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Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

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    They know They know
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    Body Builder problems Body Builder problems
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    Hindsight Hindsight
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    just cruel just cruel
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    cop troll fail cop troll fail
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    ms paint ms paint
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    Framerate fo days Framerate fo days
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    Drop It Drop It
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    my anime drawing my anime drawing
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    Prepare yourselfs Prepare yourselfs
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    my anime drawing! 2 my anime drawing! 2
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    Priscilla's Chastity Belt Priscilla's Chastity Belt
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    Real life amnesia the dark decent! Real life amnesia the dark decent!
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    misleading art misleading art
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    lol wat lol wat
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    dont watch dont watch
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    peacock peacock

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    Welcome back Welcome back
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    Every MMO ever Every MMO ever
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    Let me improve your childhood Let me improve your childhood
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    A Moment Of Your Time Please A Moment Of Your Time Please
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    Syndra staph Syndra staph
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    sweet sweet

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#89 - I'll give brief title exerts. 1. Grandma was dating …  [+] (1 new reply) 23 hours ago on youre a big guy +2
#91 - shunkahawolf (9 hours ago) [-]
#42 - I am always wary of pissing of big fat people and it comes fro…  [+] (11 new replies) 08/23/2016 on youre a big guy +28
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#86 - shunkahawolf (08/23/2016) [-]
start posting stories
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#89 - andriod (23 hours ago) [-]
I'll give brief title exerts.

1. Grandma was dating my grandfather back in the 40's and found out he was married. She went to the wifes house and waited 4 hours in the alley next to it with a frying pan for her to come back home/leave. Proceeded to beat the hell out of her to the point she was in a temporary coma.

2. Another Uncle and my father got into a argument while in my Aunts kitchen. Father pulled open a drawer, Grabbed a pistol inside and shot my the Uncle in the thigh. Heard Uncle curse, While he pulled open another drawer, Revealing yet another Pistol and shot my Father in the thigh. Both were then scolded by Aunt and went out front and fought.

3. Same Aunt got pissed when her husband badmouthed her and attacked him with a kitchen knife. After slicing him up a fair bit he ran up a tree to get away from her She was fat and couldn't climb . Unfortunately she was raised in buttfuck nowhere so she wasn't with that and came back with a chainsaw to cut the tree down, Husband still 30-40 feet up in it.

4. Father pulled an legit drive bye on a local crack dealers house because he found out the dude was selling to children. A couple days later we found the house had caught fire and burned to the ground. Father never confirmed nor denied he was the one who set it ablaze so it could have been vigilante justice but I dunno.

5. My much older brother from another mother was jailed for some reason I can't remember Worth noting my Grandma's family basically made up the entire police force so thats how I have so many stories and once he got out went and held the prosecutor and his family hostage for about 10 hours.

6. Horny teenage cousin put a garden hose up her couch and turned the water on. Ended up in the hospital

7. Father brought his first wife to Grandma's to meet the family, And he thought it would be funny as hell to prank the wife by filling her bed with baby snakes while she was still asleep.

8. Grandfather didn't take to kindly to this black person who called Grandma some "ugly" words. Came back with his industrial tractor and flipped the guys car and pushed it into the local lake that was notoriously known for being full of Water Moccasins. While the dude was still in the car.

