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#19 - It says "Fill in the blank with an appropriate number or …  [+] (3 new replies) 04/24/2015 on Problem Solved +20
#25 - sinery (04/24/2015) [-]
Fuck kind of retard test is that?
#27 - fefe (04/24/2015) [-]
One that you failed. Congratulations retard.
#48 - pineapplepeople (04/24/2015) [-]
If you fail a retard test, doesn't that mean you are not retarded?
#343 - Okay I literally couldn't watch the chopstick part. That wasn'… 04/24/2015 on Cringe #35 - Weeaboo 0
#341 - "Look, sakuras!" Bitch, that's like a *…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/24/2015 on Cringe #35 - Weeaboo 0
User avatar #343 - ampharosrules (04/24/2015) [-]
Okay I literally couldn't watch the chopstick part. That wasn't just cringe, that was offensive. Just, FUCK. Fuck that guy. Why would he want to be filmed if he can't even refrain from using both hands??? It'd be better to fail using one hand and starve to death than it would be to do THAT. Dammit.
#337 - In regards to the katana guy: For such **** form, I… 04/24/2015 on Cringe #35 - Weeaboo +1
#121 - It's not the first but it's the best. 04/22/2015 on Cringe #34 - Gamer, Sonic &... 0
#196 - I'm not sure how I feel about having an opinion comment outran… 04/22/2015 on Techno Subway 0
#73 - That's sort of the opposite of what I said. I never said I tho… 04/21/2015 on Techno Subway 0
#26 - "Can you solve this?" No. No you can't. 04/21/2015 on math +5
#4 - I've had the idea for a backpack with a built in umbrella. 04/21/2015 on Too far.. 0
#19 - While I think this is cool, an enclosed, crowded public area l…  [+] (10 new replies) 04/21/2015 on Techno Subway +241
User avatar #196 - ampharosrules (04/22/2015) [-]
I'm not sure how I feel about having an opinion comment outrank any comment where I tried to be funny.
User avatar #125 - gelind (04/21/2015) [-]
Cant be to bad with as many ppl as are stopped and watching.
#113 - fefe (04/21/2015) [-]
that spot at union square in nyc subway is known for having performers. there is actually a gigantic open space behind the cameraman and people have many alternate ways of getting around without passing them if they wanted to.
source: i pass by performers there every day
User avatar #88 - uninstall (04/21/2015) [-]
you also have to think about how freakishly loud the barry sax is
#70 - fefe (04/21/2015) [-]
I agree it sounds annoying but i watched a video and they got a hell lot of tips, mostly notes, as well as lots of people taking their flyers so i assume they play clubs and make plenty of cash
User avatar #73 - ampharosrules (04/21/2015) [-]
That's sort of the opposite of what I said. I never said I thought it sounds annoying, in fact I like it. And during this whole video I only saw one person tip. If you found another video of them playing outside or something, that's exactly the point I was making: they shouldn't play blaring music in confined spaces.
#57 - fefe (04/21/2015) [-]
The only way to listen to music is to crank it to eleven. If you can't hear it clearly outside your car, or your windows aren't wibbly wobbling, or your headphones aren't trying to fall off, or if people can't hear your music from 15 feet away from your earbuds you're doing it wrong.
User avatar #71 - russianexplain (04/21/2015) [-]
well I personally enjoy my music for myself.
#101 - fefe (04/21/2015) [-]
Nawh nawh nawh, others must hear the glory of your music, enlighten them of your music, fuel them with strength of your music.
User avatar #23 - localbees (04/21/2015) [-]
The red and blue things on the bass drum are called Jamblocks, and they're basically plastic super wood blocks.
I played one in a practice room in high school once, and couldn't hear out of one of my ears for the next few class periods.

tl;dr you're probably right.

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#1 - dolphinjew (09/27/2012) [-]
You're 			*******		 hilarious. Keep up the good trolling
You're ******* hilarious. Keep up the good trolling
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