die unnaturally young anyway. Think about the future. No HIV, no TB, and no whatever other incurable highly contagious diseases that we have currently. ALSO PLS insane freak, I was kidding about the jelly donut thing and I respect your argument, but do a tiny bit of research my dude. Sterilization works for retards (not hur dur me go on 9gag retarded, i mean robert down syndrome jr hearing protection wearing literally can't do anything retarded). HIV and TB are BLOOD diseases. Sterilization stops eggs for females (correct me if im wrong) and sperm production for males. If it is to save the human race BILLIONS of lives, like I said the long term effect is exponential new cases of infection and death, then I would be willing to kill en masse. Gas chambers, firing squads, what have you. Is it edgy? Yes but my entire argument is pretty dark. I would be all for isolation insanefreak, unless we get a global police state by the time I run for president, a genocide of HIV positive people would be political suicide. Even isolation would be a mind boggler for the liberal pussies that inhabit this planet today. I was thinking about regional "Aids" villages where they would be grouped and put under lock and key. This village would have top tier facilities for recreation and living. They would work in a mini society, so social services like police and fire would be up to the infected, etcetera. Food would be shipped into the villages and they would have unlimited clean water and the works. I see what you were saying about sterilization now, I see the benefits since the less intelligent folk in the village might want to have kids, and that's a no no. Of course the AIDS village would be optional, but everyone with HIV/AIDS would be tracked and if they, after being offered a place in the village, infected someone new, that individual would be publicly executed. Infecting someone with HIV is straight up murder. If you have sex with someone after you knew you had HIV, you should be charged and tried for murder in the first degree. Let me know what you think insanefreak, not that I will be president, but I can always dream right. I can entertain the thought.
#18 - panzerfront (09/18/2016) [-]
I actually thought of a similar plan as what you just proposed, simply put place them into colonies separated from the rest of the population and give them some sort of visible marker.

But otherwise no other harm would be needed to accomplish the job.
#20 - insanefreak (09/18/2016) [-]
Aye, although I get why some of them ought to be killed.

I have a gay friend who had to go and get tested for HIV because his partner of seven years fucked another guy who had it, and didn't tell him.

The guy with HIV found out though, and immediately called my friend to warn him (the other guy didn't have qualms fucking him despite him being HIV positive).
First thing my friend did was whack his bf in the head with a crowbar and into the hospital. Then got himself checked. Then went to court for it, only to be released due to it being an emotional reaction.
Then his ex got charged for attempted murder (transmitting HIV whilst being aware you have it, or have a high risk at having it).

After the tests came in, my friend was still clean, his ex wasn't.

Although I don't want that guy to be killed because he has HIV really. I want him dead cause he's an arsehole and a horrible human being.
#21 - panzerfront (09/18/2016) [-]
Deliberately spreading a disease like Aids should be an executable offense! Sounds like one of the bug chasers from Denmark I've heard of.
#134 - Which company did you work for? by the way, civvies might not …  [+] (1 reply) 09/16/2016 on YES TEAMWORK ! 0
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#135 - mastercolossus (09/17/2016) [-]
we were a poor subsidiary wing of i think it was roben or reubon or something like that. i was sent crap jobs that paid next to nothing. i once was in south africa to coordinate supplies for units there and once i was there they tried to get me to finagle free shipping for all our arms using the mercs there(about 50 angry men and 1 woman) in less than three months. so i had them hired to be bouncers that would handle potential riots. told them if they wanted guns they had to do it. didnt go over well but was able to get favors from the chief of police. that led to impounded trucks being given to me to make deliveries with. after using the 50 men and 1 woman i eventually started a shipping company using locals and it became self sufficient. sold it to pay for the arms coming. then it turned out the arms wrent being shipped and i had to buy local... that was the start of the most draining year ive ever had... if you ever go merc, make sure its a good company.
#51 - Those boots are so goddamn new  [+] (1 reply) 09/16/2016 on Check ur privilege +1
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#55 - Sunburn (09/16/2016) [-]
They're actually almost two years old. Went to basic early march of 2015. They're exceptionally high quality and quite comfortable after a while of wearing them.

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