And the thing is, They are some of the nicest people you would ever meet on the surface. You would never guess they have this kind of history and never once have I felt I was in danger when I visited them(I live in Florida). The big thing with them is respect. If you are respectful and nice they will return that several times over. If you start being rude and "Ugly" then you see the bad side Excluding the wife from number 1. She never even spoke to my Granny but IDK why she went off on her and not the husband. . Its weird
#91 - shunkahawolf (9 hours ago) [-]
#72 - chuckienuts (08/23/2016) [-]
**chuckienuts used "*roll picture*"**
**chuckienuts rolled image**Only time i ever fought a lardass was in school.
It was wintertime, and we were playing "king of the hill" on a nearby snow pile.
I don't remember what i said to make him mad, but he chased me and slipped on the ice, breaking his arm.
I was close to him when it happened, so of course i was mistaken as the one who did it to him, making me the most hated, feared and known kid on the school.
A few weeks later he confessed that i didn't actually do it, and that i was merely pushing him sideways to defend myself, so everything solved itself in the end.
Pro tip guys: if you're gonna fight a fat person, do it when and where you can find ice spots.
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#63 - chuckienuts has deleted their comment.
#26 - Whats the source of this image? I remember this from…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/20/2016 on dragon porn. always relevant +1
User avatar
#28 - gustaforce (08/20/2016) [-]
American dragon jake long
#10 - What I want to know is, How did an entire army of Bastions los…  [+] (10 new replies) 08/20/2016 on After August 18th +11
#15 - bluemagebrilly (08/20/2016) [-]
The game mechanics aren't part of the actual battle that took place. Bastions weren't as strong as they are in the actual game. That or this specific Bastion has a huge advantage in terms of damage.

But in the movie itself the Fire Strike takes out like 4 Bastions all at once, so it's also possible tech for the Crusaders were stronger back then.
User avatar
#25 - helldog (08/20/2016) [-]
or maybe it was for the sake of lore, because if a crusader shield cant handle more then one bastion for 3 seconds, it would be pretty crappy, but if they implemented it in the game, the shield would never break (and the old tech thing still counts for bastion) hes been deactivated for so long nature was starting to take over his body, cant imagine that would be good for his weapons
#27 - bluemagebrilly (08/20/2016) [-]
Far as I'm aware, it's supposed to be able to take way more but Reinhardt's doesn't.

... But, uh, I think our Bastion's weapons are just fine. He mowed down that forest in seconds, after all, and those weren't twigs.
User avatar
#20 - EdwardNigma (08/20/2016) [-]
Reinhardts stuff is, according to his comic, quite old and not exactly stellar at this point so yeah, probably just better technology.
User avatar
#13 - drtrousersnake (08/20/2016) [-]
D Va, eat all dem bullets with her not at all broken vacuum
User avatar
#23 - draagondix (08/20/2016) [-]
If you watch her animations, she actually just shoots anything that enters her matrix
User avatar
#11 - burlytangerine (08/20/2016) [-]
i was thinking the same hting only other hero i saw was reinhardt and theres no way he could hold of that many bastions for more then 5 seconds
User avatar
#18 - EdwardNigma (08/20/2016) [-]
That wasn't Reinhardt, it was another Crusader, likely the corpse guy from the upcoming map. Balderich Von Alder.
User avatar
#19 - burlytangerine (08/20/2016) [-]
bruh im just alling him reinhart cus he has the same abilitys and shit i dont even actually play the game or now anything about the lore outside the animated shorts
#12 - dtheman (08/20/2016) [-]
I highly doubt it was just Reinhardt there. There was another soldier probably German that had the crusader armor on as well.
#79 - My *****... 08/18/2016 on Re: Zero Comp 3 +3
#78 - Loving the hell out of this show 08/18/2016 on Re: Zero Comp 3 +7
#77 - Dude gets pulled into a different fantasy dimension and finds … 08/18/2016 on Re: Zero Comp 3 +1
#73 - And since I already broke the rule about using gifs I guess Il… 08/16/2016 on Anime Gif Dump 4 0
#70 - This one in particular really burns my ass. This is in fantast…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/16/2016 on Anime Gif Dump 4 0
#73 - andriod (08/16/2016) [-]
And since I already broke the rule about using gifs I guess Ill share this to
#69 - Some say he is still spinning til this day  [+] (2 new replies) 08/16/2016 on Anime Gif Dump 4 0
#70 - andriod (08/16/2016) [-]
This one in particular really burns my ass. This is in fantastic quality but FJ just shits all over it
#73 - andriod (08/16/2016) [-]
And since I already broke the rule about using gifs I guess Ill share this to